ExifRenamer: Rename photo files according to the EXIF ​​date

ExifRenamer: Rename photos with Exif date

I just did - while researching one Readers question in the forum - discovered a small, practical tool for the Mac that is particularly suitable for people who archive their photos with their own folder structure or by file name. The program is called "ExifRenamer" and basically does what the name suggests: It allows files to be renamed based on the date stored in the Exif data.

Automatic action in "Digital Pictures"

If you don't manage photos via the Photos app on your Mac, but have created a folder for them yourself, you will probably use the "Digital Pictures" program to do the import. A big advantage here is that ExifRenamer can be used here directly as a target for the "Import to" action.

So Mal has all the new photos directly in the Exif tool and can rename them with his own specifications. Of course, you can also drag and drop photos from folders onto the ExifRenamer program icon to start renaming.

In the Mac app "Digital Images" you can select the ExifRenamer tool as the target and thus optimize your workflow.

In the Mac app "Digital Images" you can select the ExifRenamer tool as the target and thus optimize your workflow.

Suggestion: YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss.jpg as a name base

In ExifRenamer you can of course define your own naming conventions. Numerous variables, prefixes and postfixes as well as counters are available for this. The standard specification of ExifRenamer is "YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss.jpg", which makes perfect sense because you can use it to sort photos in a folder chronologically.

So that you don't accidentally rename a complete Schwung folder and then find out that the naming was wrong, there is a preview function which shows directly what the new name of the files would be if you were to start the renaming process.

In the settings you can specify the naming of the photo files with a large number of variables.

In the settings you can specify the naming of the photo files with a large number of variables.

Supported file formats

Of course, Exif-Renamer not only works with JPG files, it also works with a number of other formats and even video files, which I would like to briefly list here:

  • JPEG images (.JPG / .JPEG)
  • TIFF images (.TIFF / .TIF)
  • QuickTime Videos (.MOV)
  • MPEG4 videos (.MP4 / .M4V)
  • AVI videos (.AVI)
  • Sound files (.AIFF / .AIF / .WAV)
  • Minolta Raw Image (.MRW)
  • Nikon Raw Image (.NEF)
  • Canon Raw Image (.CRW - only together with .THM)
  • Canon Raw Image (.CR2)
  • Preview images, thumbnails (.THM)
  • Digital Negative Format (.DNG)

The tool also works with Apple ProRAW. I just threw a RAW from an iPhone 12 Pro Max into ExifRenamer and the renaming works fine. Incidentally, the file extension of Apple ProRAW is .dng - that is, Apple used an existing format as a basis.

Free of charge, but donations are welcome

The programmer Stefan Robl kindly gives his tool ExifRenamer for free download. But of course he is happy about a donation and I think that if you work with the program regularly, this should also be a matter of course. You can find the Mac app ExifRenamer and the possibility to make a donation here on his homepage.

Incidentally, the software is now also a universal binary and thus runs optimized on Apple Silicon Macs under macOS Big Sur.


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  1. Wolf says:

    Thank you for the hint, Jens! Another fruitful visit to your site.
    And then I look at Stefan Robl's page, and the second page brings a very nice application that I've been looking for for a long time, Oscilyzer. Immediately downloaded to the iPhone.

    Your site is just one of the most fertile in the Apple universe, and worth a visit every day!

    • Jens Kleinholz says:

      Hello wolf! Thank you, thank you, thank you ... I think you can hardly get better praise. It's nice to hear when you keep finding what you are looking for. I'll have a look at Oscilyzer right away. Maybe another good tip. : D

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