Sir Apfelot newsreel week 16, 2022

Oh, it's Friday again. Then welcome to a new edition of the Sir Apfelot newsreel. This time we're taking a look at the Apple and tech news that caught my eye in week 16 of 2022. In addition to a few press releases Cupertino there's more news too. Among other things, you will find a few details about these reports below: various extraterrestrial news and an insight into data protection hell, information on voting on uniform chargers, bypassing AMP websites with certain browsers, Netflix numbers and plans, Rumors about new Apple devices and more.

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 16 in 2022 you will find the following messages, among others: Online virus scanners reveal user data, servers on the moon, charging connection standard in the EU, bypassing AMP websites, recycling, maps and Dance at Apple, device rumors and more!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 16 in 2022 you will find the following messages, among others: Online virus scanners reveal user data, servers on the moon, charging connection standard in the EU, bypassing AMP websites, recycling, maps and Dance at Apple, device rumors and more!

Online virus scanner – sample reveals confidential data to the public

If you receive files from an unknown source that could be potentially important, it is worth checking them for viruses, worms, Ransomware and other malware to check for. Private individuals as well as companies, organizations and authorities can protect themselves in this way and, after a check, securely open the documents received (invoices, applications, invitations, etc.). In addition to locally installed virus scanners, some people and companies use online services. These not only make the files available to third parties, but also make them accessible to the community. In addition to applications, confidential medical and legal letters were also found in appropriate random samples, including all data - more on that in the big report from heise online.

Three times space: moon server, mars solar eclipse and alien message

In addition to the report on online virus scanners as data slingshots, which is well worth reading and worth noting, there was also a couple of interesting space news items on heise online this week. For example, the US company Lonestar wants to place data centers on the moon to ensure server performance even with "to be able to provide really serious emergencies“. Tests are to take place this year – Details here. 

At the same time as this news, the Mars rover Perseverance once again recorded a solar eclipse, but this time in color. The photo series, which can be combined into a video, was made possible by the larger Martian moon Phobos - details here. 

There are said to be three Earth-like planets in the habitable zone around the star Trappist-1, and they are to receive a message (including music) in October – Details here.

Because of shared accounts? Netflix faces a drop in subscriptions for the first time in 10 years

The numbers at Netflix have dropped by around 200.000 subscriptions, including MacRumors shown. This is the first account or subscription decline in ten years. The current price increases are not given as the main reason for the streaming service, nor is the withdrawal from the Russian market with a loss of 700.000 subscriptions. Supposedly there is no longer any major growth because people are sharing their accounts and subscriptions. Expect use of Netflix accounts across multiple households could soon be restricted/blocked. You can find more details in the linked source.

Charging connection standard: EU wants to vote on this in May

In the coming month, the European Parliament is to vote on standardized chargers and corresponding device connections. This was, among others, according to a Entry at iFun, from "Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the European Parliament“ initiated. If the corresponding draft is accepted, implementation of the new law must be agreed with the EU governments. Universal chargers with the same connection should not only come for smartphones and tablets, but also for headphones, loudspeakers, cameras, handheld consoles, etc. The only exceptions are devices that are too small for a connection. Fitness trackers and the Apple Watch are given as examples.

Bypassing AMP websites: Possible with DuckDuckGo and Brave

For the display of mobile websites, Google offers its AMP service, which stands for "Accelerated Mobile Pages". Google uses the service to adapt a wide variety of websites so that they can be used faster and supposedly easier in mobile web browsers on smartphones and tablets. Of course, this is not entirely harmless, since Google also collects some data directly. If you want to counter not only the Google standardization of websites, but also the data collection, you can – like the iPhone ticker shows here – use the mobile web browsers DuckDuckGo and Brave. By the way, DuckDuckGo now also has a web browser beta for the Mac, which I took a look at for you this week: Tried - DuckDuckGo web browser for macOS. 

Apple Newsroom: Recycling, Map Update and Dance Activities

Apple also released some more extensive information this week in the form of three press releases. I will briefly present them here and then link them:

  • Recycling: 2021 saw a new high in the use of recycled materials in Apple products; almost 20 percent of the materials were sourced from recycling. A closed cycle is to be striven for in the future through new dismantling technology - all information here.
  • Map update: The new features for Apple maps (on the iPhone) can now also be used in Germany. Over 60 points of interest in 3D, more detailed ground cover, improved navigation, the "Look Around" function, augmented reality pedestrian routes and more will be made available.  You can find details and screenshots with this link.
  • Dance Activities: April 29 is World Dance Day, for which Apple announces new content in the Fitness+ workout offering. Users can expect a new dance-themed collection, a limited-edition award, and a special Artist Spotlight episode featuring hits and iconic moves from BTS videos. Here more.

Update for the MagSafe Battery Pack: 7,5 watts instead of only 5 watts for charging

What can no longer be fixed with an update? The fact that the MagSafe Battery Pack from Apple, which you can use as a wireless additional battery on compatible iPhone models, is part of it is shown by MacRumors in one Entry on. Because after an update of the firmware, which has now been officially released, the accessories no longer only charge with 5W power, but now with 7,5W power. However, this still does not correspond to the maximum of 15W, which is currently only achieved with a connected charger. This circumstance leads the battery pack ad absurdum, since you can also charge the iPhone itself with a cable, and much faster.

Apple device rumours: Apple TV bar and iPhone models for 2024

Finally, a small preview of the hardware that may be expected from Apple. This week, iFun again brought up a combination of HomePod, Apple TV and FaceTime camera. Referring to information provided by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman is it [calledthat the piece of hardware that might appear as a soundbar TV telephony device "perspectively the center of Apple's smart home efforts“ could represent. Meanwhile, reference is made to MacRumors regarding an iPhone rumor Ming-Chi Kuo. Here it is rumored that by 2024 the iPhone could have a full-screen on the front. FaceTime camera and Face ID could then hide under the display.

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