Readers question: Can you let YouTube music run in the background on the iPhone?

Are you using the YouTube app and want to quickly switch to another program to do other things there? Then of course the video stops. The question quickly arises: Can you let YouTube run in the background on the iPhone? - it came to me recently through a message from the reader. Therefore, I would like to give a detailed answer here for everyone who wants to listen to videos on iOS while the display is off or another app is showing. In addition to YouTube Premium, there is also a free option to play YouTube videos on the iPhone in the background;) 

Can you let YouTube run in the background on the iPhone? The answer to this question from the reader is a resounding yes. The ways to the goal are different.
Can you let YouTube run in the background on the iPhone? The answer to this question from the reader is a resounding yes. The ways to the goal are different.

Play YouTube in the background on your iPhone - and pay?

Google offers a subscription for its video and streaming platform called YouTube Premium which can also be purchased as an in-app purchase on the iPhone and iPad. This subscription has several advantages: no advertisements are displayed, videos can be downloaded for offline playback, and videos can also be played in the background. From a purely technical point of view, this can be done using the YouTube app; and free for the first month. However, the following months then cost € 11,99 each with a subscription. But if you don't want to switch off advertising or use YouTube offline, but only want to minimize a video, that's certainly too much for you. 

Here is all information about YouTube Premium: Info page of the platform. And here is a post about other payment functions of the platform: Great chat and membership in comparison.

Update 23.12.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX: Alternative: YouTube in the desktop version on the iPhone

Actually, I recommended an app here that did the work for you, but it is no longer available - probably because YouTube actively took action against it. But there is still a way to have YouTube music playing in the background. And it works like this:

  1. Open Safari on the iPhone
  2. Go to in the address line
  3. Find a YouTube video that you want to play
  4. Click on the “aA” icon in the Safari address bar
  5. Choose Request Desktop Page from the menu
  6. press play in the video

Now the video will play the music, but it will stop when you lock the iPhone. So that the music is still running again, you call it control center and press Start on the music playback widget. This should keep the music from YouTube running in the background.

Unfortunately, there is a small limitation in this way: When the video ends, the next video in the playlist does not begin. You have to unlock your iPhone again and start the next video in Safari.

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Conclusion: let YouTube music play in the background on the smartphone

To run YouTube videos when you minimize the iOS program or turn off the screen of your smartphone or tablet, there are currently only two options. You can either book an expensive premium package, which, among other advantages, enables background playback, or you can use Safari and the desktop version of the YouTube site. This is always sufficient for music, podcasts and the like. Do you still have tips and tricks on the subject? Then leave a comment;)

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4 Responses to "Reader question: Can YouTube music be played in the background on iPhone?"

  1. Hey,
    The app mentioned in the article is no longer available in the AppStore under the link provided.
    The new link is as follows:

    [also removed from the App Store]


    1. Hello Oliver! The app you mentioned is a different one, but it is called the same. But you can see that there are different developers. It is possible that the app has just been submitted to the App Store and is therefore not available for a few days. But thank you for your hint.

    1. Hello Sören! Thanks for your comment. I once adjusted the article. The app no ​​longer existed, but there is now a new way of using Safari on the iPhone. I hope this helps you (see above!).

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