Quadrocopters as artists: TED workshop by D'Andrea

Quadrocopter with water glass

The fact that flying drones are constantly conquering new areas of application is nothing new: Deliver or fly out parcels, Carry out analyzes in agriculture and even in fighting forest fires they are either used with pleasure or are still being planned. In research, however, one sometimes goes less practical ways and tries out what a quadrocopter can do in order to then use it later for a useful job.

Quadrocopter with water glass

In the video you can see how a quadrcopter balances a glass of water and makes extreme flight movements.

A fine example of this is a video from a TED talk or workshop that Raffaello D'Andrea presented with a whole team at TED. What you don't think at first: What looks like an easy gimmick is in reality the result of several years of research, which affects both the technical development of the aircraft and their sensors as well as the programming of the algorithms that enable the drones to solve complex tasks or even the learning of new skills allowed.

Machine Athleticism

The TED talk under the name "Machine Athleticism" is part of the higher-level session "Those Flying Things". In the video, for example, you can see how a quadrocopter balances a glass with water and a stick, acting like an acrobat. D'Andrea also gives commands with a special staff where the quadrocopter should fly. And even with these extremely fast flight movements, we do not shed the water that is in a glass on the quadrocopter.

But this little feat is just the beginning. Those who are already impressed here can look forward to the later "inserts" of the quadrocopter, which then even solve tasks in a team.

Raffaello D'Andrea

Raffaello D'Andrea

The speaker in the TED Talk - Raffaello D'Andrea - is a visionary when it comes to autonomous aircraft. He is researching the possibilities this technology offers and looking for ways in which the UAVs can work together with artists, architects or engineers. You can have your biography see here on his homepage.

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