Sir Apfelot newsreel week 19, 2022

It may be Friday the 13th, but so far nothing has stopped me from writing this week's Sir Apfelot Newsreel. Also this time I will present you the Apple and tech news that I have particularly noticed in the last few days. These include the following reports for calendar week 19 of 2022: Moon, Mars and other space news, EU plans for age verification and youth protection on the web, Google Maps with new 3D views, Netflix plans advertising and ways against account sharing, Apple Trade-In is currently more lucrative, and a lot more.

The news from Sir Apfelot Newsreel in calendar week 19 of 2022 includes: Mars, the Moon, the James Webb Telescope, Netflix, Google Maps, the iCloud Drive, children on the Internet, indie games on the Nintendo Switch and more .

The news from Sir Apfelot Newsreel in calendar week 19 of 2022 includes: Mars, the Moon, the James Webb Telescope, Netflix, Google Maps, the iCloud Drive, children on the Internet, indie games on the Nintendo Switch and more .

James Webb Space Telescope delivers first images

This week I found several space news at heise online. The first that I want to present to you concerns the James Webb Space Telescope. This has delivered its first image and, in comparison with previous photos taken by the Spitzer telescope, shows the improvement in quality that can be expected in the future. The first transmitted image comes from the "Mid-Infrared" instrument and provides a preview of the images that may follow in the official research (from summer 2022). You come to the report from heise online with this link. To the image source with further details on the telescopes and images from ESA it goes here.

Plants growing in lunar soil: a foretaste of colonization?

The next news concerns the moon and soil samples that were brought back from Earth's satellite as part of the Apollo missions. As in a current Entry means that scientists have succeeded in growing cruciferous plants in it. With the plant thale cress cultivated in the lunar soil, however, one has not resorted to a nutritious vegetable, but according to the source to a "weed". In addition, it says: "NASA commissioned the study ahead of the Artemis mission to the moon's south pole. Water is suspected there that could be used by astronauts in plant cultivation and supply.“ Go to the NASA source Right this way.

Mars helicopter Ingenuity: Recharging batteries is becoming increasingly difficult

Winter is about to begin on Mars. In addition, there is more and more dust in the atmosphere of the red planet. Both factors mean that the solar panels that the Mars Ingenuity helicopter uses to charge its batteries are no longer performing as well. It is said that contact was broken last week in this source. It also contains a workaround for securing the battery status: instead of starting at -15°C, the small helicopter's heating systems should only start when the battery temperature is -40°C. The electricity stored during the day should last longer at night. There is also one for this message NASA source.

Artificial planetary constellations: conceivable, but also discoverable?

In addition to practical space travel and exploration, let's get to the theory. Artificially changed orbits of exoplanets are currently a theoretical research topic. The goal of the shifted celestial bodies can be a message to future civilizations or life forms. "Potential extraterrestrial civilizations could alter the arrangement of the planets in a star system so that patterns not found in nature persist long after they disappear“, It says in this message. Unnatural number sequences, prime numbers and other sequences could be used as orbital resonances. You come to the original source here .

The EU has plans for age verification on the web

Let's get back to the earth and its spanning network, the Internet. The EU plans to monitor and audit online content more closely. The aim is to get more youth protection on the way. The draft for a corresponding set of rules is entitled "EU strategy for the protection and empowerment of children in the online world," says one Post by iFun. In addition to chat controls based on algorithms, which are intended, among other things, to recognize contact with minors with intent to abuse them, there are plans to keep content circulating on the Internet such as self-harm, eating disorders and pornography away from adolescents. This requires anonymous proof of age with a standard applicable in all member states. There are official sources here and here .

Immersive 3D views of cities planned on Google Maps

“Google Maps instead of drone flight” will still be the motto in 2022, because the map service of the Internet’s most well-known search engine is getting more immersive 3D views that, thanks to AI, combine a wide variety of aerial and satellite images. The high-quality 3D render graphics, which are used as textures for the 3D models, should allow a realistic view of the cities. You will also be able to fly through individual buildings/facilities (see below). So if you've ever wanted to see map material and game content from Anno 1800, then it won't be long, shows MacRumors, among others here on. There is also a video for this:

Netflix plans to advertise and block account sharing in 2022

Another development that internet users are expected to see this year concerns the streaming provider Netflix. This is reported by iFun with a Entry and routes them to those of Netflix tweeted in 2017 as well as the now badly aged words "Love is sharing a password". Because the sharing of passwords for household-wide access to one and the same account is soon to be put a stop to. In addition, a subscription model is being planned that is cheaper than the others but contains advertising. We are curious to see how much savings are offset by how much advertising.

iCloud Drive takes over the tasks of "Documents and Data"

As already announced for the respective users, Apple has made an adjustment to its cloud services. iFun follows up on that with another one this week Articles a. The “Documents and Data” synchronization service is therefore deactivated. Its functions, namely synchronizing data with the iCloud and making it available on other devices (used with the same Apple ID), are taken over by the iCloud Drive. The whole thing was announced by Apple a year ago. If you are not sure whether everything will work for you after the changeover, check the presence of the tick / green slider at:

  • Mac: System Preferences -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive
  • iPhone: Settings -> User name (top) -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive

Until the end of May there will be more for the old Apple device

Until May 31, 2022, there will be a larger credit for the purchase of a new Apple device for old devices that have been submitted. "Get more credit when you trade in a qualifying Apple device to purchase a new device. This is how you can really save on a device that you will love", says the official Action page. In the tables for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and other devices, however, Apple only shows the temporarily higher trade-in values. The comparison to the previous values ​​is suppressed. Depending on the device and model, the bonus for the iPhone is up to 40 euros, for the iPad up to 50 euros, for the Mac (only) up to 20 euros and for the Apple Watch up to 20 euros ( ).

Indie World May 11, 2022 - Indie Games for the Nintendo Switch

Let's close today's Sir Apfelot newsreel again with the subject of video games. Ports and all-new titles by indie developers for the Nintendo Switch were unveiled this week in the form of a new "Indie World" video. The games are Ooblets, Batora: Lost Haven, ElecHead, Soundfall, Wildfrost, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS), Gunbrella, We are OFK, SILT, Mini Motorways, Wayward Strand, Cult of the Lamb, Another Crab's Treasure and a few more. Here is the video about it:

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