Security software for the Mac - these programs convince in the test

Security programs antivirus
Security programs antivirus

Security programs from well-known manufacturers help against worms, Trojans, phishing and other attacks on your computer security (Photo: © maxkabakov -

The topic of antivirus software has traditionally met with little interest in the Mac user community, as the operating system, due to its design, offers significantly less attack surface for viruses, Trojans and the like than conventional Windows PCs. Another argument among users against additional security software are the Gatekeeper and Sandbox programs preinstalled by Apple, whose protective function has proven to be completely sufficient in the past. But with the growing popularity of the Mac and the increasing number of users, the attractiveness for attacks with malware is also increased. As early as 2012, the Flashback Trojan took advantage of Mac users' naivety towards external security software to spread to over 700.000 Macs. Incidents like this show that the issue of security is now playing a new role with the Mac and that private users as well as companies should protect themselves from dangers accordingly.

Overview of antivirus programs - the right choice

The increasing problem has brought numerous developers of antivirus software onto the scene, who are now also offering a range of programs for the Mac analogous to their PC products. The question now arises as to whether the developers have succeeded in effectively transferring the properties of their renowned products to the Mac operating system and ensuring effective protection. Since the large number of offers on the market does not make an overview easier, it is advisable to take a look at the current test results. In this way, it quickly becomes clear which software package makes sense and meets the requirements of extensive protection.

The top priority when evaluating antivirus software is of course the security functions and the scope of protection. The focus is on the detection of potential malware and the quality of the removal. The effectiveness of special additional functions such as cloud protection or protection against phishing and tracking activities are also decisive for the placement. Furthermore, the points of performance, usability and support are included as subordinate evaluation criteria in the overall assessment.

Top candidate: Kaspersky for the Mac

The editors of net winner the product Internet Security for Mac from the Russian software company Kaspersky. The program convinces with a complete security spectrum as well as a tidy user interface, which is strongly based on the functions of the Mac OS. In addition to the elementary protective functions against all phishing and hacker attacks, the product also offers a number of useful additional functions such as a tool to protect against data theft. The product from [Kaspersky-> kaspersky] has to accept a minimal loss in the final rating due to performance difficulties on older Macs.

Intego Mac Security - expandable to Windows

The one specially developed for Macintosh lands in second place in the overall ranking Intego Mac Secruity 2013, which can be expanded with a Windows scanner if required. In particular, the ease of use and the performance-saving design make the Intego security program an absolute customer favorite. In the editorial team's test, however, it was only enough for second place due to the limited range of functions compared to competing products.

Bitdefender: antivirus without parental controls and backup

The bronze medal in the test went to Bitdefender's Antivirus for Mac. Just like the Intego product, the product from the Romanian software company Bitdefender also stands out for its integrated protection function for Windows, which is only available for a small surcharge. On the other hand, the lack of additional features such as child safety or a back-up function has a negative impact.

Shared 4th place: Norton Antivirus and F-Secure for Mac

Fourth place is Norton Antivirus 12 for Mac, closely followed by F-Secure ANTI VIRUS for Mac. Both programs offer a comparable security package, which is reduced to essential aspects but nevertheless reliably covers all essential functions.


In summary, one can still argue about the need for additional security software on Mac computers, since the number of dangerous viruses is currently at a minimal level. Nevertheless, the increasing number of users will inevitably lead to an increase in malware especially for Macs. For this reason, the justification for the Mac security programs is certainly given and users who work in parallel with Macs and Windows PCs already benefit from the presence of security software on the Mac.



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