RhinoShield cases and bumpers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, XR, X and other models

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RhinoShield - protective covers for smartphones.

RhinoShield - protective covers for smartphones.

Why get an iPhone case from RhinoShield needed? Well, even the toughest display glass and the best aluminum frame sometimes don't help if you drop the iPhone awkwardly. While repair costs in the range of 50 to 100 euros had to be borne in the past, the new smartphone models iPhone Xs Max, Xs, XR and the older iPhone X are so "space-optimized" inside that it is difficult to replace individual parts can. For this reason, the repair costs here are often over 400 euros.

You can of course save yourself this with the corresponding iPhone case if you (like me) know in advance that your cell phone will regularly fall down. I'm a bit foolish about this and have had a case on my smartphone since the iPhone 4 (my entry-level iPhone) - even if many people think it's a shame to spoil the elegant design of the iPhone with a case. ;-)

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Update May 2021: In the following we have added the RhinoShield cases for the more recent iPhone models. Because after the iPhones X, XS, XS Max and XR from 2018, the iPhone 11 (2019) as well as the iPhone SE and iPhone 12 (2020) have come onto the market. With the 11 series you still have to consider the Pro and Pro Max models. The mini model is also included in the 12 series. Have fun browsing!

RhinoShield: Protective covers for tough use

I used to have an outdoor protective cover from Otterbox on my cell phone every now and then. It really deserved top marks for its protective function, but unfortunately the look was rather modest and gave the iPhone the look of a construction site cell phone from the 90s.

For this reason, I recently started looking for a cover manufacturer who offers protective covers that can withstand more than the cheap silicone covers that you can usually find in various China stalls on Amazon. I noticed the cases from RhinoShield, which I would classify as the best compromise between protective function and elegant appearance. The construction looks quite classy and unobtrusive, but the cases still offer enough protection for the iPhone even in the event of a serious fall.

What can the protective covers from RhinoShield withstand?

You can see in several videos on YouTube that the RhinoShield cases protect the iPhone even when falling from crazy heights (sometimes from a helicopter). In order to try a bit more realistic conditions, I have embedded a video for you here that shows some falls on concrete. The iPhone X survives these with the RhinoShield case without any problems:

RhinoShield for the iPhone Xs Max

There are basically three variants in the RhinoShield product range:

  • The SolidSuit protective cover, which is provided with various optics such as wood, carbon or the like.
  • The RhinoShield Mod NX: a modular housing that you can change color and function yourself.
  • The CrashGuard NX: a modular bumper case in which buttons, frames and frames can be used in different colors.
  • The CrashGuard: The bumper cover without the modular structure.
Overview of the current RhinoShield iPhone cases: Mod NX, SolidSuit, CrashGuard NX and CrashGuard (graphic: RhinoShield).

Overview of the current RhinoShield iPhone cases: Mod NX, SolidSuit, CrashGuard NX and CrashGuard (graphic: RhinoShield).

Cases are open to add-on lenses

RhinoShield add-on lenses and adapters

With a camera adapter and appropriate lenses, the RhinoShield cases can be used to expand the iPhone camera: 0.6X HD wide-angle, fisheye, ultra-wide-angle and a 2-in-1 macro + 0.65X wide-angle are available.

An interesting "feature" of the Mod- and SolidSuit-Cases is the possibility to expand them with a lens adapter and additional add-on lenses. This allows you to screw a fish-eye lens into the adapter, for example, and thus expand the built-in camera of the iPhone. The big advantage of this is that if there is a new iPhone model, all you have to do is replace the camera adapter, which costs around 5 euros. The lenses, which cost between 25 and 60 euros, can still be used. You can find the corresponding lenses and adapters at Amazon this link.

Reviews of the RhinoShield cases on Amazon

The SolidSuit case is definitely rated the best by customers on Amazon. Most of the customers are happy but there are a few complaints that the cover is too slippery. There is also one customer who complains that the case is hard to get off the iPhone. This is of course always the case at the beginning, until it is a little "worn out".

Another point of criticism (which you also find with all other bumpers and covers) is the fact that the frame and the back get scratched on some people. The cover is often mentioned as the cause, but in fact it is fine dust that finds its way from the trouser pocket into the cover and then rubs back and forth on the frame and the back. The problem is definitely with cases from all manufacturers.

There are also almost only positive reports about the bumper. You only read complaints about the fact that the bumper is difficult or impossible to detach from the iPhone. Here, however, the manufacturer has one Tutorial video made, that explains how to dismantle the bumper again.

There are no reviews yet for the newer models such as the Mod NX and the CrashGuard NX. The YouTube video reviews that I saw about it were all very positive. So I think RhinoShield has delivered decent quality here too.

Even if my personal tendency is towards the SolidSuit, the other cases and bumpers are also worth mentioning. For this reason I would like to link all cases for the current iPhone models to you here.

RhinoShield for iPhone Xs Max

A click on the Amazon links leads you to Amazon, where you can choose the different designs of the covers.

RhinoShield for iPhone Xs

A click on the Amazon links leads you to Amazon, where you can choose the different designs of the covers.

RhinoShield for iPhone XR

There are currently no RhinoShield products for the iPhone XR available. I will update these links as they become available.

  • SolidSuit
  • ModNX
  • Crash Guard NX
  • CrashGuard

RhinoShield for iPhone X

A click on the Amazon links leads you to Amazon, where you can choose the different designs of the covers.

You can find RhinoShield cases and bumpers for all other iPhone models via this link.

RhinoShield case for iPhone 11

For this and the following Apple smartphones, there is also a selection of RhinoShield cases from the SolidSuit, Mod NX, CrashGuard NX and CrashGuard models. You come to the overview of the offers with Prime Shipping with this link. Just click on the model you prefer; You will then find the color and pattern selection on the product pages.

RhinoShield case for the iPhone 11 Pro

As for the Apple iPhone 11, there are also matching cases and bumpers from RhinoShield for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. These are also offered via Amazon for Prime members without shipping costs and with fast delivery. You can find the selection of the individual models with this link. You can then select colors and patterns on the individual product pages.

RhinoShield case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Finally, of course, there are also suitable protective accessories from RhinoShield for the largest and most feature-rich model from Apple's smartphone range from 2019. You can easily discover cases for the iPhone 11 Pro Max with this link. Here too, free shipping and fast delivery via Prime are possible.

RhinoShield Case for iPhone SE (2020)

Before the iPhone 12 models, the 2020nd generation iPhone SE came onto the market in 2. The previous model dates from 2016 and definitely needed new technology. With the iPhone SE from 2020 you now get a budget model that is ready for the coming years. You can find iPhone SE 2 sleeves from RhinoShield here with this link. The selection also consists of models such as SolidSuit, Mod NX, CrashGuard and CrashGuard NX.

RhinoShield case for the iPhone 12 Mini

Now we come to the models from 2020 that came on the market with iOS 14. It starts with the smallest of the current Apple smartphones, the iPhone 12 Mini. RhinoShield cases for this smartphone are easy to get with one click here. Once again, you can choose from the various models with Prime Shipping - as well as from different colors and patterns on the individual product pages.

RhinoShield case for iPhone 12

The next larger model is the iPhone 12. It doesn't offer as many functions and options as the iPhone 12 Pro, but it's also very good. If you want to buy this version of the Apple cell phone and protect it with a case, then click here. The overview offers you the individual RhinoShield offers to choose from. Again, I made sure that only Prime offers are listed.

RhinoShield case for the iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro actually has (relatively) the same dimensions as the iPhone 12, which is why the same covers can fit from above. However, there is a possibility that with special covers and cases certain fits will only really nestle against the case if the cover / case is specially made to the dimensions of the iPhone 12 Pro. Therefore, here is the search result list, which is separated from the above model: Click here.

RhinoShield case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

We come to the most powerful smartphone from Apple to date and the largest in the current series (as of May 11, 2021). You can find RhinoShield cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max with one click here. The SolidSuit, Mod NX, CrashGuard and CrashGuard NX models are also available in different colors and patterns for this mobile phone. Have fun browsing!

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  1. Horst Hader says:

    Since there will unfortunately not be a 4 inch iPhone with the performance data of the Xs, I will probably buy an Xs or Xr. I tend to go for the Xs Gold with 256 GB. Therefore I need an appropriate protective cover (possibly Mod NX). The Rhino cases presented here with additional protective glass are quite interesting. Which iPhone (Xs or Xr) would Sir Apfelot recommend.

    Greetings from the most beautiful city (Munich) in the world

    What do you mean by qualifying purchase?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Horst!
      I bought the iPhone Xs. The Xs Max is too big for me and unfortunately the Xr does not have a "telephoto lens", which I use quite often when taking photos. If you haven't used a 2x lens before when taking photos, then you can also use the Xr. The interesting thing about the Xr is that you can also take portraits in "wide angle mode".
      Because of the "qualifying purchase": That means I get pennies from Amazon if someone buys one of these covers using my item. That is a passage that I have to include on every page. The price for you remains normal ... ;-)
      LG! Jens

  2. Horst Hader says:

    Hi Jens,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. When asked about the qualified purchase, I just wanted to know whether you have to enter something extra. Even if it cost a few cents more, I would buy via your link because I have only had good experiences with your tips (TaoTronics Bluetooth InEars etc.) so far. I have since bought the latest from Taotronics. They got even better. I gave my old Taotronics to my niece, who is very happy with it.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Horst! No, you don't have to specify anything. If you come to Amazon via the link, they can already assign it through a variable in the link. And thank you for supporting me! Because of Taotronics: Indeed ... that was kind of a good find when I discovered that 2-3 years ago. So far I've only had really good experiences with it ... you can recommend it without hesitation! LG!

  3. Harald says:

    Hello Jens, I am also faced with the luxury problem of wanting to protect my iPhone. What about the grip of the Rhinoshield products really? There are many statements, but which one fits. Can the grip be compared to the original leather case from Apple, or more like the plastic felling of a computer mouse ...?
    Thanks for a feedback ...

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Harald! I don't have a Rhinoshield to try out here. But there is no way it will be as sleek as an iPhone without a case. : D I type more on plastic feeling.

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