Provenance: SNES emulator on the Apple TV (for hobbyists)

Provenance Emulator Apple TV App ROM SNES Sega Game Gear Genesis Nintendo Mario Zelda to play on AppleTV

Do not plan anything for the weekend, because it is gambled - with the open source emulator Originthat you can play on the Apple TV can be played, among other things, SNES games! You just need a little patience when installing on the Apple TV, because the Provenance Emulator for SNES and Co is not even loaded as an app. But if you've made it, then nothing stands in the way of the gaming weekend.

The Provenance Emulator with SNES, Sega Genesis or Game Gear Games as an app on the Apple TV? It works, and I'll show you how!

The Provenance Emulator with SNES, Sega Genesis or Game Gear Games as an app on the Apple TV? It works, and I'll show you how!

Step 1: Set up a free Apple Developer account

Yes, you need an Apple developer account if you have the Provenance emulator for SNES games and other games from Sega Genesis or Sega Game Gear on the Apple TV, for example on the current Apple TV 4. Because Provenance cannot be installed directly on the device as an app. To set up your Apple Developer Account, which is free as long as you don't want to put any apps in the App Store, you need yours Apple ID.

Step 2: Use Xcode to install Provenance on the Apple TV

Now it's time for the Mac or MacBook. Because to tinker with the Provenance App for your Apple TV 4, you need the Apple Developer App Xcode. Xcode allows you to combine the Provenance app data (see below) into a complete app or to install it as such. So you can Super Mario, Zelda and so on to gamble with it. To download Xcode from the Mac App Store, click here in a friendly way.

Step 3: Assemble the Provenance App for the Apple TV 4

So you now have your developer account, Apple's Xcode app and your Apple TV at hand. You connect the latter to the Mac or MacBook using a USB cable and then put Provenance on it. Where do you get the necessary data from? From GitHub, of course! And the link to Provenance on GitHub Of course I have for you too.

And how does that work in detail?

Basically, you “only” have to use the link to GitHub in Xcode, install the emulator and adjust a few settings. This video shows what you have to do and how exactly it works (it also explains how to get ROM files, i.e. the games for Provenance):

Alternative: Nintendo Classic Mini

If you'd rather have a real console with classic games or just don't own an Apple TV, then you can play old NES games with this console. The individual games from Mario to Zelda are pre-installed and you don't need another emulator:

Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Connects directly to high-definition TVs via HDMI cable.
  • With 30 pre-installed games.
  • Includes a Nintendo Classic Mini: NES controller, HDMI cable and USB charging cable.

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