Sir Apfelot newsreel week 16, 2024

Besides Ai Pin reviews, the AltStore and iOS 17.5 There were a few more interesting headlines this week. So today you'll get a new edition of the Sir Apfelot newsreel again! This time I'll show you which Apple and tech news caught my eye in calendar week 16 of 2024. Included are, among other things, these reports: new and expensive Amazon scam, Boston Dynamics presents scary “Atlas 2”, Microsoft buys into G42, rumors about new Apple developments, and more!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 16 of 2024: Amazon fraud, Atlas 2 from Boston Dynamics, new rumors about the HomePod with display, Siri discussion, and more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 16 of 2024: Amazon fraud, Atlas 2 from Boston Dynamics, new rumors about the HomePod with display, Siri discussion, and more!

New Amazon scam (and YouTube recommendation)

If you order from unknown shops or retailers via Amazon, you should check the sender name after the package arrives. Because a new scam ensures that you are asked to pay again after purchasing and supposedly paying for a product.

It works like this: You buy and pay for a product from A, A then orders it from B on account, you receive the product from B, where the invoice still has to be paid. Meanwhile, A is out of the woods with the money. I became aware of this about this video. In general they are Videos from Parcelda quite interesting.

Boston Dynamics introduces Atlas 2: humanoid, but crazy flexible

Boston Dynamics, one of the first widely known humanoid manufacturers, has retired its “Atlas”. The developments and a redesign of the robot have now led to “Atlas 2”. The Atlas 2, which is no longer moved hydraulically but by electric motors, is more human-like in shape, but can be used much more flexibly thanks to its additional movement options.

An amazing example of how far developments in this area of ​​technology have come. But at the same time it is also frightening when you think about its use outside of production lines, warehouses and rescue missions - for example by the police or military. There is a brief insight with this video. If you want to know which companies besides Boston Dynamics are also working on humanoid robots, take a look here: Generative AI – and then? Humanoid robots are the next big thing!

With the approval of the US government: Microsoft invests 1,5 billion dollars in G42

Abu Dhabi-based G42 is one of the leading players in the UAE's AI efforts. It is therefore an attractive destination for investments from large tech companies. However, investments from the West have so far been made more difficult by the fact that the G42 works closely with Chinese companies. After consultation with the US government, it has now been announced that ties to China will be cut.

This paves the way for a Microsoft investment of $1,5 billion. The G42 services will also run on Microsoft's Azure servers in the future. Microsoft President Brad Smith gets a seat on the G42 board. Not only should both sides benefit from the deal in terms of AI developments and offerings. Microsoft also wants to secure access to markets that have not yet been developed on a large scale: Africa and Central Asia (Which).

HomePod with display: New parts leak rekindles rumors

This week, the photo of a round display glass that is supposed to fit on a HomePod has reignited the rumors that have been around since 2021 about an Apple smart speaker with a screen. It has long been known that Apple is working internally on HomePod models with displays - on the one hand at the top of the device, on the other hand in the form of an iPad-like rectangle. The release of a corresponding device could take place this year or next year. The photo of the round display glass was here on Twitter divided. Further sources: 1, 2

Interesting considerations: the beginnings, rise, fall (and future?) of Siri

With iOS 18 Apple is set to unveil its biggest upgrade to date to the iPhone operating system. Some AI tools and, last but not least, revised language assistance are also expected. But should it still be called “Siri” or does the name already represent too much of a bad experience? This topic, along with the Siri story, became this week picked up by MacRumors.

In addition to Apple's first vision of a voice assistant called "Knowledge Navigator" from 1987, the publication of the "Siri" app in 2010 and its purchase by Apple are also shown. The subsequent development and the current status then lead to the questions: Should Siri remain as a brand, can it be saved with new features or should a new voice assistant also get a new name? What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion!

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4 comments on "Sir Apfelot newsreel week 16, 2024"

  1. To “vote” on the “Siri” name:
    Siri has a very negative connotation for me and I always turn it off. This is (for me personally!) because his help was always – how should I put it – “half-baked”. So that I had to interact a little further myself. I don't know what it is like today because, as I said, I always switched it off.
    A new beginning with a new name, and of course with the drastic progress possible with today's technology, such a new beginning would have the chance to rebuild trust or even enthusiasm.

    1. Yes, both options (new and old) have their good reasons. I've somehow gotten used to Siri and would give it another chance even under the old name. 😊

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