iPhone holder “Quad Lock” for the iPhone 6s/6s plus

Quad Lock attachment

After the introduction of new iPhone models, the question arises again and again whether you also need new accessories for the iPhone. In the case of the iPhone 6s / 6s plus, however, there is no need for action, because anyone who previously had an iPhone 6 (large or small) can also use their quad-lock case with the new iPhone 6s. Quad Lock has also sent an email to its previous customers and a blog post written so that it is clear that the attitude currently available is also compatible with the new iPhone model.

Quad Lock Bike Kit for iPhone 6s
The Quad Lock Bike Kit works for all iPhone 6 models and is here at Amazon available (Photo: Amazon).

iPhone holder for bike, car and the bracelet

If you don't know the Quad Lock bracket yet, you should definitely take a look. I have used it for years in the car, on the bike and also for jogging on the upper arm and I can only warmly recommend it. I think when you look at the many 5 star reviews on Amazon look, you can already see that a well thought-out system is at the start.

The trick with the holder is that you have the iPhone permanently in the Quad Lock cover and you can click it into the fastenings on the car or bike or even on the bracelet with a single movement. It's really quick and with one hand you can turn off the iPhone again in 2 seconds with a quarter turn.

This is how the universal attachment of Quad Lock works

Quad Lock attachment
This is what the back of the Quad Lock Case looks like. The round opening is the attachment for the different brackets (Photo: Amazon).

The Quad Lock Case has an attachment on the back, which is not very thick and only makes the iPhone slightly thicker. The elevation doesn't bother you in your pocket either, so you can actually leave the iPhone in the case for a long time.

The bracket for the iPhone 6s plus is also available in stores. You can find this on Amazon, for example Quad lock bike kit for the 6 plus, which of course now also works for the 6s plus.

The nice advantage of the bracket: Once you have invested a little money in the bike bracket, car bracket or bracelet, You only need a new Quad Lock Case with every new iPhone model. All the rest remain compatible.

Overview of the brackets

In the beginning it is difficult to decide what you need for your case. The Amazon descriptions are not always helpful if you want to know the scope of delivery. For this reason, I have put together a small list of what options you have for which area of ​​application:

The central element is actually the Quad Lock Case, which you have to buy for either the small iPhone 6 / 6s or the Plus model. I bought the bike kit straight away because I needed a bike mount anyway. This kit contains the holder, which is attached to the handlebars, the case and a rain poncho (a transparent cover that you put onto the iPhone case from above. This protects the display and the rest of the iPhone from splashing water.

Only with the bike kit is there a distinction between iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone 6 plus / 6s plus. All other accessories are universally compatible. For this reason, here are the two options:

And here are all the other mounting options that Quad Lock offers (which you can buy in addition to the bike kit):

Important: Because the case clicks into place with every quarter turn, it can be easily attached in portrait and landscape format.

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1 comment on “iPhone holder “Quad Lock” for the iPhone 6s/6s plus”

  1. Hello. Nice contribution. I have been using the Quadlook holder for my iPhone2 for 5 years and I am absolutely thrilled. I bought it in a bundle at the time. Here was the holder for the bike, the case itself and a rain poncho.
    I also dropped my iPhone once. But thanks to the Quadlook Case, nothing happened when it fell on concrete.
    My girlfriend uses the Runtastic case. That's not bad either, but it's too big for me personally. I published a test report on this at the time.

    I think the handling with the Quadlook is much better, because it also acts as a bumper for the iPhone. I also find all the accessories interesting.

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