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Simple fax

Even if the name suggests it, it serves Simple fax not just for sending faxes. In addition to sending faxes, the service also includes sending letters and SMS. It is also possible to archive documents personally and create your own address book. Additional services up to the free cancellation of annoying subscriptions are also included in the scope of services provided by Simple Fax.

Service Overview - Simple Fax

  • Sending fax messages
  • Receive fax messages with your own fax number from a top-up of 25 EUR.
  • sending letters.
  • Send SMS.
  • Archiving documents.
  • Creation of a personal address book.
  • Sending fax messages via an e-mail program.
  • Fax printer for PC and Mac
  • No contract commitment or monthly costs
  • Free and legal cancellation service for subscription, gym and other

How does Simple Fax work?

Send fax: After registration is complete, texts, documents and images can be uploaded. It is also possible to select several documents or to combine different documents accordingly. One or more recipients are then selected from the personal address book and the fax can be sent. A transmission report is then sent to the sender's email address and that's it.

Receive fax: If a fax is sent, it is converted to PDF and stored in the data center. At the same time, an e-mail with an attachment to the fax message is sent to the fax recipient. Alternatively, the fax message can also be viewed in the customer area at Simple Fax.

Send SMS: To send an SMS, simply enter the text in a form provided for this purpose or copy it directly. The recipient's cell phone number is then entered or selected from the personal address book. It is also possible to send the SMS to several recipients at the same time. Now it only has to be sent - nothing more!

Send a letter: Simply upload the document or documents that are to be sent as a letter. When sending letters, the recipient can also be entered manually or selected from the address book.

Note: I recommended Simple-Fax before when a reader asked me for a Online fax service without a contract asked.

If you want to send a new fax, the user interface is also easy to understand for beginners (graphic: Simple Fax).
If you want to send a new fax, the user interface is also easy to understand for beginners (graphic: Simple Fax).

How much does it cost to send faxes, letters and SMS?

  • Faxes: If a fax is sent within the Federal Republic of Germany, a page costs seven cents.
  • Letters: Sending a letter within the Federal Republic of Germany costs 95 cents.
  • SMS: Sending an SMS costs ten cents.

How is Simple Fax billed?

The service is paid for via a prepaid account. This is charged via direct debit, PayPal, immediate transfer or cash payment.

Is it possible to get a dedicated fax number?

Yes, this is possible without any problems. By charging an amount of at least 25 EUR, a separate fax number is available. This then allows you to receive free faxes.

Application examples with Simple Fax

Entrepreneurs who, for example, operate their core business with electronic components can send complete inquiries to various suppliers straight away from the computer. / Send to distributors. As a result, this is much faster than printing out the lists and then sending them by fax in the conventional way.

Law firms, courts and other organizations also like to use faxes because they want to prevent unauthorized persons from intercepting the documents sent. A fax cannot rule this out 100 percent, but this method is a lot more secure than sending it as an e-mail attachment.

On the service's website you can already see that faxing is the core competence, but there are other ways to solve things with SIMple Fax.
On the service's website you can already see that faxing is the core competence, but there are other ways to solve things with SIMple Fax.

What is the advantage of sending documents by fax over email?

The main benefit is that documents are sent and received more securely. This is not always clearly guaranteed when sending via e-mail, since the question always arises as to which country the e-mail is "smuggled through".

Faxes are sent using strict guidelines - this is done over the public telephone network. Consequently, the data is sent directly from the sender to the recipient. An e-mail, on the other hand, usually takes a number of detours that are not really comprehensible. Irrespective of which countries an e-mail crosses, it is always uncertain who reads the e-mail, intercepts it or it may not even reach the recipient.

In view of this, law firms, medical institutes, authorities and corporations also use this technology and send confidential documents by fax and not by e-mail. The risk is just too great that unauthorized people stick their noses into something that is none of their business.

What is the advantage of sending digital letters?

Digital letters are created faster than letters that are delivered by normal mail. On the one hand, printer paper is saved, as is ink and wear and tear on the printer, and no postage stamp or franking machine is required. There is no need to go to the post office either. Even if the bottom line is that money is not saved right away, a lot of time is saved in any case, which can be used for more important things than franking envelopes.

Advantages of sending SMS messages via Simple Fax

Even if text messages are not as common as they were a few years ago, they can be created faster with a computer than with a mobile phone. A longer text takes a lot more time with the mobile phone keyboard than if it is entered with a reasonable PC keyboard - or an existing text is copied and pasted right away.

SMS can be useful if a message is to be sent to many recipients. Fishing all the recipients out of the phone will also take a lot more time than pulling the recipients out of the address book. So if you still send SMS messages for advertising or events, etc., you can save a lot of time with the help of Simple Fax.

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