Instructions: Connect the Fritz! Repeater 1750E to the Fritz! Box using the WPS button

Fritz.Box 7490 WPS button

I admit: Sometimes I "abuse" my blog to save instructions or information that I would otherwise simply not find again. For example, I have just searched for 10 minutes until I found out how I can connect the Fritz! Repeater (I have the 1750E model) to my Fritz! Box by pressing the WPS button. You can also use a LAN cable and browser, but why cumbersome when it just works.

Fritz! Box 7490 WPS button

With the WPS button, setting up the AVM Fritz! Repeater is extremely easy and takes just one minute and the push of a button twice (Photos: Sir Apfelot).

For this reason, here are brief instructions on which steps are necessary. I finally found it too auf dieser seite, which I only got to after trying out various Google searches. :-)

Instructions: Setup of the AVM Fritz! Repeater via WPS

  1. To set up, plug the repeater into a socket near the FRITZ! Box.
  2. Press the WPS button on the repeater and hold it down for approx. 6 seconds until the WLAN LED flashes.
  3. Activate the WPS function of the FRITZ! Box within two minutes. The procedure depends on how the button is labeled:
  4. For a FRITZ! Box with a WPS or WLAN / WPS button:
    1. Press the WPS or WLAN / WPS button and hold it down until the WLAN LED flashes.
  5. With a FRITZ! Box without a WPS button:
    1. Press and hold the WiFi button until the WiFi LED flashes.
Fritz! Repeater 1750E display

The display of the Fritz! Repeater 1750E shows whether the WLAN connection to the Fritz! Box has been established. In the middle you will also find the WPS button.

After the last step, both the Fritz! Box and the repeater will flash funny, but after 10-20 seconds the LEDs should stop flashing and the WLAN LED should light up continuously. Now you can plug in the repeater at the point in the apartment where it should provide a permanent extension of the WLAN. It remembers the settings so that you only have to wait a few seconds for it to work again. If the original WLAN is too far away and it does not get a connection, the range LEDs flash. Just for info. :)

Fritz. Recommendation: Really good!

I can offer you the Fritz! Box 7490 (here at Amazon) and the Fritz! Repeater 1750E (here at Amazon) recommend by the way. The setup of the Fritz! Box is super easy compared to most other routers and the repeater ensures a strong WLAN, which then also supplies the balcony here 3 walls, on which there was otherwise not a single balcony.

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  1. lunoeva says:

    yes great sir thanks for the contribution.
    I also use the FB 7490 and try to increase the range.
    I still have 2 speed ports rolling around: the newer W723V and the W920V (which can be controlled with AVM software) and since I don't like to throw away, I tried to set up one of the speed ports as a repeater. But I didn't succeed. Is that even possible?

    Best Regards

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Lunoeva!

      It's a good idea, but I'm not sure if you can. I know that you can configure an old Fritz! Box as a repeater so that it extends the WLAN of another Fritz! Box. I don't know whether this is the case with the forwarding agent. In any case, there is one at CHIP Instructionshow to configure a W701v as a repeater. The way described there goes over the admin menu of the speed haven, then over “start configuration” and there there should be in the option “network” the choice of “repeater”. There you can then enter the MAC address of the main router whose network is to be expanded. See if you can find that!

  2. Sonemuolak says:

    I have connected a Fritz Box 6360 to my Fritz Box 4040 Cable as a router and repeater. From here on to a D-Link Switsher with 8 network connections. There are 4 PCs on the Switsher, all of which can access the Internet via LAN in the home network. All 4 PCs can communicate with each other and print on a color laser. With a small intervention in the Fritzbox 4040 I put 2 external antenna connections and connected two strong antennas which increase the range. There is no need to tinker with the housing. So you can bring everything back to its original state. With the additional antennas I can bridge floors.

    • sir appleot says:

      Sounds like an exciting tinkering. But I thought I had heard that changing the transmission part of a WLAN router would result in the loss of the Federal Network Agency's approval. You can certainly argue about sense and nonsense, but if you get caught, it can certainly tear a small hole in your postage.

  3. Rene Rhinow says:

    I was able to establish the connection from my Macbook to the repeater, but it asks for a password when using it. But I haven't received one! The attempt to enter the router's WiFi password failed.

  4. Martin says:

    Thank you for the simple and clear explanation. Does 1A work?

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