Recognize fake Amazon reviews - you should pay attention to this!

Sometimes you can find a product, an accessory for iPhone, Mac or iPad, a technical device or other article with good and very good ratings on Amazon. Now you can be inspired by the 5-star and 4-star reviews to buy, wait for the delivery and look forward to it when it finally arrives within a few days - thanks to Amazon Prime. The disappointment is all the greater when one then has to find out that the excellent reviews were fake and that the product crumbles apart when unpacking or quickly renounces its function. Therefore, here is my guide to recognizing fake Amazon reviews.

Recognize fake Amazon reviews - you should pay attention to the points listed here! This is how you can quickly and easily discover fake reviews at online retailers.

Recognize fake Amazon reviews - you should pay attention to the points listed here! This is how you can quickly and easily discover fake reviews at online retailers.

Recognize fake Amazon reviews - Here's how!

In the following I have listed a few points that you can use and tick off when analyzing Amazon ratings or the associated customer reviews for fraud. Because there are some indications as to whether and which customer reviews were written by the seller himself or by authorized persons. Let's go, this is how you can recognize fake Amazon reviews:

Verified purchase

If the customer who gives a review on a product has actually bought this product in advance, then “Verified Purchase” is written in small orange-brown letters above the review. Since some retailers (China retailers and other providers aggressively pushing into the market) buy their own products using Amazon voucher credit without having to enter account details, have the articles sent to any German addresses and then write their own reviews The verified purchase, however, is not an irrefutable argument for a real customer review.

Language, grammar and choice of words

Of course there are many people in Germany who have not learned German as their mother tongue. Therefore, one does not have to become suspicious per se if an English or a different-language word appears in one or the other review. Even common anglicisms do not reveal a fake. However, there are some review letters on Amazon that are really difficult to read and sometimes seem illogical. If sentences have a completely illogical grammar and / or if individual words are not or poorly translated into German, one can suspect a fake Amazon rating. 

If, for example, a plate or a warhorse is mentioned in several reviews, then “Charger” was translated incorrectly. A laptop or cell phone case can also quickly become a box, case, sleeve or argument. And if you want to buy a laptop, but the reviews contain words like notebook, notebook or just notebook, then “notebook” has been translated poorly. So if you think several reviews are Spanish or Chinese based on apparent Google Translate results, then you should refrain from buying.

Too short customer reviews 

Amazon customer reviews that are too short can be an indication of fake purchases and ratings, but do not have to be. Because we Germans are actually a people of complainers and know-it-alls. So if there is anything to complain about - even if it is just a wrinkled packaging - then a valve is being sought for it. However, if everything is great with the order, shipping, delivery and goods, then the German is overwhelmed and may be carried away to say “Everything is great, this product will be bought again”. Nevertheless: Too many reviews that are too short, such as “Everything ok!”, “Super goods!” Or “Super quality and cool product!” Are an indication of fake purchases. Because someone will say in more detail what exactly is so great about it.

Too many reviews in a short time

If a product is to float the market and get into the upper ranks of the search results as quickly as possible and into the user's shopping cart, then it needs many good reviews. Since quick money is to be made, the evaluation area of ​​the products is also filled by fraudsters in a short time. So if there are dozens of 5 and 4 star ratings within a few days, this is an indication of fraud. Especially when they try to displace a few 1 and 2 star reviews. But be careful: Sometimes it can also be expected products (new smartphone, Kickstarter product, etc.) that sell quickly by the time they are released and receive a number of reviews from fans - there is also that.

Bad reviews with 1 or 2 stars

As shown in the picture above, you can view the individual star distributions with the cursor over the star overview of a product. Simply move the mouse pointer over the star average next to the product picture and you will see how the good average is composed. But maybe behind a star is just an angry customer who actually wanted to order something else and now has to vent his displeasure with himself? You can find out by clicking on the bad reviews or scrolling down to the overview of customer reviews. Read the bad as well as the good ones, so you can go through all the points mentioned up to here and get an idea of ​​whether these are real or fake Amazon reviews.

The dealer's imprint

There are certainly reputable dealers who sell their goods in Germany from China (such as Shenzhen or Hong Kong) as well as from the USA, from other European countries, etc. However, if in doubt, take a look at the dealer's imprint to find out whether a fancy address is given. As a test, you can copy and paste them into Apple Maps or Google Maps. By the way, don't be fooled by Amazon Prime. Fraudsters are also finding ways to store their goods in the Amazon warehouse and have them shipped from there quickly.

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Summary: Recognize fake Amazon reviews

The individual points in themselves do not have to be irrefutable proof of fake reviews on Amazon - as described in each case. But if two or more come together and the whole offer seems dubious, then best to stay away from it. If there are a lot of badly written or too short customer texts with 5 and 4 stars that were written in a very short time for a regular article from a China dealer, you can be pretty sure that something is wrong. If there are also 1- and 2-star reviews (with verified purchase) that advise against buying, then it is important to definitely refrain from doing so.

My experiences with attempted fraud

I often get emails from China dealers who want to send me the products for free if they get a 4 or 5 star rating for it. I don't get involved in something like that and decline with thanks. If companies offer me a product for free to test without expecting anything in return or evaluation, then I accept this every now and then if I find the products interesting and then point out in the article that I have made the product available by the manufacturer got. If you write such a note in the review on Amazon, the review is usually deleted. The result is that many Amazon reviewers now take the products, but no longer write any reference to the free test product in the review.


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