RAL 7016 - The color in the color table as well as NCS, RGB and CMYK code

Color codes in RGB, CMYK and LAB as well as alternatives to RAL 7016

The color RAL 7016 is named anthracite gray and was previously developed as a color for the Wehrmacht. It is listed under the color tones “Gray” or “Gray tones”. Today's area of ​​application is of course less in the military area and more in the area of ​​house construction. In order to get a binding impression of the color, one should click on a Color fan with RAL colors To fall back on.

Areas of application of RAL 7016 anthracite gray

  • Front doors
  • Window
  • Room doors
  • Spray paint for wood elements
  • Paint for cars and motorcycles (glossy and matt)

Listing in the RAL color table

As mentioned, you can find RAL color 7016 in the shades of gray. In this area you can also find colors of the German Navy and the German Bundeswehr.

RAL 7016 in the RAL classic color table
RAL 7016 in the RAL classic color table (source: Wikipedia).

Color codes and alternatives to RAL 7016

If you work as a media designer in the print or web sector or as a graphic designer, you may need to convert the RAL color "anthracite gray" into other color systems or alternatives to the RAL 7016 color. I have compiled the relevant information here. All information on the color numbers and alternatives are non-binding suggestions. Changes and slight deviations in the colors are possible.

Color codes in RGB, CMYK and LAB as well as alternatives to RAL 7016
Color codes in RGB, CMYK and LAB as well as alternatives to RAL 7016

NCS code

The alternative color code of RAL 7016 corresponds to the NCS code S 8000-N.

RGB code

If you translate the color RAL 7016 into an RGB value, this would be 55 - 63 - 67 in decimal format. In hexadecimal format or in hex format for web colors, it would be # 373F43.

CMYK code

The CYMK code for the RAL classic color 7016 would be (in percent) 75 - 62 - 54 - 46. The CMYK code is used in the printing area in programs such as Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Important: All information on alternatives in other color systems can result in minimal deviations. The display on the computer monitor is also not binding and should not be used as a basis for decision-making when choosing a color. Printed RAL color fans are suitable for this purpose (to be found here) significantly better.

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