Royalty-free fonts for the Mac for commercial and private use: Ultimate Font Download

UltimateFontDownload - Screenshot fonts A

Today I was looking for fonts that I can use license-free on the Mac under OS X, for example to create graphics for my blog. The term "license-free" is a bit wrong in this context, because you get a license to use it because the fonts are not free. So it should really be "commercially usable fonts at an affordable price" - but no one is looking for that, hence the headline that can now be found above. ;-)

But now to my font search: Since I want to use the fonts not only for private use but also "for business", I looked directly for fonts for commercial use.

Ultimate Font Download - interesting collection of fonts

When doing a Google search, I got to the website relatively quickly came across, which offers a quite extensive font collection (compatible with Windows and Mac OS X). And when you buy the font bundle, you also get permission to use these fonts for commercial projects. There are a total of 10.000 fonts in the collection. There are no doubt some fonts that I will probably never use, but some good ones are also included.

Font Bundle: 10.000 fonts for $ 20

The bundle is priced at just under USD 20. From my point of view, this is a bargain if you only use five to ten of the 10.000 fonts in practice. But what I saw when I looked through it for the first time already shows me that there is a lot more to it.

Here I have put together the screenshots of some fonts (selected fonts from A to C from the website):

UltimateFontDownload - Screenshot fonts A

A screenshot with some fonts beginning with the letter A (source:

UltimateFontDownload - Screenshot fonts B

A screenshot with some fonts beginning with the letter B (source:

UltimateFontDownload - Screenshot Fonts C

A screenshot with some fonts beginning with the letter C (source:

If you want to take a look at the font collection, you can have a look here:

Another tip for license-free fonts: Creative Market

Another good source for font bundles and font collections at "low prices" is the "Creative Market" portal. Graphic artists and font designers can post their works in this portal and offer them for sale via the website.

On the Creative Market website you can regularly find offers with many fonts at low prices.

On the website Creative Market you can find offers with many fonts at reasonable prices on a regular basis.

There is the "Fonts" section, where you can find bundles with 30 or more fonts that cost less than 30 USD. And in addition to the bundles, there are also individual fonts or font families, which are often very attractively designed and inexpensive. Those who like to look for new fonts because they are tired of their old "collection" can go on a bargain hunt here every now and then.

Compatibility: Use of new fonts in current software

Basically, all fonts (as well as those from UltimateFontDownload and those from Creative Market) can be used on Mac under OS X as well as under Windows. They then of course work in all programs such as the Adobe CC software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc.). Only umlauts are not available in some fonts. However, these can easily be recreated with two i-dots and and the required letters. You can install many fonts with the Mac Font Library utility read here.


Update: Bargains for little money - the Big Bundle on Creative Market 02/2016

If you decide quickly, the Creative Market is currently getting a bundle with a number of good fonts that bloggers can use. The total value is USD 1.174, but it is currently being offered for USD 39 - which can get you in a spending mood. Here continue to the Big Bundle from Creative Market.

February Big Bundle on Creative Market

The February Big Bundle on Creative Market also contains many beautiful fonts at bargain prices.

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