Redroad G10 – vacuum and floor mopping robot with carpet recognition and app (sponsor)

In addition to a maximum suction power of 10 Pa, the Redroad G2.800 vacuum and floor mopping robot also offers a smart wiping function, in which the wiping cloth is not just pulled over the floor. Rather, vibrations ensure that the floor is cleaned properly. After vacuuming and mopping an area of ​​10 square meters, the robot returns to its station, which automatically washes out the mop. The floor is then cleaned. If a carpet is detected or the wiping function is not required, the device raises the wiping element by 8 mm. By App schedules, cleaning zones and more can be set.

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Redroad G10 vacuum and floor mopping robot not only comes with a cleaning station for washing out the floor mop. This is raised when a carpet is detected. You can find out more about the smart functions of the vacuum robot with wiping function and the app here.

Redroad G10 vacuum and floor mopping robot not only comes with a cleaning station for washing out the floor mop. This is raised when a carpet is detected. You can find out more about the smart functions of the vacuum robot with wiping function and the app here.

Redroad G10 robotic vacuum cleaner and mop specs

  • Dimensions (diameter x height): 350 x 96,3 mm
  • Weight: approx. 3,8 kg
  • Main Brush Length: 16,8mm
  • Cleaning system: side brush + main brush + vacuum + mop
  • Cleaning modes: 600 Pa for quiet passes, 1.000 Pa as standard, 2.000 Pa as medium level, 2.800 Pa as high level
  • Mop functions: vibration for better cleaning of the floor, lifting mechanism when carpet is detected
  • Wiping area: 10 m2 to automatic cleaning of the mop, up to 400 m2 without having to change the water in the station
  • Dust container: 450 ml
  • Nominal battery capacity: 5.200 mAh
  • Navigation: LDS laser, SLAM technology (see below)

Redroad G10 Cleaning Station Specifications

  • Dimensions: 450 x 410 x 390 mm
  • Fresh water tank: 4,5 liters
  • Dirty water tank: 4,0 liters 
  • Functions: charging the Redroad G10 battery, cleaning and drying the mop

The Redroad G10 is a smart cleaning robot

The Redroad G10 vacuum and floor mopping robot is equipped with eight lidar sensors that ensure even better object recognition. This avoids collisions and tangling in cables. But not only the environment on the horizontal plane is recognized better. The vacuum robot with wiping function also looks vertically downwards.

Thanks to ultrasonic sensors, it can recognize carpets and raise the wiping element accordingly. It is then moved 8 mm into the housing and the carpet is vacuumed without getting it wet. So you don't have to remove the mop of the device especially for vacuuming carpets.

Charging and cleaning station does more work for you

The Redroad G10 vacuum cleaner robot moves smartly through the apartment or floor of the house and can adapt its functions to the floor and floor covering. If he also wipes, then after 10 square meters he drives back to his station to have the rag cleaned.

For this purpose, a filled fresh water tank and an empty dirty water tank are placed in the station, which also charges the 5.200 mAh battery of the device. These are sufficient for automatic cleaning to take place several times. The Redroad G10 can therefore clean autonomously for several days without having to worry about cleaning the device or its individual parts.

Functions that complement automatic cleaning

You hardly have to worry about bacteria or the development of odors. Because not only a water sterilization is carried out to prevent bacterial growth. In addition, there is also the option of drying the cleaned mop directly in the station through constant air circulation. This means that the cloth does not have to be removed to dry and prevent odor or mold from forming.

All in all, a sophisticated system that ensures a clean apartment as well as permanently clean cleaning robots. Of course you should clean everything from time to time and throw the mops in the washing machine - but this is less necessary.

Laser and SLAM navigation that can be tracked in the app

The Redroad G10 vacuum cleaning robot with mopping function needs only six seconds per square meter for accurate mapping. Not only is a laser system used, which also works in the dark, but also a SLAM algorithm. SLAM stands for "Simultaneous Localization and Mapping", which means "simultaneous positioning and mapping".

Briefly explained: The robot creates a virtual map and at the same time determines its position on it. In the case of vacuum cleaner robots, this means that areas are not unnecessarily cleaned twice and that the devices can be found and controlled with an app on the smartphone.

The most important functions of the Redroad app

The Redroad G10 and other devices from the manufacturer can be controlled via the Redroad app from Apple iPhones and Android devices. In this way, the created maps can be viewed, the position of the robot can be determined and further settings can be made. For example, zones for cleaning or driving around can be entered.

Furthermore, a schedule for cleaning can be set or a cleaning level (from quiet to strong) can be selected. There are also options for cleaning the edges of the map (i.e. the edges of floors and walls), individual locations on the map, and double trips for a double cleaning. A "Do not disturb" mode can be set for the night.

Buy the Redroad G10 with a 39 euro starting discount at Amazon

You can now buy the new Redroad G10 vacuum cleaner robot with a smart wiping function from Amazon. The regular price, which will be billed from August 28, 2022, is 699 euros. However, there is a discount of 39 euros for the market launch, so you only pay 660 euros. You can go to the Amazon product page with more pictures, technical data and the purchase options with this link. Small hint: The information here is without guarantee and will be adjusted if necessary if the offer changes.

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