The MacBook Pro “hello again” Event 2016: I have no impulse to buy…

The new MacBook Pro 2016 - is just missing an USB-A port!

Hello again ?! I confess that I do Apple event yesterday I was already looking forward to something. There were also some candidates on the wish list: new MacBook Pro, new Mac Pro, new iMac, new Thunderbolt monitor and a lot more. Ultimately, Apple delivered:

  • how great the iPhone 7 camera is
  • how I can use the AppleTV to see meta-sports data (that I don't care about) at football games (that I don't care about)
  • how i use the apple tv using the tv App now get “everything from a single source” (I’m not interested either, I have Amazon Prime Video!)
  • how beautiful the new MacBook Pro with Touch-Bar and Touch-ID is (I found that exciting!)

Did I forgot something? No, I think that's it ... unfortunately ...

Apple event "hello again" in October 2016: the iPhone 7 takes such beautiful photos (screenshot from the keynote).
Apple event “hello again” in October 2016: the iPhone 7 takes such beautiful photos (screenshot from the keynote).

Mac Pro - finally died?

To be honest: If I were to tackle the “pro” segment as a marketing fuzzy at Apple, then I would do a technology update at least every 1-2 years with a refresher of the processor, graphics card, hard drive and RAM. Especially in the area of ​​"performance" you can do something almost every year.

Certainly no one is asking Apple to come up with a new design for the Mac Pro every two years, but they could have brought an update. The Mac Pro has now been over 1000 days without an update and will soon be overtaken by the performance of MacBooks if they keep up the pace. As a pro I would feel pretty charred. Apple doesn't seem to be investing here anymore and as a "pro user" I would do the same... invest my money in other equipment. It looks to me like they are slowly dying out the pro portion of the product portfolio when it would be so easy to keep pro users happy with an expandable Mac Pro (like the old one)...

The MacBook Pro Event

So in the end, the keynote was very much focused on that new MacBook Pro designed. Numerous practical workshops were shown and it was emphasized several times how “incredible” the whole thing is. What I really liked was the review of the MacBook history of the last 25 years. There were already a few candidates who ended up on my desk. And some of them are still in use by friends and family. The corresponding spot of Keynote I embedded you here:

Sure, the touch bar, which is like a mini retina touch display at the top of the keyboard, is a fine and impressive thing. Touch ID on the MacBook is also a great feature. But the question you always have to ask yourself personally is always: “Does this help me in everyday life?”. And here I have to say personally that I would hardly use it in practice.

Do I really need that ???

I don't sit at applications like Photoshop or very often Final Cut Pro, but mostly use the browser, a text editor and other "light-weight programs" for which the touch bar is not so important. In addition, I usually have my MacBook closed on the monitor and also type on an external Bluetooth keyboard, so that I would only see the touch bar in rare cases when I'm on the go.

But even if I were to treat myself to a new MacBook Pro after 4 years - for tax reasons: I looked at what my desired model would cost and I'm with the 2TB SSD and the fast processor and the fast graphics card landed at a whopping 4999 euros. A price that the “upgrade” is simply not worth to me. My 2012 MacBook Pro Retina still works perfectly and even if it “thinks” a bit longer here and there, the bad internet connection here in town is the biggest brake on work.

The MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch-Bar and Touch-ID - a nice laptop, but do I really need it ??? (Screenshot from
The MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch-Bar and Touch-ID - a nice laptop from Apple, but do I really need it ??? (Screenshot from

I'll take a break ...

So for me it is clear that I will sit out this MacBook model again. I hesitated a lot less with the iPhone 7 and ended up with the iPhone 7 Plus. But with the MacBook Pro, I just don't have the incentive to buy it. The killer feature was unfortunately not included this time. :-(

The new MacBook Pro 2016 - is just missing an USB-A port!
The new MacBook Pro 2016 - is just missing an USB-A port! But otherwise he's great. ;)

Missing connections ?! There are 4x USB-C!

I can't quite understand all the whining about missing USB ports and headphone jacks. It has always been the case that Apple has been relatively quick to “cut old habits”. And I have to say that I think this concept is right. Of course you have one or the other adapter in your luggage for this reason, but you also have a laptop that will have state-of-the-art connections in 2-3 years. USB-C will undoubtedly prevail - especially since the combination with Thunderbolt 3 has added another powerful argument.

LG Montior with USB-C as a docking station

The LG UltraFine 5K monitor shines with a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels and 4 USB-C ports (Photo: LG).
The LG UltraFine 5K monitor shines with a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels and 4 USB-C ports (Photo: LG).

The fact that you only have one cable on the MacBook Pro when you attach it to the LG UltraFine 5K monitor as a docking station promised in the keynote would be more of a selling point for me than the touch bar. But maybe it's the same with the touch bar as with the SSDs ... at the beginning you don't think you really need it and once you have a computer with an SSD, you never want to sit at another one again. ;-)

The LG monitor is more like something I would invest in. With 5120 x 2880 pixels, it offers a lot of space on the desktop, which I really enjoy. But on the one hand it is not (yet) available and on the other hand it only comes with USB-C ports, which in turn makes using it with an old MacBook Pro a little pointless.

That means, I'll save a lot this year and I'll probably blow a lot of money on my head in 1-2 years if I buy a new MacBook Pro and a new monitor. ;-)

What about with you? Are you shopping for the new MacBook Pro from Apple or is “the best laptop in the world” not for you? I'm looking forward for comments!


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5 Responses to “The MacBook Pro “hello again” Event 2016: I have no impulse to buy…”

  1. First of all I wish you a nice Sunday evening.

    The MacBook and the MacBook Pro without Touch Bar and Touch ID are about 250 € apart. In terms of equipment, I find the MacBook Pro interesting because I also have the option of 16 MB RAM and there are several connections. In terms of weight, the MacBook is of course better.

    USB-C wouldn't bother me, but it should be at least two. The touch bar is certainly very nice but also dispensable.
    I have already come to appreciate Touch-ID on the iPhone and with 1Password it makes entering a password a lot easier, if you use a different password everywhere, this is very practical.

    Since my MacBook Air already has some quirks, the small MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID would be an alternative for repair.
    That the battery doesn't last very long is not really bad because the trackpad getting stuck is a lot more annoying.

    I could make friends with the small hard drive and the optional 16 MB RAM seems more important to me. If necessary, the hard drive could also be replaced later. So the MacBook Pro would probably be usable for a relatively long time.

  2. I think the new MacBook Pro is simply awesome. Admittedly, I swam on the media wave at the beginning and criticized the connections. But after more mature considerations, I find the reduction to a single IO unit very useful. So everyone can put together their external ports as they want and do not have to drag along all the ports that have to correspond to the mass. That saves weight. That saves space. Space for the battery! Nobody cried after watching the DVD-R.

    1. Hi Viktor! I see it the same way ... Sure, I was in the living room of a friend again yesterday, had to wait a moment and asked her for headphones. Get headphones and ... uh ... crap, you can't put it in your iPhone 7 anymore! But I was far from wishing the headphone jack back. It's only a matter of time before I internalize it. It will be the same with the MacBook Pro. You will certainly have some adapters with you when you move around with it, but you have a laptop that - from my point of view - is ahead of its time ...

  3. I would not have signed it like that. The Lightning connector is not a standard that replaces an old standard - USB-C, on the other hand, is. In two years there will be “only USB-C devices”, but Lightning headphones will still only be available for Apple devices.

    1. Yes, that is right. But 1. I live in the "Apple Universe" and 2. it's only a matter of time before everyone has a Bluetooth headset flying around at home. I actually only need a jack in the car because I can't work with Bluetooth there without an additional device.

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