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If you have a broken Apple Mac that needs to be repaired, then you can contact the Sadaghian company from Hamburg. Founded in 2015 by Arash Sadaghian, the company offers free checks and free shipping. In addition, the repair is comparatively cheap - and even possible for old models that official Apple support or other workshops no longer repair. So do you want to spruce up your old Mac or do you need a quick repair of your current iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini or the like for your home office? Then you can take a look at the offer ;)

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Sadaghian in Hamburg offers free shipping, free checks and cheap repairs. Instead of a complete replacement, the fault is localized here and the individual components are repaired - including a guarantee!
Sadaghian in Hamburg offers free shipping, free checks and cheap repairs. Instead of a complete replacement, the fault is localized here and the individual components are repaired - including a guarantee!

Sadaghian - Mac Repairs Backed by a 12 Month Warranty

The Sadaghian company is based in Hamburg and offers Mac repairs with pretty good service and a good price. On the one hand, the entire shipping there and back is free of charge. On the other hand, even checking the Mac is free and you can still decide afterwards whether the price for the repair is okay or whether you want to get the Mac back in a "broken" state. 

Many other repair services already charge several euros for the check. In addition, the repairs from Sadaghian are usually cheaper than from Apple, since Apple likes to replace complete modules, while Sadaghian swaps the individual elements. There is also a one-year guarantee on repairs to iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and Co.

Update 12.05.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX: Feedback from a reader about the repair

Today I got feedback on Sadaghian from my reader Thorsten. He recently wrote to me about a USB port on his MacBook Pro that stopped working. Since I was at the end of my software tips, I recommended that he send the MacBook Pro 15 inch to Sadaghian for analysis free of charge.

There a defect in the LogicBoard and problems with the keyboard were discovered. Instead of an exchange, which would normally have cost 700 euros with LogicBoard, everything was repaired for 180 euros. My reader was of course happy that he was back at a full

Excerpt from my reader's invoice: 180 euros for the repair of the LogicBoard and keyboard is a good price.
Excerpt from my reader's invoice: 180 euros for the repair of the LogicBoard and keyboard is a good price.

has a working Mac and wrote to me about his positive experiences with Sadaghian.


Repair examples on the Apple MacBook Pro: logic board and keyboard

In the event of a faulty logic board, Apple will (to my knowledge) replace the entire top case with keyboard, battery and logic board in current MacBook Pro models, which leads to extremely high repair costs. A defect in the logic board is therefore often equated with an economic total loss of the Mac or MacBook. Sadaghian takes a different approach and locates the error in the logic board. In the end, only the faulty component is replaced and not the entire top case - this not only saves money, but also electronic scrap.

I asked Sadaghian for a very specific example for this post. When I asked about the repair of a keyboard, i.e. the keyboard, of a current Apple MacBook Pro, I got the answer that it would cost a total of around 160 euros. Definitely a value that you should keep in mind, as problems often arise with the butterfly keyboards that have been installed in recent years. If your MacBook with keyboards does not (anymore) fall into the free exchange program from Apple, you should contact Sadaghian.

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Small interview with a Sadaghian employee

I didn't just want to introduce you to the Mac repair service from Hamburg with a company portrait and a simple example of an inquiry. So I sent a few questions and got the following answers. Perhaps you will get the information from it that you need because of a defective Mac.

Sir Applerot: If a customer returns a Mac and it cannot be repaired or the repair cost is too high, do they have to pay for shipping and / or a fee to have the computer examined?
Sadagian: No, shipping in both directions is always free. And if the customer doesn't choose to have the repair carried out, that's totally fine. The analysis is always free of charge. So yes, customers get free shipping and free analysis, always. It is never a problem if you don't want to receive the repair. We are confident that the next time they have a problem, they will think of us first.

Some people have an old MacBook that is broken but they want to access the hard drive. Can you remove the hard drive and send it back? A hard drive housing could then be used to read it out as an external hard drive on the new Mac and to save personal data.
Yes, we've done this several times over the years. Here at Sadaghian, we can take the hard drive out and put it in a hard drive case. We can also do a free check to see what is wrong with the Mac. After that, of course, it is up to the customer to decide whether a repair should be carried out. Some even leave their devices with us for a few weeks or months while they wait for the next salary.

Sir Applerot: The keyboard in some MacBooks does not work. But as far as I know, you can't just swap out the keyboard on these MacBook models. Can you help here too?
Sadagian: We can repair and / or replace all keyboards!

Sir Applerot: Some users worry about their personal information on their Mac when they send it in for repair. If the Mac won't boot, you won't be able to erase the hard drive beforehand. I guess you can see the personal information but you can't access it, right?
Sadagian: The customer must agree to the GDPR ["General Data Protection Regulation", or DSGVO for "General Data Protection Regulation"] in our DHL form. This allows us to manage your data. Nevertheless, we do not call them up or look at them. Our repair room is open, our technicians are real hamburgers who believe in data protection. Arash and other employees are also almost always present. So that's never been a problem with Sadaghian.

Sir Applerot: If a Mac is fixed, can you check it without the admin password? That's the problem with the 2018 models with the T2 chip and newer Macs. With earlier models, a network test could also be made, for which no admin password is required.
Sadagian: This is the problem with the T2 models from 2018 onwards. We can use the network test for all earlier models and do not need the users' admin password.

Mac Repair and Sadaghian Summary

The company Sadaghian from Hamburg not only has 5 years of experience with checking and repairing Macs, but also makes a good impression. From free shipping to storing the Macs to be repaired until the customer can pay, everything is included. A great service and also a great approach - because instead of going a simple way with the exchange of complete modules, a real check is carried out at Sadaghian to track down the underlying problem. In this way, the fault can be localized and the individual components can be replaced. And the very best: With the discount code that has already been mentioned twice, you can secure yourself a savings offer;)

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