Sir Apfelot newsreel KW 1 and 2, 2023

Unfortunately, last week's first Sir Apfelot newsreel of the year had to be canceled due to illness. But today you get a double load of Apple and tech news. The reports from calendar weeks 1 and 2 of 2023 have the following headlines, among others: Out for two once important communication channels, youth study on cyberbullying, information on the use of waste heat in data centers, simpler rules drawn up for balcony power plants, no more updates for Windows 8.1, rumours new Apple devices, and more.

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar weeks 1 and 2 of the year 2023, I have the following news for you: the end for postal telegrams and Vodafone MMS, study on cyberbullying among teenagers, simpler rules for balcony power plants, support end for Windows 8.1, Apple MR Headset Rumors, Apple Pencil, iPhone 16 Pro, Touch Display Mac, and More!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar weeks 1 and 2 of the year 2023, I have the following news for you: the end for postal telegrams and Vodafone MMS, study on cyberbullying among teenagers, simpler rules for balcony power plants, support end for Windows 8.1, Apple MR Headset Rumors, Apple Pencil, iPhone 16 Pro, Touch Display Mac, and More!

Elimination of two communication channels: telegram and MMS

Deutsche Post was one of the last providers of telegram services in Europe to discontinue telegram services. The possibility of sending short messages quickly, which was widely used in the 19th and partly also in the 20th century, has recently been hardly used. In addition, it became more and more expensive - a mini telegram with up to 160 characters cost over 12 euros, the decorative leaf variant almost 22 euros. Anyone who wants to send short messages quickly can use many options these days: e-mail, messenger apps, SMS, but no more MMS with Vodafone from January 17th. The multimedia messaging service is to be shut down after more than 20 years because there are faster and cheaper methods of sending pictures and videos via mobile communications. Sources: 1, 2

New study reveals prevalence of cyberbullying among teenagers

A SINUS study commissioned by the BARMER health insurance fund has revealed interesting, if not worrying, figures on cyberbullying among teenagers. In addition to questions about the corona pandemic and climate change, there were also questions about where and how often bullying takes place, is experienced or can be observed via digital channels. 59% of those surveyed stated that they had already experienced cyberbullying. Only 28% also stated that they had never come into contact with it. Above all, insults, rumours, exclusion from groups, harassment, Stalking and the like happened. WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok and other social media or messengers were given as locations. The whole document with all evaluations is available here as a PDF.

Opportunities and hurdles: Using waste heat from data centers for heating

Climate change and dependence on questionable countries for heating means that alternative heating concepts are being tackled in the EU. Of course, since the internet and corporations are here to stay, data centers and their waste heat can be included in the equation. Heise online shows in one go what opportunities and what obstacles there are with this topic Articles. Because although a small proportion of the heating requirement could be covered by server centers, these should not be too far away from settlements or office buildings. In addition, the necessary heat gain is only achieved through interposed heat pumps. The waste heat is not needed continuously either. A back and forth so - all information in the linked source.

"Balcony Power Plants": Simpler rules and more power

The iPhone ticker also reports on a position paper by the VDE Verband Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik eV Entry. In the document you with this link can see, it is about simplifying the purchase and installation of solar panels for the balcony. In addition, these should no longer only be permitted up to 600 W of power, but up to 800 W. The plug-in solutions should continue to ensure easy registration and approval. In addition to more power and simple installation, the document also deals with safety requirements, which should not be underestimated with such systems and their integration into the electricity grid at home.

CES Demonstration: Accessible Controllers for PS5 and PSVR2 Games

For people with physical disabilities, Sony presented a new concept for accessible controllers at CES 2023. The circular control units with various buttons and joysticks attached to the edge are intended to ensure that gaming is possible even with restricted motor skills. Heise online is all about this and the first titles of PSVR2, the second VR set for the PlayStation Articles a. Because the new virtual reality offer is scheduled to start on February 22nd. There is then a VR update for Gran Turismo 7 and up to 30 other titles. The popular Beat Saber is also included.

The end for Windows 8: Updates for version 8.1 discontinued

The tile-based Windows 8 that came out in 2012 for compatible and new PCs and laptops from then on was a complete flop. Microsoft has long since returned to the classic design with desktop, folders, taskbar and start menu, even if this has been adjusted a bit with Windows 11. While full support for the 8 series successor Windows 8.1 was also discontinued in 2018, there are now no more security updates. This eliminates the last support module. Microsoft recommends all users who are still running Windows 8.1 to switch their PCs to a newer system, such as Windows 10. You can find the official support document on the subject with a detailed FAQ with this link. 

Thanks to vulnerability: changed font in iOS with simple app

A vulnerability that Apple is now using iOS 16.2 was closed, made it possible to change the default font on the iPhone using a small app. This is actually "San Francisco" since 2015, but could be changed thanks to the vulnerability CVE-2022-46689, which gave the exploiters certain kernel rights. Apple doesn't like what's standard on most Android devices. The proof of concept for which there is code continue at GitHub exists, but shows how Apple's design specifications could be circumvented as a user. ( )

Apple chips for network communication will probably be ready for use from 2025

Apple has been working on its own chips for Bluetooth and WLAN for some time now, for example for installation in the iPhone and iPad. The technology giant wants to make itself independent of manufacturers such as Qualcomm or Broadcom. The same has already happened with regard to the central processing units in Mac models, which now use an "Apple Silicon" SoC instead of Intel processors. Like the iPhone ticker in one Entry shows, Apple could be using its new technology as early as 2025 and make itself even more independent. However, the new hardware area could also cause unforeseen problems for Apple.

Drop tests and belt battery: Apple MR headset rumors

The reports and rumors about Apple's long-awaited mixed reality headset don't stop. Should it actually be presented this month, it is now said that the presentation will not take place until spring or summer 2023. Maybe not until WWDC23 in June. One of the reasons should be drop tests, which show that certain mechanical components still need to be improved or installed more securely - . 

Referring to a Articles iFun reports from The Information in a Entry of further component details. The external battery (with a maximum runtime of 2 hours) of the Apple MR headset should be worn on the belt or waistband. Furthermore, an H2 chip should manage the connection with the AirPods. The field of view should be 120° and a “digital crown” like the Apple Watch should be used to operate the device.

Color recognition as a new feature: Rumor about the new Apple Pencil

The stylus that can be used on various iPad models, the Apple Pencil, is already available in two generations. A coming generation could bring an important feature for everyone involved in photo editing, graphics creation, design and the like: color recognition. According to one Articles from heise online submit a corresponding patent application from Apple. Reference is made to the blog Patently Apple, where the desired color sensor technology is explained. The site also has screenshots of the patent drawings. If you want to look at the patent application with all the texts and images yourself, you will also find the link to document number US 20220413636 A1 there.

Face ID under the display: rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro

There were more rumors about future Apple devices last week and this week. The iPhone 16 Pro, which is expected to come onto the market in autumn 2024, will no longer have a Dynamic Island (or at least use a much smaller version of it), but will have the technology required for "Face ID" installed under the display. That's what another one is about Articles from hot online. In the following year, i.e. 2025, the standard models of the iPhone 17 will also be equipped with Face ID under the display. The first iPhone with the FaceTime camera under the display will be the iPhone 2026 Pro in 18.

OLED and touch display: rumors about new Mac models

Unthinkable under Steve Jobs and many years later: iMac or MacBook models with touch displays. But the Apple co-founder, who died in 2011, was also against a stylus for mobile devices, and now we have the Apple Pencil. Accordingly, in addition to upcoming OLED displays for MacBooks, reports about possible touch displays on the Mac are making the rounds. A short Entry there is e.g. B. at iTopNews. According to information published by Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, the first devices of the type described are to be presented in 2025.

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