Sir Apfelot newsreel week 30, 2023

And there it is again, the Sir Apfelot newsreel. Also this Friday you will find out which Apple and tech news I noticed during the week. The reports of calendar week 30 of 2023 include the following: KulturPass experiment seems to be successful, Schufa app "bonify" with data leaks, Android is supposed to warn of Bluetooth trackers, Apple publishes important updates for current and Legacy Systems, Novel Exterior Displays for Apple Autonomous Car, and More!

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In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 30 of 2023 you will find the following reports, among others: KulturPass is being further developed, bonify app with data leak, Android with its own tracker detection, updates for Apple systems, Apple patent for external displays, and more !
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 30 of 2023 you will find the following reports, among others: KulturPass is being further developed, bonify app with data leak, Android with its own tracker detection, updates for Apple systems, Apple patent for external displays, and more !

The KulturPass is well used

The KulturPass is an offer from the federal government that applies to everyone who is celebrating their 18th birthday this year. They get a budget of 200 euros that they can use for cultural expenses - concerts, books, sound carriers, theater tickets and so on. The offer can be used via app since mid-June. According to official information, it willvery well used' and should even be expanded for younger people. "With the project, the federal government is following the example of other European countries that have already introduced a culture pass. If successful, the program can be opened up to young people aged 16 to 17 in a second step", it says accordingly. (Which)

bonify - Schufa app can provide insights into third-party data records

With bonify, a simple and supposedly data-saving way of realizing a free credit score query via app should come to the smartphone. But not only have consumer protection centers warned against entering account data into the app, security researcher Lilith Wittmann has also managed to retrieve third-party data records - above all Jens Spahn's credit score and tenant information. In her documentation of the case, she also mentions that the bankident procedure used in the bonify app is insecure. The summary of the successful data theft states, among other things, "The Schufa bought a startup that does not even have absolute basic knowledge in the field of software architecture and just somehow chops together some processes.“ (Which)

Still in July: Android systems warn of AirTags and other trackers

According to a Google blog post, an update will be rolled out for devices with Android 6 (from 2015) and newer in the near future, thanks to which unwanted Bluetooth trackers will be recognized and displayed directly by the system. Third party apps like tracker detection (Apple) or AirGuard (TU Darmstadt) are then theoretically no longer necessary. Google also states that its own tracking system "Find My Device Network" has been postponed because it is still waiting for Apple to integrate its own warning system counterpart for it into iOS and iPadOS. But this should happen by the end of the year. The whole thing goes back to the joint efforts of the technology giants and other partners who Communicated for the first time in early May became. (Which)

Apple releases important updates for various operating systems

If you haven't checked your Apple device's settings this week and kept your eyes peeled for new system updates, then you should take a moment to do so over the weekend. Because Apple has issued a few important updates for both current and past operating systems. I personally this week z. B. iOS 16.6 and macOS 13.5 loaded. However, these updates were also issued to close security gaps at various levels: iPadOS 16.6, iOS 15.7.8 and iPadOS 15.7.8, macOS 12.6.8, macOS 11.7.9, tvOS 16.6 and watchOS 9.6. You can find out what the updates bring in detail in the support document HT201222 look up.

Heat in southern Europe: iPhones are too hot in Sardinia and Sicily

A recent heat wave has caused new problems in several parts of the world - as if the climate crisis didn't already have enough in store. Referring to a Bloomberg article, the iPhone ticker showed this week that z. B. in Southern Europe became too hot for the regular operation of smartphones. On the Apple iPhone, for example, there is a protective mechanism that restricts operation and battery charging at temperatures above 35°C. With temperatures up to 48,8°C in Sardinia and Sicily, the Apple smartphone displayed the message “Temperature. The iPhone needs to cool down before it can be used". The display can only be ignored in emergencies. It will probably be seen more often in the future. (Sources: 1, 2)

Game mode: In addition to macOS Sonoma, apparently also under iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

Then, when it's cool enough to use the iPhone, it might be even better used for video games in the future. On the Mac you can from macOS Sonoma use game modeto reserve resources for the game and improve Bluetooth communication with controllers and headphones. This week, various sources speculated that these possibilities will also come to the iPhone with iOS 17 – as well as to the iPad with iPadOS 17. One refers z. For example, 9to5Mac looks at the code for the fourth beta of iOS 17, which Apple recently issued to testers and developers. (Which)

Gaming on the Mac: Will macOS turn Sonoma around?

Apple Pay - New features or just a summer campaign?

There are new hash flags for the two hashtags #ApplePay and #PayTheAppleWay on Twitter (or "X", as it's idiotically called now). A circle with a tick in it will appear after each hashtag. On the one hand, this could indicate an advertising campaign for the summer, for which there will be (at least) one YouTube video as an advertising spot over the next few days. On the other hand, it is rumored that the hash flags could be an indication of the activation of new Apple Pay features or the introduction of the Apple Card in additional countries and regions. Regarding new features, a "Pay Later" function and an "Apple Pay Cash" function are rumored to be in the pipeline. (Sources: 1, 2)

Apple Car: Easy-to-read exterior screens for communicating with pedestrians

Autonomously driving passenger vehicles – in addition to taxis, minibuses and buses – not only have to be able to communicate with other cars and traffic systems. Communication with pedestrians must also be made possible somehow, for example to tell them that they can cross the street and that the car will only drive on once this has happened. As the specialist website Patently Apple now shows, Apple has developed a display technology that is used for text and image output and should be perfectly legible even in strong sunlight. Sunlight should be reflected downwards while aligning the screen display in the direction people are facing. (Which)

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