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The next weekend is just around the corner, the next Sir Apfelot newsreel ends up here in the blog. This time I'll show you which Apple and tech news I particularly noticed in calendar week 17 of 2023. Among other things, these reports are included: The use of third-party technology such as AirTags is missing from the anti-stalking law, the Edge browser may track all websites, IKEA offers new room planner tools, alleged ChatGPT apps as subscription traps, rumors too iOS 17, macOS 14 and iPadOS 17, new Mac identifiers spotted, iPhone sideloading maybe only within EU borders, and more. 

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 17 of 2023 you will find the following reports, among others: loophole in the anti-stalking law, IKEA's new room planner tools, alleged ChatGPT apps as subscription traps, rumors about iOS 17, macOS 14, iPadOS 17 and iPhone sideloading, new Mac models, and more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 17 of 2023 you will find the following reports, among others: loophole in the anti-stalking law, IKEA's new room planner tools, alleged ChatGPT apps as subscription traps, rumors about iOS 17, macOS 14, iPadOS 17 and iPhone sideloading, new Mac models, and more!

No statistics, no law: stalking with trackers like AirTags

The topic of stalking with Bluetooth trackers was taken up this week in the SWR format VOLLBILD. In the approx. 20-minute report that you, among other things look on youtube In addition to general information and a self-test, there are also reports from stalking victims and information from a women's shelter employee. Furthermore, it is shown that the use of trackers such as Apple AirTags or the Samsung counterpart is not individually noted in stalking offenses. So there are no official statistics on the incidents in this country. Accordingly, the technology is not an issue in the anti-stalking law, which was tightened in 2021 and expanded to include cyberstalking paragraphs. At the federal level, there is currently no need for action, at the state level it is different, at least in Bavaria.

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Edge browser tells Bing all pages visited: bug or feature?

The web browser Edge issued by Microsoft for various operating systems is said to bring various improvements in version 112, such as following certain YouTube channels, blogs and so on. But either another feature was concealed in addition to this one or it is an error in the Browser-Version. It is about forwarding all visited URLs to Microsoft's own search engine Bing. Among other things, at The Verge is therefore advised toto disable the "Follow Creator" feature at least until this vulnerability is fixed. Personally, I would switch directly to another browser if I were using Edge.

Can an AI be the inventor in a patent?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been on everyone's lips for a while now in various forms and designs. There are different gradations from codes that are more commonly referred to as algorithms to the combination of various complex neural networks. Computer scientist Stephen Thaler used the latter form in his company Imagination Engines Inc to create new inventions. He then wanted to register this as a patent. In his home country, the USA, he did not get away with it, since real people have to be registered as inventors there. He didn't get any further in Great Britain either. In Australia and South Africa, however, he was successful. The whole story is there here at heise online.

Even more virtual IKEA ideas with the new 3D room planner

At this point, greetings go out directly to Lynne and Jens! Become Podcast from last week has heard, knows that Collection of IKEA offers in the AR function of the Google app already well received. Now there are even more ways to place IKEA furniture, decorations and accessories digitally in the apartment in order to plan the new furnishings in advance. Everything is possible, from prefabricated rooms that can be set up individually to scanning your own four walls, including the digital removal of existing furniture and the creation of a completely new interior. The tools and an introduction in text and video form are available here: IKEA creative.

The "dark side of the Mac App Store" demonstrated using subscription traps

Security researcher Alex Kleber, who goes by the name "Privacy 1st" online, has one Post published on the "dark side of the Mac App Store". The main focus is on app offers that advertise the integration of ChatGPT, but are only intended to force users to pay an expensive subscription. The post, which is in English, shows various examples, including four apps that have almost the same code and also look very similar. There is no actual AI function for chatbot use or text creation. What's interesting is that Apple let these apps through, which doesn't make the App Store any safer than sideloading after all. There is a summary in German here at iFun.

iPadOS 17: The first models of the iPad Pro should no longer be supported

French site iPhoneSoft has one Post published, which contains the alleged list of iPad models compatible with iPadOS 17. An internal Apple document is given as the source. After this, models with A9 and A9X chips should no longer be included. In addition to the 5th generation iPad, this would also affect the first iPad Pro models from 2015. Only the models from 2017 would be able to benefit from the upcoming system. Here is the summary of the alleged list of iPad models that can use iPadOS 17:

  • iPad Air 3rd generation (2019) or newer
  • iPad 6th generation (2018) or newer
  • iPad mini 5th generation (2019) or newer
  • iPad Pro 2nd Generation (2017) or newer

macOS 14 - Small upgrade scope and name speculation

For watchOS 10 there have already been (rumored) major changes announced. The new iPhone operating system iOS 17, on the other hand, is supposed to be an “update for performance” and offer a few minor adjustments. The same is now assumed for the new Mac system macOS 14. Above all, cross-platform use should be strengthened, it says in one Articles from heise online with reference to the MacRumors podcast. At the same time, 9to5Mac is pondering the possible name of macOS 14. After El Capitan, Sierra, Mojave, Ventura and Co., there are other California candidates for which Apple has secured the naming rights: Diablo, Condor, Tiburon, Farallon, Miramar, Rincon, Pacific, Redwood, Shasta, Grizzly, skyline, red tail, Sonoma, Sequoia and Mammoth (Sources: 1, 2).

Sideloading on iOS 17: only intended for the EU market?

Two reports in the iPhone ticker this week indicate that Apple will only open the iPhone operating system for app downloads outside the official app store (so-called sideloading) where this is pushed by politics. So it could be that sideloading via iOS 17 is only possible within the borders of the EU. However, it is rumored that devices from the member countries could not then be used to sideload outside of the federal state. Because Apple is said to be working on functional restrictions that limit iPhone features to certain countries and regions. For this purpose, different positioning techniques are to be used in combination. (Sources: 1, 2)

Unknown model numbers: New Mac models for WWDC23?

Various media have this week with reference to this tweet reports that some new Apple computer identification numbers have appeared in the Find My settings. In detail it should be about Mac14,8, Mac14,13 and Mac14,14 act. They should also be mentioned alongside Mac14,3 and Mac14,12, the identifiers of the latest Mac mini models with M2 and M2 Pro chip. Therefore, it is assumed that these are new desktop models (iMac, Mac Studio, Mac mini, etc.) that could be presented soon - so likely on June 5, 2023 as part of the WWDC23 keynote. According to other reports, the Mac Pro is supposed to Apple silicon by the way have been postponed again.

In new Apple systems: take notes on your mood, write in a diary and stay healthy with the help of AI

As you can see, on the home straight to WWDC23 Rumors about new Apple releases are piling up. There were several reports this week that can be summarized as follows: Apple now seems to want to take care of the mental health (or at least stability) of users in addition to their physical health. So there should be a mood tracker in iOS 17 and the health app for iPadOS 17. AI-supported health coaching is also planned from 2024 (Which). There should be a journal or diary app for iOS 17 and possibly watchOS 10 (Which). By combining this with health and fitness data, trends in the development of mental health could be derived.

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