Sir Apfelot newsreel week 24, 2022

Once again the weekend is just around the corner. In large parts of Germany it will be very hot in the coming days. So stay inside, grab a cool drink and read the Sir Apfelot newsreel which Apple and tech news I particularly noticed in calendar week 24 of 2022. Among other things, these reports are included: Results of the Federal Network Agency broadband measurement, medical transports via drone, Federal Cartel Office examines Apple's tracking regulations, rumors about the new iPad with USB-C connection, watch "For All Mankind" for free, and much more.

Also included in the Sir apfelot newsreel for calendar week 24 of 2022: broadband measurement annual report 2020/21 from the Federal Network Agency, MediCargo as a successful model, macOS system settings become simple settings, rumors about the 2nd generation of Apple's MR headset and the 10th Gen of the iPad, and some more.
Also included in the Sir apfelot newsreel for calendar week 24 of 2022: broadband measurement annual report 2020/21 from the Federal Network Agency, MediCargo as a successful model, macOS system settings become simple settings, rumors about the 2nd generation of Apple's MR headset and the 10th Gen of the iPad, and some more.

Federal Network Agency: Annual report 2020/21 on broadband measurement

At the beginning of the year I already had you guys Broadband measurement app presented by the Federal Network Agency. You can use these e.g. You can use it, for example, to regularly check your internet connection for download and upload rates that can be achieved. Since the end of last year, you can at least get a discount if the measured values ​​are permanently significantly below the maximum values ​​with which your tariff is advertised. The Federal Network Agency has now published a report on how many users of said app this affects. This consists of one 75-page PDF and an interactive website. In summary, one can say: the contractually agreed data transmission rate was only achieved or exceeded for 36,5%.

MediCargo: Blood transport by drone successfully tested

A fast system for the transport of blood products was tested at the University Hospital Ulm in cooperation with the DRK blood donation service Baden-Württemberg-Hessen and the ADAC air rescue service. In two years there have been over 100 drone flights, which have significantly reduced the transport time compared to conventional transport routes on the road. The range of uses for blood as well as tissue or medication is 120 km. The drone used is a hexacopter with precise GPS, a parachute and a triple security system. It can fly a set route independently, but can also be controlled manually. Detailed information on the two-year test and the possible expansion of the program can be found in the press release of the ADAC as well as in the following video.

Doesn't Apple stick to its own tracking requirements?

To answer this question, the Federal Cartel Office now wants to start an investigation. That berichtet including heise online. "There is initial suspicion that Apple's tracking transparency initiative favors its own services and hinders other companies' it says in the introduction. It is emphasized that although Apple imposes strict rules on third parties, it does not seem to adhere to them itself. The contribution works this report by the Federal Cartel Office back where you can read all the details. Furthermore, the article contains a statement from Apple that Apple sees no differences, apps with the consent of the users can use their data for advertising and that Apple "work constructively with the Federal Cartel Office [will]to clarify any questions".

macOS Ventura: System settings are boiled down to settings

When I read the headline "New in macOS 13: Preferences instead of System Preferences“ the associated Entry from iFun, I thought that only the name of the corresponding section would be renamed in macOS. After all, it would be a good adaptation to iOS, iPadOS and Co., where settings instead of system settings are mentioned. But as it turned out, the customization goes even further: Instead of the familiar tiles and explanatory videos for individual options, from macOS 13 on the Mac there seems to be the lists of settings areas familiar from the iPhone and iPad. If you select one of the list items, only selection fields, sliders and similar rather "lifeless" interfaces appear. Details, comparison images and information about the new "Human Interface Guidelines" can be found in the linked source.

Stage Manager only on M1 iPads: Apple was dissatisfied with tests on older models

Even after WWDC22 and the Keynote, which was used to present new systems, functions and hardware, there are still new information and details on individual content. MacRumors, for example, explains in a report why the "Internship Manager' feature of iPadOS 16 will initially only be available on M1 models of the iPad. Referring to an interview with Craig Federighi, it is shown that the function could also be made to work on older models with an A chip, but not with the user experience that Apple was striving for. The way Stage Manager now works and feels to users could only be implemented on iPad models with M-chip.

Apparently Apple is already planning a second mixed reality headset

Rumors about a mixed reality headset from Apple that is said to offer both VR and AR are persistent. So far, however, neither the hardware nor the associated software has been presented. That keeps The Elec (here) but not from interpreting signals from the supply chain in the direction of the second generation of the MR headset. The report states that Sony's MicroLED panels are to be used for the first generation. LG will then supply the MicroLED panels for the second generation. Let's see where the MR journey goes. Current forecasts assume that the Apple headset will be launched in the first half of 2023.

New entry-level iPad should have A14 chip, 5G and USB-C connection

After 9to5Mac based on its own sources iPad Air with M1 chip and 5G "predicted" and was therefore correct, there is now a new attempt with reference to the same sources. In a current Article the 10th generation iPad is described, which is said to have an A14 chip, 5G mobile communications and a USB-C connection. That would mean that later this year, the entire iPad range will be available with a USB-C instead of a Lightning connector. The performance of the new tablet should increase by about 14% due to the A13 chip compared to the predecessor, which has the A30 chip installed. 

Apple tv+ series "For All Mankind": Watch the first season for free now

If you want to beat the heat of the weekend indoors, you can while away the time there with For All Mankind — even if you don't have an Apple tv+ subscription. As a promotional campaign for the new season, you can currently watch the first season for free. You can find information about the series, a trailer, the individual episodes, additional content and so on on the relevant website as well as in the TV app from Apple. Speaking of heat: here you will find quiet fans and Here you will find laptop coolers.

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