Sir Apfelot newsreel week 25, 2022

Summer is really here now, the thermometer often shows over 30°C in large parts of the country and quiet fans are in demand again. But first things first. Since it's Friday today, a new edition of the Sir Apfelot newsreel is coming up. This time I will show you which Apple and tech news I particularly noticed in calendar week 25 of 2022. Included are e.g. B. This news: Web version of Photoshop for free, cheap Netflix with ads, Apple seems to be planning no Metaverse (but faces unions), YouTube on the Apple Watch, and more!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 25 of the year 2022 you will find the following news: Cartel Office against Alphabet / Google Maps, trade unions at Apple in the USA, YouTube on your wrist, Photoshop for free on the web, Metaverse Standards Forum, and more!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 25 of the year 2022 you will find the following news: Cartel Office against Alphabet / Google Maps, trade unions at Apple in the USA, YouTube on your wrist, Photoshop for free on the web, Metaverse Standards Forum, and more!

Federal Cartel Office against Alphabet and Google Maps

Last week's Sir Apfelot newsreel was about the Investigations by the Federal Cartel Office against Apple. The iPhone manufacturer should not stick to its own tracking rules and thus disadvantage the competition. Google Maps and the Google parent company Alphabet are now also being scrutinized. The Bundeskartellamt complains, for example, that the search engine giant's map material cannot be combined with the offers of third parties. Like the iPhone ticker in one Entry shows, the Google Automotive Services are also examined in this context. It is emphasized that this is also interesting for Apple. A complete CarPlay solution for vehicles was only recently presented.

Photoshop web app soon free for everyone?

Adobe started using Photoshop as a web application in October 2021App to offer. If you have an account for Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use the browser application. It's not free though - at least not if you're outside of Canada. Because the free version of the Photoshop web app is being tested there. It is the goal, it says in one Entry by The Verge to introduce more people to photo and image editing software. The offer of Photoshop in Browser should also ensure - whether free of charge or subject to a fee - that users can use the software even if their computer is not designed for the program to be stored on the hard drive. It is not known if and when the offer will also be free in this country.

Cheaper Netflix subscription with ads officially confirmed

After one Disney+ subscription with ads a Netflix subscription with a lower price and counter-financing through commercials is now to come. iFun points this out in a Entry there. According to the linked source, the plans were confirmed by Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos himself. The fourth subscription model for Netflix customers should not only help to save or give those interested in financial means the opportunity to stream. Rather, it could serve as a cheap fallback if the previous three subscription models become too expensive for someone after a renewed price increase. Currently you already pay around 8 euros, 13 euros and 18 euros per month. Additional costs should come to users who share accounts across multiple households.

Metaverse alliance with all industry giants - except Apple

If you still don't know what a metaverse or metaverse is, then no problem. On the one hand you are not missing anything important at the moment, and on the other hand you can read about the necessary knowledge here in the blog: What is a metaverse / metaverse? So if you now know what's behind the virtual world, you might be interested in the new group of companies that are individually working on their own metaverse solutions, but want to create a common standard. Microsoft, Nvidia, Epic Games, Sony, Adobe, Sony, Meta, IKEA and many more are participating in the "Metaverse Standards Forum" ( ). There is no mention of Apple in the press release, which could mean that the iPhone manufacturer will not be pursuing any (own) Metaverse goals with its VR/AR headset.

First Apple Store speaks out in favor of a union

Unions within the Apple group have been a hot topic in recent weeks and months. And they will remain so for a while. Apple employees who support the unions have now been able to celebrate a success: At the end of last week, a branch in Maryland spoke out in favor of a union organization. This is reported, among other things, by iFun in one Articles. Accordingly, in a vote, 65 to 33 employees voted in favor of working with the parent union "International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers" (IAM). Similar votes and thus similar results could soon be found in over 20 other US branches.

New in iOS 16: Even more Apple apps can be uninstalled

Providers of operating systems and manufacturers of smartphones are happy to deliver the devices with pre-installed apps - whether the users need them or not. From iOS 16, however, even more apps preinstalled by Apple than before should be able to be deleted to make room. This is shown by the iPhone ticker in a current one Entry with reference to the current one Beta version of the iPhone operating system. How the “Built-in apps you can delete from the device” list of Apple iPhone ( here) in the iOS 16 beta e.g. B. expanded to "Where is?", "Health" and "Clock". Da where is? is needed to find other devices and AirTags and because the clock app also has an alarm clock function, I personally see little use in it.

Also new in iOS 16: Face ID can be used in landscape format

In order to unlock the iPhone with your face, you still have to hold it upright in portrait mode. But that should change with iOS 16, which will be released in autumn. Then Face ID can also be used in landscape format or in landscape mode. I got that in one this week Entry read by iTopNews. Here, too, reference is made to a current beta version that was released in the run-up to the release of the iOS 16 upgrade. However, there seem to be limitations. While Face ID has been used since the iPhone X (2017), Face ID in landscape mode could only work from the iPhone 13 (2021). According to the linked source, this is indicated by current field reports.

YouTube on Apple Watch: Play videos on your wrist

Play music, listen to podcasts, watch a documentary, learn from a tutorial, watch the news, and do even more on YouTube—now it's all on your wrist. Because for the Apple Watch you will find in the App Store the WatchTube app. In addition to playing videos, many other functions can also be used: subscribe to channels, get videos suggested, read comments and so on. The app is free and currently has a rating of 4,1/5 stars. According to the developer Hugo Mason, no data is collected from users. On the linked App Store page you will find more information and of course the download for the Apple Watch.

Mac operating systems from 1984 to today

Recently you can find information, data and content of all versions of Macintosh System, Mac OS, Mac OS X, OS X and macOS not only in our blog in the post "List: Mac OS, OS X and macOS operating systems with name and version number at a glance" look at. Because there is now a video that covers all versions of Apple's computer operating systems from the beginning in 1984 up to macOS 13 Adventure from 2022 in moving images. You can watch the video with the following embedded player:


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