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Like you Last newsreel podcast for now As you have probably already gathered, the long-form talk format has been put on hold for now. Accordingly, there are now no further articles with summaries and sources of the individual podcast topics. But you still don't have to miss a news article at the end of the week - because we have simply revived the old "Sir Apfelot newsreel" format. That's why you'll now find the Apple and tech news here that caught my eye in calendar week 4 of 2024. These messages include: Netflix is ​​canceling the basic subscription for everyone, too much automatically translated web content, sideloading on the iPhone is coming, security updates for old systems, and more!

The Sir Apfelot newsreel is back! The topics for calendar week 4 in 2024 include: Netflix is ​​abolishing the basic subscription for everyone, Amazon discovers too much automatically translated web content, NFC opening and sideloading for the iPhone with iOS 17.4, Oscar nominations for Apple Movies, and more!
The Sir Apfelot newsreel is back! The topics for calendar week 4 in 2024 include: Netflix is ​​abolishing the basic subscription for everyone, Amazon discovers too much automatically translated web content, NFC opening and sideloading for the iPhone with iOS 17.4, Oscar nominations for Apple Movies, and more!

Netflix is ​​also eliminating the “basic” subscription for existing subscribers

I showed you already in July 2023that Netflix is ​​gradually making its “basic subscription” disappear. At that time it was no longer offered to new customers in North America. In Germany it was only hidden in the subscription overview (see linked article).

You can no longer book it in Germany. And those who booked the basic Netflix subscription when it was still possible will soon have to say goodbye. As early as the second quarter of 2024, users in Canada and Great Britain will have to switch to the more expensive “standard” tariff or to the cheap subscription with advertising breaks. Here in Germany the changes could also take effect in 2024 (Which):

  • Standard subscription with advertising: €4,99/month
  • Basic subscription: €7,99/month
  • Standard subscription: €12,99/month
  • Premium subscription: €17,99/month

The proportion of automatically translated web content is “shockingly” large

A study conducted by people from AWS AI Labs, the Amazon Alexa Team and the University of California, Santa Barbara reveals interesting figures about the linguistic design of web texts. We examined in detail how large the proportion of automatically translated texts is. One focus is on “multi-way parallism” (translating a text into several languages) and the associated loss of quality.

To do this, we looked at which texts were available in their original language and in other languages ​​and were transferred using machine translation. Already from the title of the eleven-page document the conclusion is: “A Shocking Amount of the Web is Machine Translated“. Above all, poor source material and its translation into less used and therefore less machine-trained languages ​​make the en masse material inferior - for real readers and for AI models to be trained alike.

Apple presents plans to open up NFC within the EU

It's not just the app monopoly on the iPhone and iPad that has caused the European Commission to argue with Apple over the last few years. The EU also investigated the possible uses of NFC (Near Field Communication) on the iPhone - and asked Apple to give up its monopoly. It wasn't about the general use of NFC, but rather specifically about the possibility of contactless payment with Apple Pay alternatives.

In detail, it is about the options for users to use wallets and digital payment systems other than those offered by Apple (i.e. Google Pay, PayPal, etc. instead of just Apple Pay). Apple has now presented a plan that includes, among other things, allowing third-party wallets to use NFC technology, allowing corresponding payment apps within the EU and giving users the opportunity to use Apple Pay alternatives as payment options. Set up standard. (Sources: 1, 2)

Apple will allow iPhone sideloading from March – with several hurdles

Yesterday Apple announced its plans to enable App Store alternatives on the iPhone. The changes for iOS and the App Store will be implemented within the EU at the beginning of March with the update to iOS 17.4. In the associated documents, Apple once again points out the possible dangers of purchasing apps outside of its own app store. That's why security mechanisms (or hurdles for developers) are implemented. There is also a lot of moaning when a Safari change is announced. Breaking down the whole topic here would go beyond the scope. So take a look here:

Updates for old systems alongside iOS / iPadOS / tvOS 17.3, watchOS 10.3 and macOS 14.3

Apple rolled out updates for its current operating systems at the beginning of the week. I addressed this with, among other things, these articles: What's coming to the Apple iPhone with iOS 17.3? and “AppleCare & Warranty” – New menu item from iOS 17.3 and macOS 14.3.

In addition to the updates for the systems currently running on the latest Apple devices, it is also worth taking a look at the offers for older devices and systems. The content to close critical security gaps was also used there. If you use older systems, download the updates to iOS / iPadOS 16.7.5, iOS / iPadOS 15.8.1, macOS 13.6.4 and macOS 12.7.3 (Which).

Apple is set to become the first buyer for TSMC's 2nm chips

With the last Apple silicon generation, the A17 Pro in the iPhone and the M3 series in the Mac, Apple has already implemented chips with 3-nanometer architecture. But even more transistors should fit on small chips and SoC models. And this should make them even more powerful and efficient. In order to realize this, Apple's most important chip manufacturer TSMC is already working on 2-nanometer technology and the necessary production facilities. Once everything is ready, Apple will be the first buyer, according to media reports.

The new production facilities are necessary not only because of the high demand, but also because the complex manufacturing process is very different from its predecessor. But that is not enough. After Apple is the first device manufacturer to be allowed to use TSMC chips with 2 nm architecture, they also want to grab the first chip models with 1,4 nm and 1 nm architecture. Apple wants to expand and maintain its technical lead in the SoC area for smartphones and computers in the coming years. 1,4 nm chips should be able to be used from 2027 (Which).

Apple with 13 Oscar nominations, ten for “Killers of the Flower Moon” alone 

At the upcoming Academy Awards, where the “Oscar” is presented, Apple has a good chance of winning several trophies. There are a total of 13 Oscar nominations for productions on Apple TV+. Ten of them come from a single film, namely the three and a half hour “Killers of the Flower Moon”.

The categories are: Best Film, Best Director (Martin Scorsese), Best Actress (Lily Gladstone), Best Supporting Actor (Robert De Niro), Best Costume Design, Best Production Design, Best Soundtrack, Best Original Song, Best Editing and Best Camera. The other three nominations go to “Napoleon”: Best Costume Design, Best Production Design and Best Special Effects (Which).

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