Quench alternative in a can - powdered drink brings me back to the 80s!

Bolero drink powder without sugar
Bolero drink powder without sugar

The Bolero drink powder without sugar is traded as a full quench alternative among the 80s nerds (Photo: Amazon).

Oh, what did we drink this stuff earlier at the boy scout camps? Whenever it was feeding time, the group leaders were busy tearing open what seemed like hundreds of packets of quench powder and then stirring them into the huge water bucket. Back then there was still cherry and orange flavors - that was the end of the day. After a long period of abstinence, I have come back on the trip and unfortunately had to find out that the original quench no longer exists. Fortunately, the world has an alternative ready: Bolero Instant Beverage Powder!

And for those readers who no longer know how great the powder was, there is the original Quench commercial, which reports absolutely neutrally about the beverage powder in the can. ;-)

Reality overwhelms me!

… Yes, everything was better in the past: I've always been a big fan of decision-making, but Bolera powdered drinks are available in 56 different flavors. That really demands a lot from me. Aaaaaaaber - I've found a solution! There is a sample pack that contains 21 varieties (and now also one that contains all 56!). I now drink my way across country through them and then I look for the most delicious varieties - I suspect I get stuck with orange and cherry. ;)

On this product picture you can find all 56 varieties in which the Bolero beverage powder is currently available (Photo: Amazon).

On this product picture you can find all 56 varieties in which the Bolero beverage powder is currently available (Photo: Amazon).

Too sweet? More water helps!

Maybe you are like me. I also mixed the packs with the suggested 1,5 liters of water first, but this results in a drink that is too sweet for my personal taste. For this reason I stretch each pack to 2 to 2,5 liters of water. It still tastes quite intense and you get even more drink for your money. ;-)

My current alternative: beverage concentrate from the dispenser

I didn't get really warm with Bolero. The powder tastes - like Quench probably back then - quite artificial. What is a good alternative for me is that Beverage concentrates from CP Sportsthat comes in a dispenser that doesn't stick or spill. The concentrates are available in many flavors. I am currently using Iced Tea Peach and I think that's quite good. Since they are large 1-liter bottles, they last quite a long time, but I'll be sure to try another flavor afterwards.

CP Sports beverage syrup for mineral drink I syrup without sugar for vitality drink ICETEA-PEACH with...
  • SPORTY THIRST QUENCHER: The refreshing vitality drink compensates for fluid loss during sport in a particularly ...
  • NO CALORIE, NO CARB, NO SUGAR: Free of carbohydrates, with 0 kcal and completely without sugar - this is how training will be ...
  • QUICKLY MIXED *: Simply fill up 2,5ml beverage concentrate with 200ml water & sports drink before, during or after ...

Bolero powder and its use in the soda stream

Some customers have also tried using the soda stream soda maker and reported that the powder is not suitable because it clumps too much and you can only stir it in the soda stream bottle with a thin stick because the opening is too small. That is correct, but I would also advise against mixing anything directly in the soda stream bottles. I always do this in old water bottles, which I then give back at some point anyway.

And my trick to get a fizzy variant of the drink is this. First I stir the powder into 200-300 ml of tap water. You can easily use a bowl and a whisk. Then I pour this concentrate into two 1,5 liter PET bottles and fill them up with fizzy soda stream water - to 1 liter or up to 1,5 liters. Depending on how sweet and intense you like it. So you don't sauté the soda stream bottles and you can stir in the powder well.

Shop links: You can buy the quench alternative here

The bolero stuff is enough for 1,5 liters of drinkable luxury food per pack. Another advantage is that this powdered drink can be enjoyed without sugar. Instead, sugar substitutes and vitamin C and calcium were added. The drink is also suitable for diabetics. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find out which sugar substitutes are contained, but I assume that you will find something like cyclamate or aspartame in them. According to product information on Amazon, the powder is sweetened with stevia. But here are the links to the sample pack.

Small bolero trial pack with 21 varieties
A small selection of the flavors that are currently available can be found in this sample package: Pineapple, Apple, Apricot, Pear, Bluberry, Cherry Cola, Cola, Strawberry, Exotic, Raspberry, Ice Tea Lemon, Ice Tea Peach, Cherry, Lemon, mandarin, almonds, mango, orange, red grapes, forest fruit, white grapes.
Large Bolero trial package with all 21 varieties
This package contains all 56 flavors, although I am not listing all of them individually now. You can see them in the product photo from Amazon that I have included below.

Those who prefer to order their favorite variety individually will find it here is the list with all varieties individually.


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  1. Thomas says:

    Now even 29 varieties :-)

  2. Baba says:

    and now there are 56 varieties ;-)

  3. TP says:


    I don't need to mix a stick for Bolero. Suffice it to close the bottle and what to shake. Indeed, something clumps every now and then, but usually not.
    With the artificial taste is also such a thing, everything is a matter of taste. I have the 56 pack soon and will definitely order my favorites.

    As you can see there are different opinions about Bolero, everyone should try it for themselves.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I am sensitive to the taste of these sugar substitutes. But it's nice to hear that others like it. I also think: It's a matter of taste and you can always order a package like this and, if necessary, distribute it to friends if you don't like it yourself. : D

  4. nosous says:

    And if you then take a little hot water from the tap to stir, nothing will clump ^^

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