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iPhones and iPads have become important helpers in our everyday lives due to their diverse functions. We can use real money on the Internet or pay with SMS, dictate emails, monitor our calories burned while working out at the gym, or watch the latest episode of our favorite series on Apple mobile devices. In addition to these obvious ones, there are one or two far less well-known functions and that is exactly what this guide is about. We want to help you get to know a completely new side of your Apple mobile device.


These secret innovations were introduced with iOS 17

In September of every year, Apple presents us with its new products. The new models of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch are particularly popular with the Keynote eagerly awaited. Unfortunately, the new operating system usually falls behind a bit.

This is a shame, especially in 2023, because iOS 17 brought with it numerous new and extremely fascinating features. Some of these are even quite secret, as they are mentioned but largely unknown among users. Eight of these new functions are particularly useful, which is why we don't want to withhold them from you.

ios 17 qr codes
If the camera app automatically scans a QR code, a link within it will be displayed at the bottom of the iPhone.

1. The QR code scanner and its link area

Scanning a QR code has long been a difficult task for iPhone or iPad owners. Years ago, external apps had to be used for this, while Apple later introduced a type of notification that appeared at the top of the screen.

When the scanning function was finally integrated into the camera app, users breathed a sigh of relief. However, the joy was short-lived because when the camera was moved, the scanning function moved with it. So you literally had to chase the code. This is now over once and for all, as the scan notification now appears at the bottom of the screen, directly above the camera's capture button.

ios 17 stickers
The option to convert any elements from your photos into stickers will make communication much more colorful.

2. Convert photos into stickers

An extremely practical and visually incredibly fascinating “secret function” is creating a sticker. With iOS 17, you can "crop" a person or a common object, such as an object, from a photo and then paste him, it or her into a messenger app, for example. To do this, simply open a photo and tap on the person or object. Hold your finger on it for a few seconds and the object will be “cut out”.

3. You can turn your iPhone into an alarm clock

This secret function is probably not so secret anymore. After all, in advance of the presentation of iOS 17 The first rumors are that the iPhone will have a kind of night mode. That's exactly how it happened and the night mode even got its own name, bedside table mode.

However, what few people knew is that the mode is activated automatically. But only if the iPhone is lying vertically and charging. A clock and other information will now appear on the display.

iOS 17 alarm clock
In iOS 17, the iPhone detects when it is placed in landscape format and then displays an alarm clock screen.

4. AirDrop can also be used in another way

No question, AirDrop is incredibly practical. It allows us to move files back and forth between our devices. We don't have to laboriously use the cloud or a messenger service to do this. We can send photos from an iMac to an iPhone using the share function via AirDrop. However, sharing files between two Apple mobile devices just got easier. All you have to do is place the devices close to each other and they will automatically connect.

5. From now on, voice messages will also be displayed in text form

The voice message function is particularly helpful when things have to be done quickly and there is no time to type a message. An incredibly practical function for the sender as it saves him or her time. For the recipient, however, a voice message can represent sheer horror. What if you can't hear right now? With iOS 17, this problem is a thing of the past, because from now on, voice messages received will be automatically transcribed and displayed in text form.

Exchanging contact details has never been easier than with iOS 17 - simply plug both iPhones together and the transfer can start.

6. Transfer contact details without tedious typing

Who doesn't know it: you met someone in everyday life and now you want to exchange contact details such as their telephone number? After opening the phone app, typing starts. Name and cell phone number must be entered and checked for accuracy. You can now save yourself this absolutely annoying process thanks to a brand new secret function called NameDrop. As soon as two iPhones or iPads are held close to each other, a menu appears asking whether the phone number or email address should be exchanged.

7. FaceTime got an answering machine

Apple is coming up with a lot of ideas to get by Android Mobile for example when logging in or surfing the Internet. FaceTime is one of those special quirks of Apple mobile devices. FaceTime itself is not a novelty, but there is something that is new. If you call someone via FaceTime and they don't answer your call, you can leave him or her a message. With this function you have the option of recording either a voice message or even a video.

With iOS 17, you can record video and audio to show to the caller when you can't answer the phone.

8. Artificial intelligence improves autocorrection

Autocorrection is either a tool that you no longer want to be without or you would prefer to deactivate it completely. There feels like nothing in between. It undoubtedly drives us crazy on a regular basis, but that will soon be over. The reason for this is a secret function that the user is not aware of. Apple has provided autocorrection with an artificial intelligence that not only learns, but also finally recognizes swear words as such.

ios 17 widgets
Widgets have become much more versatile and can be used for more everyday purposes.

Secret or not, these features definitely make life easier

Some of these new features are more useful, others less. Each user must decide on this in their individual case. However, there is no question that Apple has introduced some first-class innovations with iOS 17. Some finally eliminate annoying problems, while others simply make life easier. If you would like to know more about the new functions, we recommend that you try them out in everyday life. What is undisputed, however, is that you can get more out of your Apple device thanks to the new functions.

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