RIP: My Samsung ML-3471ND laser printer logs out ...

Samsung ML-3471ND RIP Error

Great. You want to quickly print out a few receipts after starting work and what happens there? The printer (a Samsung ML-3471ND black and white laser printer, which performed very well in test results) doesn't do it and reports an error message: "Internal Error Power On / Off - RIP" - no joke! "RIP" was really there! Since then, the printer is no longer available on the network and no longer prints. Switching it off and on did not help. It then restarts and "Ready" appears on the display, but as soon as a new print job arrives, it switches back to "Internal Error". I then emailed this description of the error to Samsung support.

Samsung ML-3471ND RIP Error

That's what I call a clear error message: My Samsung ML-3471ND acknowledges its service with the abbreviation RIP (Photo:

The Samsung support emailed me back to my request that I should take the printer to a service technician. However, since I don't feel like doing it because I have to print receipts every day, I tried it out a bit: The first thing I did was print out a test page from the printer's menu. It worked. Then I thought to myself that so much can't be broken if he even creates a test page.

The next step was to remove the LAN connection and plug in the good old USB cable. And lo and behold: the printer also prints via USB without grumbling or grumbling. Now there are not many options: If the network card in the printer is broken, my LAN cable is defective or the time capsule to which the printer is connected is refusing network service - from my point of view this is the most unlikely thing. I will report on how things will proceed here ... now I have to use the time when the printer feels fit enough to do its job and print out a few urgent things! ;-)

Update April 08.04.2014th, XNUMX: Today I had the RIP error message again, but also on the USB port. After some trial and error, it turned out that it was due to a receipt from Facebook, which was apparently a defective PDF. Whenever I tried to print it, I got this error message. When printing from Adobe Acrobat, I even got the message that he hadn't found any pages to print - very strange. My solution for this: import PDF into Photoshop and print from it. That went. :-)

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  1. Andi says:

    Is there a more precise diagnosis in the meantime? Recently I also had to struggle with a "broken" printer, which I could not get back to work. Somehow I had the impression the wear and tear on such devices is far too great - but they are also correspondingly cheap.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Andi! Sorry for the animal delay. The whole time I thought I'd test the network connection again before I write to you, because I haven't done that yet. But somehow something keeps me from doing it all the time! But now I have it on my Todo or ToTest list and I will write again in the article what came out of it! But the Samsung printer is definitely not prone to wear and tear. It still has the look and design of the good old laser printers that don't rattle and wobble everywhere. :)

      • Andi says:

        Yes, I know that well, with certain things something always comes up;) Of course, it's a shame about a good device that would not be so susceptible to wear, but still quit the service.

  2. R says:

    Wow thanks. My dumb Samsung did the same thing. I opened it in InDesign and it worked without any problems. Nevertheless, it is displayed offline.

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