Repair iPhone Home Button - The Guide

Repair the home button yourself
Repair the home button yourself

You can also repair the iPhone's home button yourself with the help of the special cleaner (Photo: Amazon).

Regardless of whether [iPhone 4 or 4s-> iphone-4] or iPod or iPad: The [home button-> home button] is one of the main problems that older iOS devices have according to the support forums. The home button only reacts to strong pressure or occasionally swallows a click, for example if you want to double-click to search for the iPhone. In the community, the tips and tricks for solving this problem range from using a compressed air charge from a spray can to gasoline with an electric toothbrush to using pure alcohol that is dripped onto the button.

I can't decide which of the "home remedies" are really useful - but a repair kit is now available in stores that contains a special cleaning fluid that can be used to make the home button work again without opening the iPhone or it to have to send to Apple. According to the manufacturer iFixTheButton you can use it to make every home button work again relatively safely if it does its job a few times now and then. If the button no longer reacts at all, there is probably a defect that even cleaning will no longer help.

iFixTheButton Home Button Repair Kit

The repair set from iFixTheButton consists of a pipette and three glasses with a special cleaner (Photo: Amazon).

If you want to buy the set, you get 3 glasses with the special liquid, so that you can clean up to three times. The clear instructions included with the set make it very easy, even for laypeople without prior knowledge, to repair the home button on the iPhone. You can buy it among other things via this link on Amazon.

Repair kit for the iPhone home button
The iPhone 4 / 4s models in particular are plagued by the broken home button. Investing in this cleaning set may be worthwhile here.

My test? - is still pending!

The manufacturer will send me a set for testing in the next few days. Since I still have access to an old iPhone 4 that annoys its owner every day with the defective home button, I will shortly be able to report first hand whether the purchase of the iFixTheButton set is worthwhile. It remains exciting. :)


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