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The Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 has established itself in the world of smartphones as the "egg-laying woolly milk pig". The successor - the Samsung Galaxy S4 - is in the door and will trump the predecessor in many ways. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S III is very popular with customers and will still often go over the counter.

The operating instructions for the Samsung smartphone can be found on the manufacturer's website, among other places. It is stored there as an English and German PDF and can be downloaded by customers. The links to the PDFs can be found directly at Samsung.

Book tip: The practical book for the Samsung Galaxy S3 / S3 mini

Anyone who finds manuals always too boring and prefers to read tips and tricks that are well illustrated and actually make everyday life with the smartphone more beautiful is at home with the "Practice book"Well served by Rainer Gievers. This is also available in the Socket for the Galaxy S3 mini.

The practice book Samsung Galaxy S3
Here you can find real practical tips that make the operation of the Samsung Galaxy S III i9300 easier. The customer ratings of almost consistently 5 stars show what you can expect.




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