RAVPower RP-IM005 DE charging cable and 64 GB USB stick with Lightning connector

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The iPhone always brings more internal storage with, which is to be welcomed, since an expansion with an SD card from Apple is not possible. Who, however, with older or cheaper new models is on the move, cannot have 256 GB of storage. An external storage medium is therefore required - ideally one that you only have to plug in to save data. It is exactly such a device Charging cable RP-IM005 DE from RAVPowerthat comes with a Lightning connector and an integrated 64 GB USB stick. It is also suitable for connecting the iPhone to a Mac, MacBook, PC, power bank, etc.

Important note for using the USB stick on macOS, iOS and Windows

If you want to use the RAVPower Stick RP-IM005 DE under Windows as well as on a Mac or an iPad or iPhone, you should ensure that you initialize the USB stick under Windows in the "exFat" format. This is a file format that both or all three operating systems (Windows, iOS and macOS) can read. If you format it as an NTFS volume, you will notice that the Mac and the iPhone or iPad no longer recognize it as a volume. Thanks to Torsten and Utz for the hint !.

ravpower iphone memory expansion usb stick with lightning connector

The RAVPower USB stick with 64 GB storage and Lightning connector is ideal as a storage extension for the iPhone or iPad. Image source: Amazon

Expand iPad and iPhone storage with the RAVPower RP-IM005 DE Lightning USB stick

The flexible device from RAVPower, measuring a total of 12,8 cm, is designed to serve as external storage for iOS devices. The memory of iPhones and iPads can be expanded with the Lightning connector. The transferred data can then be read out on the computer by connecting the stick via USB or on the Mac via Lightning.

In addition, the battery of the iPhone or iPad can be charged by connecting the device to a computer or a power bank. In cooperation with this multifunctional device from RAVPower In addition, there are undreamt-of and almost infinite possibilities for use. Especially if you take a lot of photos and videos with the iPhone - mainly in high resolution - then these devices are just the thing!

“Very good” on Amazon: RAVPower charging cable and 64 GB USB stick with Lightning connector

The previous reviews of the device on Amazon all turn out very well. Out of 8 reviews, 8 got a 5/5 star review. Under headings like "Simple, practical, ingenious"Or"Finally saved the detour via iTunes!“The functionality of the storage medium is praised. The user criticism sums it up in his report: "An accessory that you have to have!"

If you like longer versions, please: "The device, which is equipped with the fast USB 3.0 standard, offers many other functions: backup of content and contacts, built-in media player, as a charging cable, etc. It is delivered in a very stylish case, the 'stick' makes a very valuable look and feel Impression ... and finally I am (at least a little) freed from the iTunes constraint - very clear purchase recommendation!"

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  1. Michael Koulen says:

    This is also available as a key ring (ARKIN ChargeLoop - Keychain USB 2.0 / Lightning) for around 10 euros

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Mr. Koulen,
      thanks for the comment and the product. Compared to the article presented, this has the disadvantage that no memory is available. The 64 GB memory of the RAVPower cable-stick combination in particular makes it so attractive for all those who want to outsource data on the go.
      I still wish you a nice Sunday.

      • Michael Koulen says:

        Yes, that's right, the product I mentioned lacks memory.
        It can be used as a key fob and therefore always has it with you to refuel your iPhone if necessary.

        Also wish you a nice Sunday evening.

    • sir appleot says:

      The ARKIN Chargeloop has mixed ratings. Seems to have a critically poor shelf life. More recommendable - but unfortunately also more expensive - seems to me there Tizi rascal.

  2. Michael Tretow says:

    Hello Mr. Koulen,
    I have problems transferring videos in the mp64 and mov format with the 4 GB Ravpower. Can you say something about it or someone else too? Otherwise the part won't be of full use.
    Michael Tretow

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Michael! What problems do you have? Maybe it's just the file size ... if you haven't formatted the device to MacOS Extended, it won't be able to handle large files (I think larger than 2 GB). Otherwise the RavPower doesn't really care whether you copy a .doc, an .mp4 or an .mp3 file onto it. It's all just files. :) LG! Jens

  3. home away from home says:

    I can't find any indication whether the ravpower lightning connector also fits the nüüd lifeproof protective cover.
    Would appreciate an answer very much.
    Thank you

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Hollaus! Unfortunately I have to fit because I don't have this cover. But maybe someone among the readers can help?

  4. Torsten says:

    Since I've used mine for a Windows 10 update, my iPhone or iPad no longer recognizes it - can someone help me?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Torsten! Did you initialize the stick in a new file format? I would plug the stick into the Mac and then look in the "Disk Utility" to see if it appears there. If so, you can format it in HFP +. Then the Mac would definitely have to "see" him again.

      • Torsten says:

        Thanks for your quick answer - I don't have a Mac but Windows 10 where it is recognized - but not on my IPhone and Ipad

        • sir appleot says:

          I see. That's stupid of course ... then you can't reformat it. Do you know anyone who has a Mac? Just for testing ... I would be interested in whether it will be "readable" again. In any case, it is a stupid thing if it is remodeled through use on Windows in such a way that the iPhone / iPad no longer recognizes it. :(

      • Torsten says:

        Problem solved - it was formulated on NTFS - now it is on exFat and everything is okay again - but thanks for your efforts and have a nice evening?

        • sir appleot says:

          Haha! Of course, it never occurred to me that the stick could also be formatted under Windows. But it's true: Macs and iOS devices only read NTFS with third-party software. exFat seem to like both or all three (macOS, iOS, and Windows). :)

  5. Torsten says:

    Since I've used mine for a Windows 10 update, my iPhone or iPad no longer recognizes it - can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance

  6. Utz says:

    The same problem as Torsten led me to this site and I was able to solve my problem.
    So I would generally recommend formatting the USB stick on Windows computers for Apple devices ONLY in the exFat format! I use a 16 GB Flash Stick from Apachie and I am happy again :)

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Utz! Ok, I'll explicitly mention that again at the top of the article. So that you don't have to read the comments first. ;-) But thanks for your advice! LG! Jens

  7. Herman Bischoff says:

    Hello, the program crashes completely when opening multiple-page PDF documents. This happens on the iPhone as well as on the iPad2.
    Any suggestions for a solution?

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Hermann,
      is the PDF file called up directly from the memory stick? If so, then simply copy or move to the internal memory of the iPhone / iPad and open it from there. If space is required for this, other files can be transferred to the stick;)
      Good luck!

      • Herman Bischoff says:

        Hi John,
        Thank you for the fast answer. The program crashes shortly after opening the pdf file. I have them on the internal and external storage. The file can be opened easily with the PDF Pro app.

        • Johannes Domke says:

          What exactly is the program? The article is primarily about the storage medium; a program is not dealt with there. That's why I can't say anything about it ... In case of doubt, I would say: Use the program that works - in your case, the PDF Pro App.

          • Herman Bischoff says:

            To the best of my knowledge, you can only open files on the RAVPower Stick with the iPlugmate app. And I use this app too. Is there a way to open files with another app on the stick or the internal memory?

          • Johannes Domke says:

            I couldn't find the issue as a question on the Amazon product page and on the App page on iTunes the last update was dated 13.02.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX; So you should have the latest version of the app, right? Since I am not currently using the stick myself, I unfortunately cannot test any programs, but only advise you to bring the matter to the manufacturer or to the provider of the app via the app store.

  8. Yvonne says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,

    In their article they write that it would be possible to connect an external hard drive to the Ravpower. Have you already succeeded in doing this? If yes how :-)

    Tried this today and didn't succeed. Have already tried to find out whether the stick has an otg host function and so far nothing has been found.


    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Yvonne,
      the wording was a bit unfortunate - I'll change it in a moment. Actually, it was meant that you can not only save data with the stick, but also transfer it to hard drives from other / "external" devices such as Mac and PC. Since I am not currently using the device myself, I can only speculate that the use of an external hard drive may fail because the iPhone does not provide enough power to operate the drive via the RAVPower Stick. Or it is simply an impossibility; Should I be able to try this out or find information from users, I will answer this again.
      Thanks for the comment!

  9. Yvonne says:

    Hi John,

    Ordered an otg y cable to try this out. Will then write how it worked.

    Many greetings Yvonne

    PS: Thanks for the answer? (already thought the comment has been deleted?)

  10. Thomas Kirsch says:

    I have loaded the iPlugmate app and need help on how to get the instructions in German. Please reply as to how I can get on.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Thomas! Unfortunately, there is little you can do about that. If your iPhone is set to German, the app will recognize this. If it supports the German language, this will also be displayed. If it stays in English, there will be no German translation. Unfortunately…

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