Set iPhone reminders to enter or exit a location

On the Apple iPhone you can use the Reminders app to be reminded of things under certain preset circumstances. For example, you can set each notification for a specific date and even for an exact time. Locations can also be set - but not only to link them to the date and time, but also to issue reminders on arrival or departure. You can set a reminder to “go shopping” when you leave work or “call contact xyz” when you arrive at home so that you don’t forget anything. Here I show you how it works.

If you want to be reminded of something based on location, you can use the reminders on the iPhone and have individual entries triggered when you enter or leave a location.
If you want to be reminded of something based on location, you can use the reminders on the iPhone and have individual entries triggered when you enter or leave a location.

Set iPhone reminder upon arrival or departure

Setting reminders for arriving at a certain location or leaving an area is actually pretty easy. And once you've made the settings, it's easy to do when you set it up again. To set up a location-based iPhone reminder, simply follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Selects a list (or creates one to select)
  2. Create a new reminder in the list and give it a title
  3. Tap the circled "i" to the right of the new reminder
  4. Now activate the "Location" slider and select the location or an address below
  5. Then tap the circled "i" underneath
  6. You can then select a location again or search for an address
  7. Once you have set a location, a map will appear below
  8. Select "Arrival" or "On Departure" above the map
  9. With the dot on the blue circle on the map you can increase and decrease the radius
  10. If you tap on "Details" in the top left and the arrow back, you get back to the list with the reminder, which now shows the note that has been set

The addresses and maps are of course displayed normally when used. I pixelated them on the screenshots just for privacy. As you can see, "Arrival" or "On Departure" can be selected above the map. Correspondingly, the circle is drawn around an area colored blue (arriving in the colored region) or the area around the circle colored blue (leaving the place and entering the colored region). 

Allow the Reminders app to get the location

Of course, the whole thing only works if the Reminders app on the iPhone knows the current location. You can see whether this is the case in the settings of your Apple smartphone. To turn on the location service for the memories, follow these steps:

  1. Opens the Settings on your Apple iPhone
  2. Choose from the list Privacy from
  3. Then you type there Location services an
  4. Enable location services and tap in the app list Memories an
  5. Tap a dot under "Never" (depending on your preference) and enable the "Precise location" slider

Now the Reminders app can access your location. By activating "Precise location" the arrival or departure from a specified location is also registered. This means that the reminder appears at the right time and not too early or too late. Do you have any comments on the topic or a tip for using location-based reminders on the Apple iPhone? Then please leave a comment!

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5 thoughts on “Set iPhone reminders to enter or exit a location”

  1. Thanks for the information. Yes, sometimes that's what you want. But then you forget what the devices can do.
    theoretical Shouldn't this also work with other apps as a reminder?

    1. Hello Lutz,

      I think I don't quite understand what you mean. Do you want a specific app to open when you arrive and leave a place?

      You can do this using the shortcuts. In the Shortcuts app, go to the middle "Automation" tab at the bottom, add a new one using the plus (+) button in the top right, select "Create a personal automation", then tap "Arrival" or "Exit". After selecting the location (and possibly a time period) tap on “Next” in the top right corner. Then you can select "Open App" and in the following field in front of "Open" tap on "App" to select the desired program. In the next window you can check and save the whole thing.

      Best regards

  2. Christooh Haumann

    Hi John,
    I have iOS 17.4 on it and the option to select a location is completely missing. There is only date and time... The data protection settings are OK, I have already deactivated and reactivated everything. Do you have any idea?
    Greetings Christopher

    1. Hello Christopher,

      Unfortunately I can't tell you why the location is missing as a trigger. Actually, in addition to the date and time, there should also be the location and other triggers. But I'll see if I can find something about it - maybe it's a bug that can only be solved in a certain way.

      Can you tell me which iPhone you use? Then you can do more targeted research.

      Best regards

  3. Christoph Haumann

    Hi Johannes,
    I use an iPhone 12
    Mini. I've been googling like crazy, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything :). I would be very happy if you were more successful...
    VG Christopher

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