SEO consultant in North Hesse

SEO consulting in North Hesse
SEO consulting in North Hesse
We offer SEO consulting not only in North Hesse but also throughout Germany.

This blog is a kind of hobby that I maintain alongside my freelance work as an SEO consultant. I like to work on [Apple Macintosh computers-> apple-macintosh] and am also provided with iPhone and iPad on the go - that's why it is a point of honor for me to look after the blog here as Sir Apfelot. And of course I also take care of the search engine optimization on this blog - both in terms of [onpage optimization-> onpage optimization] and in terms of [link building-> link building].

Competent SEO advice also outside of Hessen

Even though our company headquarters are in Neuental-Gilsa near Borken in Hesse, we still have most of our customers outside the borders of our state. We support medium-sized companies from Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Hanover, Göttingen, Halle, Darmstadt, Aschaffenburg, Flensburg, Kiel and other German cities. The distance does not play a major role for competent advice, because very good analysis results can be visualized and discussed with the customer by phone, Skype and with screen sharing and Google Docs.

White Hat SEO: clean link building without the risk of penalties

The Google updates in recent years show a very clear direction in which it will also go in the future: websites with "cheap links" and thematically unsuitable link sources are graded and even penalized in the case of a suspicious link profile. On the other hand, the website operators who work with high-quality links and good content are rewarded. We take care of both the content and premium backlinks that come from blogs and websites directly related to the topic of the client's website. With this technique - also known as "[White Hat SEO->white-hat-seo]" in professional circles - we also avoid penalties from future Google updates, because with the customer websites we offer what Google is looking for: A good user experience for the customer Visitors and informative content worth reading.

Free initial consultation - start with SEO now!

If you are looking for advice on search engine optimization for your website, please contact us. We are happy to take a look at your website and give you feedback on whether and how we can help you. The request is non-binding and free of charge!

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My tips & tricks about technology & Apple

Did you like the article and did the instructions on the blog help you? Then I would be happy if you the blog via a Steady Membership would support.

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