Shellbot vacuum and floor mopping robot with a 200 euro discount at Amazon (sponsor)

At Amazon you can currently get a very good deal for Shellbot's AI vacuum robot. The robot can not only vacuum at 4.000 Pa, it can also wipe at the same time. And with the coupon on the product page, for which you just have to tick a box, you get a discount of 200 euros. This means that the Shellbot vacuum and floor mopping robot no longer costs €459,99, but only €259,99. As a Prime member, you also benefit from free premium shipping. Curious? This link takes you directly to the product page with further data, pictures and the purchase option.

Vacuum and floor mopping robot with app, voice assistant and 5.200 mAh battery

Shellbot's offer is quite impressive. The combined vacuum cleaner and mopping robot comes with intelligent object recognition and can thus create precise real-time maps for efficient cleaning of the floor. It not only recognizes furniture, such as tables and chairs, but also smaller objects such as shoes. Thanks to the LiDAR scanner, the vacuum robot with wiping function navigates precisely even in the dark. 

The control can be implemented in different ways: via the supplied remote control, via the app or via compatible language assistants - Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The integrated battery, which has a nominal capacity of 200 mAh, ensures up to 5.200 minutes of running time with one charge. This device takes care of the daily cleaning of the floor.

Shellbot AI vacuum robot, vacuum cleaner robot with mopping function, 4000Pa suction power, ...
  • Intelligent AI object recognition: Equipped with an AI recognition function, the Shellbot robot vacuum cleaner can ...
  • Powerful suction and deep cleaning: Our vacuum robot is equipped with a brushless high-performance motor can ...
  • 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner and mop: Integrated vacuuming, sweeping and wiping in one operation. 3 adjustable water levels...

Control via app: no-go zone and no-mop zone

The Shellbot vacuum cleaner robot with wiping function can be precisely controlled via the manufacturer's app. In addition, the map created by the device is displayed, e.g. B. Zones can be defined in which he should not vacuum or not wipe. Various operating levels can also be set: 800 Pa, 1.600 Pa, 3.000 Pa and 4.000 Pa. 

If the journey through the apartment takes longer or if it was carried out permanently at the highest level, then the battery can of course be drained over time. But that's not a problem, since the Shellbot vacuum robot drives itself to its charging station. Over half of previous reviewers have left 5-star ratings on Amazon. Have fun trying it out for yourself!

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