Replace Youtube video with a new one - the best way

If a video is out of date, incorrectly edited or otherwise in need of revision, it can be deleted from pretty much any platform. But could you, for example, replace a YouTube video with a new one? I'll show you the answer to this question and ways to adjust it otherwise in this guide.

Replace a YouTube video with a new one while keeping the URL? That will not do. What you can still do, I'll show you here!
Replace a YouTube video with a new one while keeping the URL? That will not do. What you can still do, I'll show you here!

Replace Youtube video with a new one?

Replacing a video on YouTube with a new one and keeping the old URL is not possible. Because every newly uploaded YouTube video gets its own code, which is placed in the URL, for example. Among other things, it is displayed after the "/ watch? V =" part in the address bar of the web browser when watching the video. The video code is therefore the clear assignment of the uploaded content. 

This in turn shows why you cannot simply replace a YouTube video - because then you could be harmless videos that are shared via social media, embedded on websites, sent as a link and otherwise shared, with illegal, advertising, obscene or other videos replace and sometimes reach millions of people. In addition, this content would then be unjustifiably upgraded by evaluations and comments that have already been made.

Replace video with re-upload

The so-called re-upload or re-upload describes the re-uploading of a video. This may be necessary, for example, after an adaptation of the image or sound material. The advantage is that you can clearly assign the updated version and present it to the audience. The disadvantage lies in the new URL and in the fact that the call data or clicks as well as the interactions (likes, comments, etc.) with the old video are lost. Provided that you delete the old video. If legally, morally and otherwise safely possible, you can leave it and refer to the new version.

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Link from old to new video material

So the best way to replace a Youtube video with a new one is to upload a new version and reference it with the old material. If no infringement has to be removed or a person who does not want to be seen has to be barred, the old version can stay online. The link to the new video material can then be placed in its video description. In addition, the info cards that can be placed in the video can overlay the image and direct it to the re-upload via a link. It should be noted that YouTube could abolish the info cards as a feature - and that they are not visible on mobile playback devices (smartphone, tablet).

Changes YouTube allows to videos

While you cannot change the video material of an uploaded clip, many other parameters can be adjusted. Details on deleting, adjusting and changing videos and their data can be found in this support document as in this document. The following adaptable data are mentioned in it:


  • Video title
  • Video description
  • Tags
  • Visibility (Public, Not Listed, Private)
  • Monetization (advertising or product placement)
  • Playlists


  • Categories
  • Licenses and Property Rights
  • Subtitle certification
  • Date of recording
  • Location
  • Video language
  • Syndication
  • Comment settings


Select an automatically generated preview image or upload a self-made thumbnail.

Conclusion on the topic

Before uploading a video to YouTube, make sure that the content is all legal, up-to-date and properly edited. If you do not find the errors until after the upload or if the content of a once uploaded clip is out of date, you can hardly avoid a re-upload. Replacing a YouTube video with a new one is therefore not possible. However, the old video can - if possible - be kept and the new version can be pointed out by suitable means. What are your experiences with the topic? Feel free to leave a comment!

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5 Responses to “Replace Youtube video with a new one – the best way”

  1. I will have to do a re-upload because we had to edit the sound. Can I get the (manually created) subtitles? Eg download and upload again after re-uploading?

    1. Hello Heidi! I think the subtitles can be exchanged or uploaded again at any time if you have a file for them. Only the video itself cannot be exchanged.

  2. What kind of intellectually freed idiots are they on Youtube, I uploaded a video that contained an error in the credits, the video was not listed because only family members and friends should see it, to whom I sent the link, now I should Send everyone a new link just because Youtube only employs idiots?

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