Search engine optimization: SEO in the blog as a factor for its success

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SEO is important for every website and every blog that is to be found by search engines - primarily Google. Depending on the content and offer of the page, the Search Engine optimization fail. Due to the experiences on this as well as with some other pages, I can give you some tips here if you start a website or click on it first page of Google search results want to bring. I also looked for further literature for you.

Search engine optimization with WordPress and plug-ins

I can only recommend you guys for building your site WordPress to use. This is not just one of the most widely used tools for websites and blogs in the world. There are also countless plug-ins and other helpful content that will help you optimize your project - without influencing your content too much.

yoast seo plugin wordpress download
The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress is a very good tool for the search engine optimization of your website or blog. Image source: klick

That would be an example Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPresswhich also for is used. In this plugin you simply enter the keyword that is for the article and thus also for Google most important is. Then you will be shown the optimization for search engine queries with red, orange and green. Red and orange are used for possible improvements. If a point (keyword density, use of the word in headings, total number of words, ...) is correct, then the point in front of it turns green.

And this is how the Yoast SEO plugin looks, for example for this article out:

search engine optimization yoast seo wordpress
Well done: Yoast SEO says my last article looks good from an optimization for Google. (Click to enlarge)

For comparison, the notes for an empty post:

search engine optimization yoast seo wordpress empty
There is still a lot to do: Of course, an empty document does not result in green dots. (Click to enlarge)

Blog Boosting: Robert Weller and Michael Firnkes help with SEO

Content, marketing, design and SEO - these are the points the book should aim for Blog boosting by Robert Weller and Michael Firnkes help. I think the book is highly recommended because it explains what blogging is all about from the ground up. In addition to the basic rules of blogging, special cases such as corporate blogs (company blogs) and affiliate blogs (blogs for the description of a commercial offer and the corresponding link formation) are shown.

Blog Boosting by Robert Weller and Michael Firnke's book about search engine optimization
Blog Boosting by Robert Weller and Michael Firnkes - this book about search engine optimization will definitely help you; Image source: klick

There are also in the book Comments on measuring success and monetizing your blogs - so that they throw away some pocket money if possible. In addition to design and concept, the most important element is also addressed: the content, i.e. your content. “Content is King”, is how they say so beautifully and that's why you should keep it fresh and new; for example with interviews or exclusive reports.

What the two authors of Blog boosting still advise in their work, you can find out here.

More information on SEO, WDF * IDF, etc.

If you are into search engine optimization, then you have probably already come across the weird character string WDF * IDF seen. WDF denotes the weighting of a word within your text (WithinDoccupation Frequency), where IDF describes the inverse document frequency (Ireverse Doccupation Frequency); thus also includes external content with the keyword. WDF * IDF has become particularly important due to the adjustments made by Google, which make the so-called "keyword stuffing" inadequate for SEO.

suchhelden seo agency offer blog
The search heroes' offers include services for paying customers, but also free information on the main page and in the blog; Image source:

You will get even more information in addition to the book described above at the search heroes. The boys and girls not only offer extensive services for pages and blogs, but also plenty of information for anyone who wants to read up on search engine optimization. In the in-house blog there is information about Google, tips for your own website and much more.

I wish you all the best!

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