Ownership/Financing Information

Ownership and financing

The website sir appleot belongs Jen Kleinholz, which also provides all financial resources necessary for the operation and further development of the site. There is no external company or third party that has any kind of involvement in the financing.

Independence in decision-making

This independence allows me and the entire team to make decisions about the direction and content of the website completely freely and without influence. Since no external investors or corporate investments are involved, the editorial content and recommendations can be honest and transparent.

Image of a publishing office (AI-generated)
Our home office isn't quite that big... we all work separately, but the AI ​​image here was just a nice fit (Image: Midjourney AI).

Benefits for readers

This has several advantages for our readers:

  • Honest content: Since the funding of the site is entirely in the hands of the owner, there is no pressure to adjust content or recommendations in favor of outside interests. Our articles and reviews are based solely on our own experiences and thorough research.
  • Reader-oriented orientation: Sir Apfelot can concentrate fully on the needs and wishes of the readers. Without external influence, we can react more quickly and flexibly to suggestions and feedback from our community and adapt the content accordingly.
  • Transparency: Our independence allows us to communicate transparently about our funding and editorial decisions. We are committed to our readers and work to earn their trust through clear and understandable information.


Sir Apfelot's ownership and financing structure ensures that we can always offer you, our readers, reliable, honest and relevant content. Because it is solely financed and managed by one person, the site remains independent and can optimally focus on the needs and interests of the readers.

My tips & tricks about technology & Apple

In the Sir Apfelot Blog you will find advice, instructions and reviews on Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and Mac Studio.