Set up Apple HomePod as a speaker for Apple TV

An Apple HomePod will soon arrive not only at the Apfelot house, but also for some of you. If you also want to use this as a speaker for the Apple TV to avoid the bad sound of the TV, this is the right place for you. In the following I have instructions for you with which you can couple the Siri speaker from Cupertino with the corresponding television solution, so that TV channels, films, series, documentaries and music as well as streams from iTunes, The Amazon and Netflix sound good again;)

Pair the HomePod with the Apple TV to use it as a speaker and alternative to TV sound? Here I'll show you how to do it!

Pair the HomePod with the Apple TV to use it as a speaker and alternative to TV sound? Here I'll show you how to do it!

Pairing HomePod with Apple TV: Here's how!

The Apple HomePod is not only a Siri, but also an AirPlay speaker. Like other speakers compatible with this technology, the HomePod can also be coupled with the Apple TV. To do this, the set-top box must be connected to the television. Turn it on and navigate through the menu as follows:

  1. Video and audio Call up settings
  2. There the menu Audio output choose
  3. Select the active HomePod and set it as the stream target

At the same time as the HomePod, you can also couple other speakers to the Apple TV; for example when you go to the kitchen to get snacks. Then you don't have to press pause, but can follow the plot of the film or series - at least aurally - in another room.

Information about tvOS 12: Presentation at the WWDC18 keynote 

Pro tip: It can of course also be faster

You don't necessarily have to go through the Apple TV settings to set up the HomePod as audio output. If you are more impatient, simply hold down the play button on the home screen and get to the audio output menu a little faster;)

Set up stereo sound with two HomePods

The ability to choose multiple speakers with the television solution Cupertino to connect, of course, also ensures that you can conjure up stereo sound to the left and right of the television. Two identical speakers should be used for this in order to produce a balanced sound. So if you want to use a HomePod to watch TV, you should also use a second Siri speaker for the stereo experience. Under Settings -> Sound, however, "Stereo" must also be set, otherwise you will not get a good sound ;)


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  1. Erwin Schneider says:

    I have an older Samsung TV and would like to hear the very ordinary TV program on the HomePod ... can't do that ... if I leave HDMI CEC, it disconnects the Anynet and I continue to hear the last piece of music played, but not the sound of the TV channel. What did I miss

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Erwin! Unfortunately, there are too many components in the question that I have no idea about. : D But maybe another reader has an idea where it hangs. LG!

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