Sir Apfelot newsreel week 20, 2024

Once again the weekend is just around the corner, once again there is a Sir Apfelot newsreel. This time I'll show you which Apple and tech news caught my eye in calendar week 20 of 2024. Our other reports include: GPT-4o as a fast, free OpenAI offer, ChatGPT being discussed as an iOS feature, first official preview of operating aids for new Apple systems, bug in iOS 17.5 raises doubts about Apple's privacy promise, new ones Console emulators in the App Store, and more!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 20 of 2024 you will find these messages, among others: GPT-4o free for everyone, feature preview for new Apple systems, iOS 17.5 bug restores deleted content, new emulators in the App Store, and more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 20 of 2024 you will find these messages, among others: GPT-4o free for everyone, feature preview for new Apple systems, iOS 17.5 bug restores deleted content, new emulators in the App Store, and more!

OpenAI introduces GPT-4o for free and paid accounts

OpenAI presented its new AI model “GPT-4o” in a presentation. This is based on the already known GPT-4, but should work even faster, speak more languages ​​and be able to interpret images better. The GPT-4o model will be available to all ChatGPT users, starting with those who have a paid subscription. These will also be prioritized when playing out the Mac app, which has also been announced. After a transition period, everything is available for free. In addition to the app for macOS, a version for Windows is scheduled to appear later this year (Which).

ChatGPT as the default application under iOS 18 on the iPhone?

Already in March I reported to you that Apple probably won't be able to integrate its own chatbot AI into its operating systems this year. Google with “Gemini” and OpenAI with “ChatGPT” were therefore discussed as possible partners for the integration of third-party services. While Gemini looked like the favorite, ChatGPT is now apparently being introduced as the default offering under iOS 18 on the iPhone. According to insider information, the deal is said to have already been concluded (Which). We'll know more in June after the opening event of WWDC24.

iOS / iPadOS 18, macOS 15, visionOS 2 and more: First feature preview

Apple has made it a habit to demonstrate new features between the official presentations of new operating systems, which traditionally take place in June. An example would be this Presentation of security mechanisms on the iPhone in December 2022. And although we don't have to wait another month until WWDC24, Apple is already coming out with a few innovations. The focus is on new operating aids, such as eye tracking for operating the iPad with restricted movement. Haptic functions for music playback, voice shortcuts without “Siri”, a better display magnifier and more are also included. Overall, there are innovations for iPhone, iPad, Vision Pro, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Details are here.

Web Eraser: Unconfirmed Safari feature is already causing controversy

Blocking ads on websites is a double-edged sword. For users, it provides the opportunity to use the main content without distraction. This means that income opportunities are lost for the people behind the website. And that's why the News Media Association (NMA), an advocacy group of about 900 publications, is complaining to Apple based on a Safari rumor. The so-called “Web Eraser” is intended to make it possible to delete unwanted website content from the display. Safari should then remember this over several sessions so that advertising etc. can be permanently hidden. It is not yet clear whether the function will actually come to Apple devices (Which).

Apple Vision Pro: Worldwide sales are getting closer

Official sales of the Apple Vision Pro will soon also take place outside the USA. The new markets will include Germany, France and China. This is said to be evident from the fact that Apple has brought hundreds of store employees from different countries to California to prepare them for appointments with those interested in Vision Pro. The sale in the Apple Store is accompanied by an adjustment of the VR glasses as well as advice and an introduction to its use - in total it should be a 20-minute procedure. In addition to the countries mentioned, the Vision Pro will soon also be available in Australia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore (Which).

Bug in iOS 17.5: Deleted photos and messages are restored

The iPhone update was released earlier this week to the operating system version iOS 17.5 rolled out. However, this data package, which is actually full of positive innovations and adjustments, also seems to contain a bug that raises doubts about Apple's privacy promise. According to some reports on X, Reddit and Co., content that was partially deleted years ago is suddenly reappearing. These include photos (which should actually be completely removed after 30 days), messages and voice messages. Particularly tricky: Photos from the previous user are said to have appeared on devices that have been properly reset and used with a new Apple ID. The error has not yet been officially confirmed by Apple or fixed with a patch (Which).

Apple Newsroom: No end to the anti-sideloading campaign

With iOS 17.4 and iOS 17.5, you can now download apps on your iPhone not only from the official App Store, but also from “alternative app marketplaces” and websites. These options are also coming to the iPad with iPadOS 18. Apple wants to keep users in its own ecosystem and is once again playing the danger prevention card. In one press release is credited with preventing $7 billion in fraudulent transactions over the last four years. In 2023, almost 118.000 developer accounts were deleted, over 91.000 fraudulent account creations were stopped and almost 374 million fraudulent user accounts were deactivated. Further figures and explanations can be found in the linked article.

No Delta? No problem! More console emulators in the App Store

A few weeks ago, the Delta app made a lot of waves because it is one of the most useful emulators for retro consoles on the iPhone and iPad. Here in the EU we couldn't and can't download them from the Apple App Store, but have to take the detour via that AltStore (free) or AltStore PAL (paid) .

Now there are a few new additions to Apple's app department that can be downloaded for free as emulators for games from old Nintendo, Sega, Sony and other consoles. In addition to the iPhone and iPad, some of them can also be used on the Apple TV and the Vision Pro. Here are a few interesting representatives of this app category:

  • RetroArch: Emulator for various consoles from Atari, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega, Sony and more on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Vision, Apple TV
  • PPSSPP: Emulator for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Vision
  • Gamma: Emulator for the Sony PlayStation 1 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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