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The Readly digital magazine library is my first time reported a year and a half ago, after a period of use of almost two years. Since then, I have continued to use the service to conveniently study specialist magazines on the iPad or Mac. Since Readly approached me directly and wanted to sponsor a new post, I thought to myself, I would summarize my experiences in an updated opinion. So what do I think of the offer after more than 3 years? And how has my selection of magazines changed? You can find the answers in this post;)

After more than 3 years of use, I present my experiences and my opinion on Readly here. There is a cheap offer for you.

After more than 3 years of use, I present my experiences and my opinion on Readly here. There is a cheap offer for you.

My opinion on Readly after over 3 years of use

For more than 3 years I have been using the digital magazine subscription to read a wide variety of publications in German and English. Of course I pay the full price for it - and that with my own money. You can believe my still positive opinion despite the current sponsorship;) Especially since the service has some exclusive content in addition to the digital editions of regular print products. That makes the offer all the more attractive.

What I particularly like about Readly is the variety of magazines: sometimes I read a magazine about electric cars, sometimes about astronomy or science in general. But of course Mac Life, Macworld, MacGamer and fotoMAGAZIN are also there. Every now and then I read other hardware, software, and photo newspapers if there is anything interesting. My tip: The "Mac Life Knowledge 1/2021" too Big Sur macOS is already available from Readly. There is also an archive that goes back several years for individual journals.

New in my selection: dog magazines that don't take up any space

Recently, dog magazines have also been part of my selection, as we have bought a puppy and I am a complete newbie to dogs. That helps a lot, because you can access different issues and years and then, once you have the necessary knowledge, you don't have to pile up unnecessary paper at home. 

In this way you can use specialist literature without encountering a waste paper problem. I am very happy that I only have Mac Life as a real, printed magazine, because over the years there are many issues that also take up space. But I don't like throwing them away because they always contain practical tips.

Using the readly search, information on specific products or topics can be found much easier than rummaging through a pile of print magazines.

Using the readly search, information on specific products or topics can be found much easier than rummaging through a pile of print magazines.

A big plus: Readly search function for special topics

The only problem with Mac Life as a print edition is that after two or three months I no longer know in which edition which tip or a certain manual was to be read. Then the pile has to be taken and everything has to be leafed through. With Readly, I have the advantage that I can simply use the search function and search through all magazines for specific keywords. 

Then it also happens that other booklets are suggested to me in addition to the ones I already know. There I can also read something on the respective topic and, if necessary, discover a new favorite magazine for myself.

What magazine categories does Readly have?

As mentioned above, I use the digital magazine subscription for Mac Life (German), Macworld (English), MacGamer (English) and fotoMAGAZIN (German), among others. But maybe your interests are completely different. Therefore, here is a small overview of the selectable categories, according to which you can filter the readly selection: 

Computer games, business and finance, technology, science, hunting & fishing, home improvement, photography, fashion & beauty, music, DIY & creative, food & drink, comics, luxury, car & motor sports, lifestyle, wedding, body & mind, Hobbies & Collecting, For Teens, Stars & Entertainment, History, For Children, Sports, Family & Education, Boats & Water Sports, Travel & Regional, Equestrian Sports & Animals, TV, Film & Cinema, Art & Culture, Politics & Society, Education & Guides, gardening, architecture & design, puzzles & sudoku, running, bike & fitness, aviation & transport.

Which countries / languages ​​can you choose from Readly?

You can filter the selection of magazines using a list of countries, among other things. In addition to publications from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the following (mostly in the respective national languages) are also represented: Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine , Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United States (USA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you want to filter by language, Spanish, Chinese and Hindi are also available.

Readly + Sir Apfelot = 2 months for only 1,99 euros

In this article I am not only giving you my experiences with Readly, you will also get something to do with it. Because if you choose to, Readly via this link to book, then you get the first two months for a total of only 1,99 euros - so for less than any magazine at the kiosk or in the supermarket. The good thing about it: You can cancel at any time and don't have to wait until the subscription continues from the third month at € 9,99 per month. 

I can recommend the Readly subscription, however, because there is an extensive selection from all possible subject areas, as you can see above. So if you want to read about a hobby or find a new one, the 9,99 euros are well invested. You can also use it to improve your language skills and / or train yourself with the appropriate magazines for the job. For me there are basically only advantages, so I will continue to use and recommend Readly.

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  1. Froyo52 says:

    MacLife can now be completely forgotten as a source for Apple products. They used to be good, but today they are what Chip is now for the Windows world, a so-called. "Revolver Blade".

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Froyo52! What would you recommend for Mac users? Is there a magazine that convinces you in terms of content?

  2. Hubert Schmidt says:

    Hello Jens, I've also been using Readly for about 2 years, I'm still enthusiastic ...
    I collected stacks of computer images, barbecue newspapers and garden newspapers, which then, because it is so difficult to part with them, somehow lay around ...
    so now paper is saved and the overview is retained ... ????
    In addition, there is a huge price advantage when some photo newspaper or the like from the scientific field quickly costs 14 euros ...
    I wish you a nice relaxed Sunday ...
    LG Hubert

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Hubert! Yes, that's how it goes with magazines. I notice it with MacLife, because I still have it as the only magazine in print, but even here I am slowly getting too much with the magazines lying around. Have a nice Sunday to you too!

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