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Hearing protection in the form of earplugs and over-ear attachments are simply essential in many noisy environments. However, most conventional noise protection aids made of foam or wadding are only good for working on loud machines or for sleeping on the campsite. As hearing protection for festivals or other events where you still want to hear something of the music and friends acoustically, they are more of a hindrance. The hearing protection from Senner Music works differently - the various plugs for the ears filter noise, background noises and the like while they make the music sound good.

With the MusicPro earplugs, Senner Music from Leipzig offers a way to enjoy music while eliminating harmful noise.

With the MusicPro earplugs, Senner Music from Leipzig offers a way to enjoy music while eliminating harmful noise.

Senner Music from Leipzig

Senner Music (or Senner for short) is a company from Leipzig that wants to revolutionize hearing. The individual earplugs should be used especially at concerts, festivals, band rehearsals or in clubs. Instead of just turning every sound into a dull hum like conventional ear plugs, the Senner Ear Plugs use the so-called SennerAcousticPro membrane. According to the company, this filters harmful noises and does not affect the sound quality of the music being played. Whether on or in front of the stage - with the Senner hearing protection, hearing on a new level should be possible.

Senner Ear Plugs: Product Features

The hearing protection made from German raw materials consists of a hypoallergenic material that health-conscious users can also use. Due to the flexible design of the earplugs, they adapt to the ear canal just as well as the corresponding ones In ear headphones. In addition, they can be inserted into the ear as almost invisible protection on the one hand, and on the other hand simply removed again due to the attached pull tab. According to Senner Music, these products are “quality that you can see and hear” with the following features:

  • Preserves the sound quality of the music
  • Almost invisible with a flexible fit
  • Optimal protection for your hearing
  • Hypoallergenic material for more comfort

Different models available

Although Senner's focus is primarily on the music-loving target group, the company's range includes the Senner MusicPro and PartyPro models as well as the Senner WorkPro and Senner SleepPro products. There are also other versions for more or less noise (StrongPro, TravelPro, etc.) as well as special earplugs for women with the WomenPro and those for motorcyclists / motor sports enthusiasts with the MotoPro. Hearing protection for children is represented by the Senner KidsPro (in-ear plugs) and the Senner KidsPro for babies and children (over-ear shells from 6 months). The entire range can be found on this Amazon page. Here are three representatives of the product range in detail:

Senner MusicPro Soft hearing protection
Two Senner MusicPro in-ear plugs with pull tab and hearing protection for music lovers. Product made from hypoallergenic plastic. Including aluminum container for the key fob or belt loop.
Senner SleepPro hearing protection
Thanks to SennerAcousticPro membrane filters, allows important noises, e.g. from the alarm clock, to pass through. Noise is blocked, however, and dull, humming noises no longer interfere with sleep. Also including aluminum container.
Senner WomanPro hearing protection
These in-ear plugs are also designed for concerts, festivals and the club; however, they are aimed at the smaller or narrower ear canals of women. This improves the wearing comfort even more. Transport is also made easier by an aluminum case.

The goal: 100% satisfaction

Senner Music from Leipzig has an ambitious goal, namely 100 percent customer satisfaction. Hence the call on the company website

Our vision is to provide the best hearing protection for all situations, your ears are just as important to us as ours! We try to listen very carefully to what our customers want, which is why your feedback is particularly important to us!
Write us an email at any time if you have any questions about our product or suggestions!

On Amazon, the ratings by customers are on average already in the very high range. I think that through the further development of the individual products based on the respective customer feedback, almost all-round satisfaction can certainly be achieved. The market is big, there are many music lovers and everyone's health is important to everyone.



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