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Another batch of workdays is behind us and the weekend is just around the corner. As has been the case for several years, there is a new edition of the Sir Apfelot newsreel this Friday. This time I will show you which Apple and tech news I particularly noticed in calendar week 12 of 2022. Among other things, the following reports are included: GIF inventor Stephen Wilhite has died, more SMS sending in Germany again, at least 10 MBit/s Internet should be available at home, discussion about memory swapping in the Mac Studio, Apple should plan a device subscription, Info about iPhone 14 / iPhone 15, and more!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 12 in 2022 you will find the following topics, among others: GIF inventor died of Covid-19, SMS dispatch in Germany increased in 2021, minimum internet speeds required, Shazam with concert information, Mac Studio storage -Debacle, Studio Display with iOS, Rumors of Upcoming iPhone Generations, and More!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 12 in 2022 you will find the following topics, among others: GIF inventor died of Covid-19, SMS dispatch in Germany increased in 2021, minimum internet speeds required, Shazam with concert information, Mac Studio storage -Debacle, Studio Display with iOS, Rumors of Upcoming iPhone Generations, and More!

Web pioneer Stephen Wilhite has died

According to one, computer scientist Stephen Wilhite was born in 1948 Articles died at heise online on March 14 of a Covid-19 disease. In the context of this, the article shows his achievements for the Internet and the exchange of users in it. In addition to the graphics format GIF, which can show small animations, Wilhite developed the CIS B protocol in 1979, which was intended to speed up communication via slow modems. The Quick B protocol was later added for downloads. Furthermore, Wilhite's role for the Compuverse and for web chat software is shown in the linked source. You can find even more data and stages of life there.

Strong increase in SMS sending in Germany 

In 2021, 0,8 billion more text messages are said to have been sent in Germany than in 2020. The berichtet heise online with reference to the Federal Network Agency. To put this into perspective: this is the first increase in the number of SMS sent since 2012, i.e. in 10 years. It is assumed that around 7,8 billion mobile short messages were sent last year, mainly due to two-factor authentication for online services. "Sending SMS was once a mass phenomenon and an important part of everyday communication. The peak was reached in 2012 with 59,8 billion short messages sent. After that it went downhill“, the whole thing is added in the linked source.

15.000 cases of too slow internet documented by broadband measurement

I gave you the broadband measurement app from the Federal Network Agency already presented in January. Since then, they seem to have been downloaded and used by a number of Internet users. Because like iFun this week in a Post pointed out, thanks to the Internet measurements with the app, around 15.000 cases have been documented in which the download and upload speed differs significantly from the tariff promise of the provider. Or as formulated by iFun: "As the Federal Network Agency informed three months after the new regulation, consumers had now requested 15.000 measurement logs, which almost exclusively determined a reduction-relevant deviation.“ – If your internet is much too slow, you can reduce the costs for it.

Bundesnetzagentur: At least 10 Mbit/s should be available at home

There is one this week that matches the numbers relating to the use of the broadband measurement app Entry from t3n, according to which the Federal Network Agency requires a minimum download rate for domestic Internet connections. The 10 megabits per second can already be found in a draft regulation, which, however, has not yet been approved by the Federal Council. If the Federal Council agrees, the ordinance could come into force as early as June 1, 2022. "The Digital Committee of the Bundestag is also involved", is additionally mentioned. Incidentally, 1,3 Mbit per second is required for the upload. That all sounds very slow, and it is. But it should only secure the minimum supply for e-mail, search engines, the web, online banking and the like.

Shazam: Apple's music recognition now also shows concert information

After purchasing the "Shazam" service for recognizing songs and pieces of music, Apple not only integrated the app into its software portfolio, but also steadily expanded it. A recent innovation shows how ambitious the Shazam offer is. Because like the iPhone ticker in one Post shows, the app now goes beyond pure music recognition and also shows concerts (nearby) for the recognized bands or artists. In some cases, the possibility of booking a corresponding ticket should be given directly. According to the linked source, the new feature was developed by Apple in cooperation with Bandsintown.

Apple Mac Studio: Is the memory upgradeable now, or not?

During the week I was tempted several times to write a post about the memory upgrade in the new Apple Mac Studio. Luckily I waited and observed the discussion on the topic for the time being. I wrote down articles like “Mac Studio: Apparently subsequent SSD upgrades possible“ (here ) and "Mac Studio Storage Not User-Upgradable Due to Software Block“ (here ). Finally came "Memory can be swapped: Mac Studio video teardown with two insights" when Articles at iFun about it. This refers to the professionals from iFixit, who tried in vain to occupy the second memory slot with a new SSD. But: the memory exchange between Mac Studio models should at least be possible. Anyway.

Apple Studio Display as a full iOS device

To control the display, camera with "Center Stage" function and the audio system, the new Apple StudioDisplay an A13 Bionic Chip is used. This is z. B. known from the iPhone 11 (2019) and supports current operating systems such as iOS 15.4. And exactly this system should also run completely on the monitor, like MacRumors this week in one Articles shows. The system information only mentions “Version 15.4 (Build 19E241”), but this designation is identical to the current iPhone system Post by iFun, which shows that the Studio Display can also be used to equip old Mac models with the "Hey Siri!" feature.

Is Apple planning a subscription for iPhone, Mac and Co.?

One Entry from the t3n magazine it should be like that. The apparently planned device subscription should go beyond the "iPhone Upgrade Program" previously offered in the USA. The time-limited use of the device, which could be billed via the Apple ID, should have a term of either 12 or 24 months. Incidentally, t3n refers to a report by Bloomberg: "The iPhone subscription is still in development, insiders told Bloomberg. Apple hasn't officially announced the whole thing (yet).The whole thing is expected at the end of 2022 at the earliest, or rather in 2023.

About iPhone 14 (2022) and iPhone 15 (2023)

Finally, a rumored outlook on the next two generations of the iPhone main series. Because MacRumors has some design ideas for the iPhone 14 Pro this week (here ) and the iPhone 15 Pro (here ) divided. It is rumored that the "camera bump" on the back of the iPhone will be larger this year. It would also be possible that the iPhone itself will be thicker and the back will be flat. With regard to the iPhone 15 Pro, it was about the front: instead of the notch, there should only be a hole-punch camera in the screen. The elements for the Face ID should be able to disappear under the display.

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  1. Christopher Mrosek

    Hello Johannes, hello Jens,
    I'm reporting a problem that I also posted in the forum. The articles published here and the linked websites often contain advertisements for the “CleanMyMac” (MacPaw) program. I can't report anything negative about the program now, but the activation procedure and the problems I have with it really annoy me. In the meantime, I've had a "fat throat" and am considering deleting the program. Even though I bought a permanent license, the program annoys me and keeps asking for activation. The support was not able to solve the problem in the long term either. – Do you have a remedy or can you give me some advice?
    Thank you and best regards
    PS.: I can be found in the forum under "code_writer".

    1. Hello Christopher! Unfortunately I have no idea either. You could try installing it under a new user (System Preferences > Users & Groups) and see if it runs there permanently. If so, there is a problem within your user account. Then you could see if you could somehow get the user over again with the migration assistant. I use CleanMyMac in my SetApp subscription... That's why it's licensed and doesn't complain. But I don't think it's a common problem either. Maybe some file in which he wants to put the license is corrupt. You don't know 😊 I'll post the answer again in the forum so that you can definitely get feedback.

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