Resolutions of Apple displays, MacBook Pro/Air and iMac

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I wanted to create a nice wallpaper for my Mac and stumbled across the question of what resolutions the different Macs actually have.

After researching, I have now put together the maximum resolution for various Mac models and Apple displays and would like to show you these here in two lists. Maybe someone else can use this information.

Apple's Pro XDR display has a resolution of 6K (Photo:
Apple's Pro XDR display has a resolution of 6K (Photo:

Apple displays

Modelresolution in pixels
Apple Pro Display XDR (6K)6.016 x 3.384
Apple Studio Display (5K)5.120 x 2.880
Apple Thunderbolt Display2.560 x 1.440


Modelresolution in pixels
iMac 5K Retina 27 inch5.120 x 2.880
iMac 4K Retina 21,5 inch4.096 x 2.304
MacBook Pro 16 inch M33.456 x 2.234
MacBook Pro 14 inch M33.024 x 1.964
MacBook Pro 16 inch Intel2.048 x 1.280
MacBook Air 13 inch (2019)2.560 x 1.600
MacBook Air 15 inch (2023)2.880 × 1.864
MacBook 12 inches2.304 x 1.440

Of course, there are more Mac models that have different resolutions, but I wanted to list a few distinctive Macs. If you would like to have other Macs in here, please leave me a comment here. I'll be happy to add the data.

What do you mean by Full HD, 4K, 6K or 8K?

In addition, I would like to briefly mention what other “standard resolutions” there are. But you will quickly notice that 5K and 6K can be something different than what the Apple displays show.

Abkürzungresolution in pixels
Full-HD1.920 x 1.080
2K2.048 x 1.152
4K (UHD)4.096 x 2.304
5K5.120 x 2.880
6K5.760 x 3.240
8K7.680 x 4.320

Resolution of external monitors

If you connect monitors externally to an iMac or MacBook, then the maximum resolution that can be used depends on the maximum resolution of the Mac and the maximum resolution of the monitor - whichever is lower.

Recommended resolution for background images

If, like me, you want to create desktop backgrounds for your Mac yourself, there are two ways:

  1. You don't give a damn about other people and just make the image big enough to fit your Mac (see table above).
  2. You think about other Mac users and create the wallpaper for the maximum resolution that could currently pass. These are the 6.016 x 3.384 pixels that we find on the PRO XDR display.

Since I might want to create a few more background images that will also be available for you to download, I'll just assume the 6K Apple display. When the desktop backgrounds are ready, I'll link them here.

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