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As a blogger, company, influencer, association or organization, regularly sending newsletters - this is a task that you want to automate when you have a certain number of recipients or groups of recipients and when there is a higher frequency of emails. I already have you guys here on the blog Newsletter2Go and CleverReach presented as a German and GDPR-compliant provider for corresponding services or newsletter software. This post is about rapidmail go, a service provider also from Germany, more precisely Freiburg, for the implementation of mail marketing. So if you are interested in rapidmail, you will find the relevant details here.

Newsletters, event emails and mail marketing for offers, promotions and information - all of this and more is possible with rapidmail. Information and details as well as prices and information on data protection can be found here.

Newsletters, event emails and mail marketing for offers, promotions and information - all of this and more is possible with rapidmail. Information and details as well as prices and information on data protection can be found here.

rapidmail - send newsletters with a German service provider

In addition to cookies and social media content, newsletters have also become an important topic in the large area of ​​"data protection". Reader and customer data must be treated with special care and be ready for individual query and deletion. This and other rules are stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, which has also been fully applicable in Germany since the end of May 2018. That is why it is well advised to look for a service provider from the EU or directly from Germany for mailing, e-mail marketing and the corresponding newsletters - such as rapidmail (here the official website).

GDPR-compliant data protection at rapidmail

On a corresponding subpage, rapidmail shows how data protection is handled and which steps are taken to achieve this. The company takes data protection very seriously, it says there. The server location is Germany, and the servers for the daily, secure backups are also in Germany. According to rapidmail, the software used and its processes are 100% data protection compliant. These individual points are particularly emphasized:

  • Server location Germany, both main and backup server
  • 256bit SSL encryption for secure data management
  • Upon request, conclusion of an order data processing contract
  • Backups are carried out daily and encrypted
  • Data protection declaration for end customers for uploading the recipient list and sending the newsletter
  • There is no transfer of recipient data, mailings, statistics or the like to third parties
rapidmail is data protection compliant according to EU GDPR. The provider shows this on its website.

rapidmail is data protection compliant according to EU GDPR. The provider shows this on its website.

Newsletter, mailing and marketing - services and prices of the provider

The newsletter service provider rapidmail will probably be of particular interest to you because thanks to it you can automatically and regularly send newsletters to a large list of recipients or to individual recipient groups. It is thus possible to address the respective target groups directly and individually. But what does that cost in detail; which packages are offered? I have summarized that for you in the following.


The three main functions of rapidmail are carried out on the Provider website summarized as "Newsletter", "Marketing Automation" and "Transaction Mail". For this purpose, the company from Freiburg offers a drag & drop editor with which e-mails can be designed quickly and easily. In addition, there are statistics with corresponding analysis tools to see how well the mailing is being received. You can find all the functions for the “Swiss Army Knife for Mailing” on the linked page (just click on “Functions” in the menu and on “Find out more” below);)


In addition to being able to test rapidmail for free, there are of course also paid packages if you like. These are based on the number of recipients and the monthly frequency of your email updates for readers and customers. I once tried the provider's price calculator and had a few constellations provided with prices:

  • Non-binding usage: Payment per shipment from 0 euros (up to 10 recipients) to 40,01 euros (from 5.001 recipients)
  • E-mail flat rate: regular costs from 9,00 euros (up to 500 readers) to 24,20 euros (up to 2.500 readers)
  • E-mail subscription: Monthly e-mail packages for up to 30.000 recipients - prices range from 60,00 euros to 138,00 euros

Of course, there are also bloggers, influencers and companies who want to provide significantly more people with information and offers via automatic mailings. I once entered 2.000.000 recipients and 2 emails a month as the basis for calculation. These are the prices and packages I was then offered:

  • Non-binding use: Payment per shipment from 125,01 euros (from 25.001 recipients) to 2.000,00 euros (to 1.000.000 recipients)
  • E-mail flat rate: Regular costs, for example 1.934,77 euros for 500.000 recipients and 6.000.000 mails per month - you should contact the provider for an individual offer
  • E-mail subscription: Monthly e-mail packages for 2.000.000 recipients result in a price of 810,00 euros - more or less results from the increase or decrease in readership in steps of 5.000

In short: a blanket statement about the price cannot be made. If you are interested, you should simply use the price calculator on the provider page or send an individual request to rapidmail. If you have already had experience with the provider, its prices and its support, then you are welcome to leave them as a comment!

Further offers and content

If you click through the rapidmail website, which is intuitively possible due to the good menu navigation, you will discover numerous other offers and services in addition to the pure newsletter dispatch. In the following I have summarized what I found so interesting:

  • Simple drag & drop editor for quickly designing emails for desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • Statistics with analysis functions to see which campaigns addressed which target group
  • Marketing Automation: Welcome emails, annual event emails (birthdays, etc.), one-off event mailings and "welcome back" messages - that and more can be sent automatically
  • Transactional emails: confirmations for orders, bookings, shipping, orders, credits and more; standardized and reliable
  • White label solutions for your own offer of professional newsletters
  • Mailing for online shops, because: "rapidmail can do eCommerce"
  • etc.


In conclusion, one can say that rapidmail is not only recommended for GDPR-compliant newsletters and the corresponding handling of recipient data, but also for numerous other mailing solutions. From individual content sent several times a month to standardized e-mails for specific occasions, everything is included - online shops can also use the eCommerce interface to bring their offers to men and women via mail marketing. Numerous contact and support solutions on the provider side (FAQ, chat, contact form, etc.) round off the matter. Really good!

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  1. Olasso period says:

    Dear Sir Apfelot,

    thanks for the information, I'm currently researching newsletters. We have already sent one with rapidmail and I noticed the following: I can only generally switch user tracking for links on and off, but not anonymize it. Of course, I want to know which articles are read in full on our website - but I doubt that I can guarantee the right to know the username regardless of which data protection declaration I use - i.e. which e-mail recipient has clicked on links.

    Do you have any idea how that is legally?

    Olasso period

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Olasso time! I'm sorry. I don't use Rapidmail myself and I'm not a lawyer at all. For this reason I am unfortunately unable to express any ideas. : D

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