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It's not just Google this week its own network for device tracking published, there were also numerous other interesting headlines. Enough, in fact, to fill another Sir Apfelot newsreel for you. This time I'll show you which Apple and tech news caught my eye in calendar week 15 of 2024. Among other things, these reports include: AI training at Adobe and Apple, new AI chips from Meta and Intel, AI editing tools in Google Photos are also coming to iPhones, Apple warns of spyware attacks on iPhones, iPad Pro and Apple Watch with new OLED displays, and more!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 15 of 2024 there are again numerous reports: lots of AI news, spy warnings for iPhone users, references to the new iPad Pro and the Apple Watch 10, and more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 15 of 2024 there are again numerous reports: lots of AI news, spy warnings for iPhone users, references to the new iPad Pro and the Apple Watch 10, and more!

Adobe buys videos for AI training: $2,62 to $7,25 per minute

Adobe, the provider of the Creative Cloud and apps such as Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro, is currently purchasing video material to train its own generative AI. This should, among other things, be included Sora from OpenAI can compete.

Similar to the Firefly AI, for which Adobe used its own stock footage photos and purchased images as training material, the new video AI is intended to serve as an easy-to-use tool for customers to create content. Adobe will pay $2,62 to $7,25 per minute. Videos of people in everyday situations, interacting with objects such as smartphones or treadmills, depicting emotions, and so on are requested (Which).

New AI chips from Meta and Intel are intended to compete with Nvidia

The chip manufacturer Nvidia, which has become known for its graphics cards, three weeks ago introduced its Blackwell platform for a new level of AI computing power. However, other companies want to compete with this offer and get a piece of the new chip trend.

For example, Meta has presented a new version of its AI chip, which is primarily intended to help systems evaluate and recommend content. The focus here is on Nvidia's own independence for services such as Instagram, Threads and Facebook. Intel, on the other hand, offers Gaudi 3, a chip for training and executing AI models, which is intended to compete with Nvidia on the open market (sources: 1, 2).

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Apple partners with Shutterstock for AI training

Let's use the previous topics as a bridge to move on to the Apple reports of the week. Because Apple is also currently trying all means possible to integrate itself into the AI ​​race. In order to catch up with the competition, there are not only collaborations with text providers, but now also with the stock footage platform Shutterstock. In addition to photos, there are also videos and music.

In addition to the direct cooperation between Apple and Shutterstock, the latter company will also make its image library available for AI training to other tech giants through smaller startups as an intermediary - such as Meta, Amazon and Google. Between 25 and 50 million US dollars are expected to flow per deal (Which).

AI photo editing from the Google Pixel 8 is coming to the iPhone

Google has this week announcedthat the AI ​​functions of the Google Photos app will be available to all users from May 15, 2024. This also and especially applies to those who use the app under iOS on the iPhone. The tools coming to the Apple smartphone are called Magic Editor (automated image editing including moving objects, replacing the sky and color correction), Photo Unblur (sharpening blurry images), Magic Eraser (removing damage, objects and people) and so on further.

A subscription is only required for these additional functions for a certain scope of use. They should be made available free of charge to try out. Some functions are limited in number per month and can only be used without restrictions on Pixel devices or in the “Premium Google One” plan with 2 TB or more online storage. An example would be the Magic Editor. This only allows you to save 10 edits per month for free. Some features require at least iOS 15 and 3 GB of RAM (Which).

Apple warns users in 92 countries that they are being spied on with spyware

"Apple detected that you are being targeted by a mercenary spyware attack that is trying to remotely compromise the iPhone associated with your Apple ID“ says the warning messages that Apple sent to iPhone users in 92 countries on Wednesday. It also points out that malware victims are likely to be spied on based on their identity or activities.

Informed users should take the warning message seriously. Exact details are not known, but they could be activists, journalists or politicians. Since 2021, Apple has been sending out such warnings regularly when threats are detected. More on this in the article from TechCrunch and on the Apple support site 102174.

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iPhone manufacturing: 14% of devices are already assembled in India

According to information from Bloomberg, Apple's diversification of production locations is reaching new heights. The gradual move away from China is currently evident, for example. B. in the fact that 14% of the current iPhone models, i.e. around one in seven new iPhones, are manufactured in India. In Apple's last fiscal year, this is said to have amounted to $14 billion.

But it is not just the spread of production locations in different countries that is said to have motivated Apple to have more and more production in India. There are appropriate financial incentives to encourage large tech companies to set up shop in the country. Apple's device manufacturing alone would have been worth it because 150.000 jobs were created (Which).

iPadOS 17.5 points to iPad Pro with new display technology

The trade magazine 9to5Mac examined the code from the iPadOS 17.5 beta released last week. And the identifiers of four not yet released iPad models as well as clues on their displays were found.

From the information it is concluded that it should be the iPad Pro with 12,9 inch display and the iPad Pro with 11 inch display (both in the WLAN and in the WLAN + cellular version): iPad16,3; iPad16,4; iPad16,5 and iPad16,6. These should have OLED displays installed, in the larger model from LG and in the smaller model from LG or Samsung. The new Pro models of the Apple tablet will also be accompanied by a new Apple Pencil (Which).

The new iPad Pro will be more expensive than the current model

The current models of the iPad Pro are currently being offered for the following prices:

  • 11 inch display, WLAN: 1.049 euros (128 GB) to 2.429 euros (2 TB)
  • 11 inch display, WiFi + mobile communications: 1.249 euros (128 GB) to 2.629 euros (2 TB)
  • 12,9 inch display, WLAN: 1.449 euros (128 GB) to 2.829 euros (2 TB)
  • 12,9 inch display, WiFi + mobile communications: 1.649 euros (128 GB) to 3.024 euros (2 TB)

These prices are to be increased for the new models equipped with OLED displays as described above. US prices are expected to increase by an average of $160. A somewhat higher price increase is expected outside the USA (Which).

Apple Watch Series 10: OLED display with lower power consumption

But there are currently some rumors not only about new iPad Pro models and their displays. There are also a lot of rumors about the anniversary model of the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 10, which is expected to be released this fall, is said to have an OLED display with LTPO TFT. This stands for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide Thin-Film Transistor. Without dissecting these terms for a long time: they mean that the new Apple Watch should be significantly more energy efficient. This could have a noticeably positive effect on battery life (Which).

Safari will offer AI assistance from iOS 18

In the middle of this week there were rumors about the AI ​​​​functions that Apple will equip its new iPhone operating system iOS 18 with. For example, the so-called “Safari Browsing Assistance” is said to be a competitor to Microsoft's Copilot. It could be fueled by AI functionalities from Google or OpenAI. As was recently announced, Apple is said to be in talks with both about integrating their AI services into iOS.

Another suspected leak was described as “Encrypted Visual Search”, i.e. the encrypted search for images. It is not yet clear whether it is a completely new feature or an extension (e.g. for Spotlight) (Which). We will be more after the WWDC24 keynote on June 10, 2024 knowledge.

By healthcare sector: Apple highlights Vision Pro use in business

Apple is trying to market its VR headset in different areas. A few weeks ago it was the health sector's turn – Training opportunities for medical staff and individual apps for visionOS were highlighted. Now Apple is showing the possible uses of its headset for business users in its US newsroom.

In addition to office apps and productivity and analysis applications, design and engineering software are also used. Names such as SAP Analytics Cloud, Microsoft 365, Webex, Zoom, Box, Porsche Race Engineer, Nvidia Omniverse Cloud APIs, Lowe's Style Studio, JigSpace, EnBW, Taqtile Manifest and other names are mentioned and explained (Which).

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