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Walk in for this week's Sir Apfelot Newsreel, the series of articles in which I bring you the Apple and tech news that's particularly caught my eye over the past few days. This time we take a look at the news from calendar week 20 of the year 2022. These reports include: Details on advertising at Disney +, Netflix plans live content, EU with new ideas for Internet expansion, free documentary about Dieter Rams , possible Bluetooth vulnerability on the iPhone, rumors about upcoming Apple devices and much more.

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel of calendar week 20 in 2022 you will find the following topics, among others: Disney+ with advertising, Netflix is ​​planning live content, real-time bidding on advertising data sets from Google, Dieter Rams turns 90, subscription prices in the Apple App Store subscriptions and more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel of calendar week 20 in 2022 you will find the following topics, among others: Disney+ with advertising, Netflix is ​​planning live content, real-time bidding on advertising data sets from Google, Dieter Rams turns 90, subscription prices in the Apple App Store subscriptions and more!

Disney+ with advertising: details on the cheaper subscription

It has been clear for some time now that Disney+ will soon have one for less money, but with advertising, in addition to the existing subscriptions. Such as Variety at this point reported, details of these plans are said to have come to light. One of the statements in the linked article is that the commercials should take up a maximum of four minutes per hour of streaming. In addition, the advertising should be kept family-friendly, which z. B. Excludes spots for alcohol or political content. Furthermore, no advertising for the streaming competition or other production studios should be allowed.

Netflix is ​​planning live content for its platform

Netflix is ​​also said to have an ad-supported subscription up its sleeve. But that is not what this paragraph is about. Like iFun in a Entry shows, live streaming content is also being planned. The daily live broadcasts could therefore be comedy specials and reality shows. In order to use the live aspect sensibly, the participation of the spectators is being considered. Polls and polls may be available through certain menus in the TV app and in the Browser to be possible. They can probably be integrated even more conveniently into the mobile app. Other content could be festivals (music, comedy, etc.) and sporting events.

EU and Internet: Liability for data breaches and participation in network expansion

Data breaches and network expansion are currently major topics in the big picture of the internet. The EU is currently dealing with both topics – as heise online shows here and here on. In the first post, with regard to corporate cybersecurity, it is stated that “Hold the executives of the covered companies, state-owned companies and possibly also government agencies accountable for any violations of the enhanced cybersecurity compliance obligations [are].” This means: If a digital infrastructure in the facilities is not sufficiently secured and user data is thereby jeopardized, penalties can be imposed.

The second linked source is about network expansion and its financing. Since Internet companies, such as streaming providers, need a well-developed network for large amounts of data traffic, they should also pay for it. The required infrastructure should therefore be maintained and expanded through percentage taxes - similar to tax-financed work on the road network. "The EU member states are calling for US platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft and Netflix to contribute money to expand the telecommunications infrastructure", it says in the heise article. The goal is that in 2030 gigabit connections should be possible everywhere.

Ian Goodfellow is back at Alphabet (aka Google)

In case the name Ian Goodfellow doesn't mean anything to you: he is probably one of the most cited experts in the field of machine learning. Not only has he worked on a standard work on the subject, he also switched from Google to Apple in 2019 (we reported). But earlier this month he left Apple again, partly because the iPhone maker was pushing for employees to return to the office (we reported again). As now MacRumors in relation to Bloomberg shows, it didn't take him long to find another job. He now appears to be working for DeepMind, a machine learning subcontractor of Alphabet, Google's parent company.

Selling records and matching Apple commercial

"Real-time bidding is about the precise display of advertising on apps and websites. A report reveals the extent to which data is transferred“ – this is how heise online conducted one this week interesting post a. The process called Real Time Bidding enables advertisers to display their ads precisely thanks to the use of collected data. The linked source describes this in more detail. For the summary here, however, the numbers are even more interesting: Google collects 19,6 million data records per minute in Germany. Around 4700 companies in the USA can access Google data to place advertising.

Appropriately, Apple presented a new commercial this week, which is intended to emphasize the proprietary data protection offered. Tailored to the current study on "bidding", the spot revolves around an auction of a user's data - including chat histories, photos, contacts and more. You can watch the clip, which lasts a little over a minute and a half by means of this link watch on YouTube or play via the following embedded player:

For Dieter Rams' 90th birthday: Free documentary until tomorrow

Dieter Rams is an important personality when it comes to design - especially industrial and product design - and the corresponding design guidelines. Today's birthday boy became famous through the design of electronic devices from the manufacturer Braun. Furthermore, in the 1970s he formulated “ten theses for good design”, which are still used today. But why the mention in an Apple blog? Because etc Jony Ive, the former chief designer at Apple, was heavily based on Rams' work - the calculator app on Mac, iPhone and Co. is still inspired by the Braun ET 66.

Are you now interested in the life and work of Dieter Rams? Then you can watch the documentary "Rams" for free until tomorrow on the "Oh You Pretty Things" website. You come to the video, which is a little over 70 minutes long with this link.

TU Darmstadt: Low-power mode of the iPhone serves as a security gap

Even if the Apple iPhone (with the current operating system) is switched off, it still transmits. This is ensured by the so-called low-power mode, which should help, for example, to locate a lost or stolen iPhone with an empty battery. In addition to Bluetooth, the smartphone also transmits via NFC and ultra-wideband under certain circumstances. However, the Bluetooth interfaces in particular are said to be particularly susceptible to unwanted unauthorized access, reports heise online with reference to the TU Darmstadt. "The problem here is that the Bluetooth chip does not sign and encrypt the firmware, so manipulation is possible“, It says among other things.

Apple App Store: Automatic price increase for subscriptions is now possible

While the last paragraph shouldn't be all that relevant for private users of the iPhone, it is this message of this week's iPhone ticker all the more explosive. Because Apple has now made it possible for providers of apps in the App Store to increase the prices of current subscriptions. So if one of your app subscriptions ends up being charged more than usual in the future, then that's probably entirely within the applicable app store guidelines. There are a few caps, though, that the iPhone maker has in a developer news states:

  • A price increase may not be made more than once a year
  • The price increase cannot be more than $5 or 50% (monthly payment)
  • The price increase cannot be more than $50 or 50% (annual payment)
  • The procedure is only made possible in countries and regions where this is legally permissible
  • The change affects the app stores for iPhone (iOS), iPad (iPadOS) and Mac (macOS)

Apple rumours: Headset postponement and colorful e-paper

Let's round off this post with a few rumours. The first is about Apple's long-talked about VR and AR headset. This is currently expected for the end of 2023, but could be postponed due to technical and organizational difficulties in the ongoing development. Technical discrepancies are said to affect the battery, the cameras and the software. details about it here at MacRumors. Likewise a message From MacRumors it can be seen that an "Electronic Paper Display" could be used for future folding devices, such as an iPad-MacBook hybrid. The "E-Paper Displays: Better colors and a video-ready screen"-Articles from heise online.

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