Amazon Prime and Amazon Video content can now also be saved on an SD card

Amazon Video content on memory card

Streaming offers are probably the best thing that has happened to film and series fans after hard disk receivers in recent years and decades. To be honest, I don't have "normal TV" anymore and only use Amazon Prime Video to watch films - and I enjoy the time without the TV nonsense of the private channels. ;-)

But back to the topic: After the excitement about illegal streaming platforms was great and solutions had to be found, Netflix, Amazon Video and the like came onto the market. But simple streaming is not enough for many users. If possible, it should also be possible to save the films for offline use. Now that this has also been realized, Amazon is now going one step further with its streaming offer: Films, series and similar content can now be stored on a memory card be filed.

Amazon Video App allows content to be stored on memory cards

Admittedly, Apple devices have no expandable memory and are therefore largely excluded from the new option. But if you have a second device with the other major operating system in addition to iOS, you can use it for films and series. This effectively relieves the internal memory. This ability to store multimedia content was previously a privilege only granted to users of Amazon's own tablets.

Amazon Video content on memory card
Amazon video content can now also be saved on the SD card, image source: Amazon; Image montage: Johannes Domke.

The storage of Amazon Prime content on the device memory was also released for iOS in autumn 2015. When downloading, the storage space can be largely influenced by the selected quality. Because films and series can be in the gradations great, Together and optimally be filed.

Content is only available for 48 hours

If you load a film, a series episode or other content onto your device or onto the memory card, you then have 48 hours in offline mode to view this content. You can easily avoid this sometimes very tight time window if you reconnect the device to the Internet within these two days.

Another restriction still applies: the multimedia content can only be viewed as long as it is available in the Amazon Prime range. If a video is removed from the offer, you can no longer watch the downloaded version.

Disadvantage for “binge watchers”: No series seasons downloadable

If you want to prepare a series marathon for the weekend, it can cost you some time - even with the new option of storing videos on memory cards. Because it is still not possible to store entire series or at least their seasons for offline use. So you have to select and save each episode individually. This can take some time.

In addition to patience, it is also important to bring a download strategy with you: Because there is a queue function in the Amazon video App, but this can sometimes lead to download errors. Putting whole seasons or even whole series in the queue is therefore not really recommended.

Download Amazon Video 3.6 for iOS

You will of course find the clear and well-rated app in the App Store. Version 3.6 is available here at the time this article went to press. The user tunfox says: "I really like using the app, linked to my Prime account I have the full range of functions. In addition to the very good structuring, I really like watching videos offline, which was implemented very well. What fascinates me most is the “battery not consumption” while watching videos. My battery level drops by about 4% when watching videos online for an hour on my iPad Air consumption. I find that worth seeing."

Have you had any experience with the app? Leave a comment on it! :)


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