Reader's question: Which camera can I use to monitor a person with dementia?

Home surveillance without WiFi

Today a reader asked which camera I would recommend if she would like to take a look into the kitchen of her mother-in-law, who is suffering from dementia. The aim of the "monitoring" is to ensure that the reader can see whether the person with dementia eats meals regularly. If she doesn't, she can call her mother-in-law on the landline and remind her to cook something. The technical difficulty in the matter: The mother-in-law, who lives about 50 kilometers away, has no internet in the apartment.

With the Arlo Go you can even monitor apartments in which no WiFi is available. This is perfect for holiday homes and private apartments without internet access (Photo: Arlo).

With the Arlo Go you can even monitor apartments in which no WiFi is available. This is perfect for holiday homes and private apartments without internet access (Photo: Arlo).

Is it allowed to "monitor" people with dementia?

For me personally, this immediately raises the question of whether this type of surveillance is even allowed to be carried out. I am not a lawyer and for this reason I cannot make a legally binding statement, but I was able to find the following paragraph in an extensive article at Stiftung Warentest:

The ability to see what has been filmed also plays a role when caregivers want to monitor a relative suffering from dementia by camera without their consent. It may be permissible to fulfill the duty of supervision. In order not to unduly encroach on the rights of those filmed, relatives should not save images or save them at least for a short time. In addition, a certain degree of privacy must be possible, says Steinle. "Relatives should definitely avoid cameras in the bathroom or toilet." ( )

In principle, you can attach a surveillance camera to the person if you have agreed this with them. The reader only wants to check every day at around 16 p.m. whether the mother-in-law has prepared food at 14 p.m. and otherwise does not bother her any further. For this reason, I think that this measure is OK in consultation with the "monitored person".

Just three of the many features that the Arlo Go has: night vision, wide-angle view and direct connection to the LTE network.

Just three of the many features that the Arlo Go has: night vision, wide-angle view and direct connection to the LTE network.

The technical solution: Arlo Go with Vodafone SIM card

Since there is no WLAN in the apartment in question and the reader asked for a technically "simple" solution, my recommendation in this case is the Arlo Go camera, which can be used with a SIM card. It is on Amazon as Arlo Go in a bundle with a Vodafone LTE data service to find that costs only 5 euros a month (40 GB traffic included):

V-Camera Arlo Go by Vodafone - LTE surveillance camera including SIM card, white + 3 months service ...
  • With the wireless 4G camera with night vision function, you can keep an eye on everything that is important to you. Whether outside or ...
  • Noise and motion detector, one month battery life, weatherproof, wide-angle lens
  • Cloud storage - recordings of 7 days possible, 2-way audio - integrated speaker and microphone

If you don't want to take the bundle with the Vodafone contract, but prefer a data SIM of your choice (see also my Data flat comparison) is used, it will find the Arlo Go here also as a single camera without a contract.

The advantages that the Arlo Go offers in the case in question are as follows:

  • The recordings are triggered by movement in the camera's field of view. So you don't have to watch long videos where nothing happens.
  • The sensitivity of the motion detection can be adjusted. A cat that - as you know it - checks the food bowl in the kitchen every 10 minutes does not have to trigger an exposure.
  • The Arlo Go has adjustable noise detection so that a recording can also be started if the person with dementia calls for help in another room. A notification can then also be sent to the smartphone. For older people, the Apple Watch with fall detection may also be useful here.
  • The camera has 2-way audio. You can talk to the person in front of the camera via the app on the iPhone, as the camera is equipped with a microphone and loudspeaker.
  • The video data is uploaded directly to the cloud and can be accessed via the Arlo app for up to 7 days.
  • Thanks to the SIM card, the camera works completely without WLAN.

[appbox app store id925911312]

Useful addition: power supply for the Arlo Go

Since, in the case of my reader, the camera should be permanently installed in the kitchen, it makes sense to permanently supply the camera with power. The internal battery lasts a good two to three weeks, but to avoid the risk of an empty battery, you can contact Amazon Power cord for the Arlo Go Kaufen.

Incidentally, the Arlo Go is not only used for monitoring the interior of busy apartments. It can just as well be used for monitoring garden houses, holiday homes and even for mobile chicken shelters or horse stables, as it is even weatherproof.

If you have any questions or possible application scenarios, please let me know. I look forward to new ideas!




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  1. Monica Escher says:


    I read the article with great interest because we have almost the same case in the family.

    My question would be, is it possible to add 1-2 more cameras? Or do you have to order the product you are introducing 2-3 times (which would be very costly)?

    Thank you and best regards,
    Monica E

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hi monika! In this case I would rather put a cheap internet connection or a mobile WiFi router there and then that Set of 3 of the eufyCam to take. I have them with me and the batteries last forever. In addition, you have the option of communicating like an intercom in an emergency. If you need help choosing a router, etc., we can talk to you about it again by email.

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