Sir Apfelot newsreel week 45, 2019

KW45 / 2019 newsreel by Sir Apfelot

Actually today I should be on the road with my Onewheel Pint, which I was able to drive for the first time yesterday during a break in the rain, but the weather is once again not friendly to the drivers of self-balancing vehicles. However, I will still deliver a report on the Onewheel later, which is unfortunately no longer in this newsreel or in today's newsletter this week will do. But in bad weather there is of course one great thing to do: write newsreels! Here we go ...

Weekly news week 45/2019
The Sir Apfelot Wochenschau week 45/2019 - with AirPods Pro, Disney +, broken Siri encryption and much more ...

Apple AirPods Pro not available from Apple, available from Amazon!

Immediately after the market launch, Apple products are usually only available from the Apple Store. And that's exactly where the AirPods Pro now have a delivery time of several weeks. All the more practical that Amazon can step into the breach here in order to quickly deliver the new ANC in-ears from Apple (which are praised everywhere!) To potential customers. If you don't have an AirPods Pro yet, but are still struggling due to the delivery times, you can Buy AirPods Pro here on Amazon.

Apple TV + Start inspires Apple itself

Nice to know that Tim Coock from the launch of his streaming service Apple TV+ "thrilled" is. But to be honest: It was clear that many millions of people would be there at the start, because after all Apple has given all Mac, iPhone and iPad buyers a free annual subscription. While these numbers - and also some of the TV+ series - are good, there is of course not enough content in the streaming portal for longer film evenings. It is to be hoped that Apple will follow suit here, in order to keep customers happy enough to extend the subscription after a year. After all, we were taught one thing when TV+ was launched: Apple can also make films that show violence and half-naked people. ;-)

Adobe Photoshop on the iPad starts with lousy ratings

Photoshop users have waited a long time to finally be able to work with their favorite software on the iPad. Unfortunately, Adobe has ruined this idea with the recently released iPad version of Photoshop. It's hailing for the app bad reviews in the app store, because of the subscription requirement and many missing functions.

What a treat for Serif, because this software developer is sure to have even more customers for the (really very good!) iPad app.Affinity Photo" to win. Due to the occasion, the Serif app is currently even available with a 50% discount. And of course without a subscription.

Xiaomi Mi Watch - Android smartwatch with Apple bonds

When it comes to products like this, I always vacillate between enthusiasm and embarrassment. On the one hand, it's nice that there is a competitor that doesn't quite admit defeat in the smartwatch market. At the same time, it's embarrassing how desperately Xiaomi is trying to replicate the Apple Watch. Even the flower that runs for the Breathe app on the Watch was copied - but it was only conditionally "nicely" copied. It would probably be smarter to simply develop your own design concept, but the knowledge, patience and time seem to be lacking. More at G...

Siri stores encrypted mail on the Mac - but without encryption

With the many data scandals, such a little thing almost goes under, but it should be mentioned anyway. Even if Siri is switched off on the Mac, mails are backed up in plain text in a database on the Mac. So far so good. It's just stupid when encrypted emails on the Mac also end up in plain text in this database. You can find more about this faux pas at Heise.

macOS Catalina 10.15.2 available as beta version

Even if we all currently feel like beta testers at macOS Catalina - there is still a difference between normal users and beta testers: The beta testers get the bug fixes faster! ;-)

Joking aside: macOS 10.15.2 is currently in the starting blocks and is being checked. I sincerely hope that Apple ironed out all of the bugs that readers tell me about every day. I don't think there has been a macOS update with as much post from people looking for help as I did with macOS Catalina. Let's keep our fingers crossed that 10.15.2 makes everything better ...

Disney + streaming subscription will come to Germany in early 2020

The magazine iFun reports that Disney + will come to us in March 2020. This streaming service should be an interesting thing for parents, as it is clear here that the children cannot watch films that are not suitable for children. With Netflix and Amazon Prime, these are often only a few clicks away and you have to hope for the children's reason so that they don't watch something unsuitable. I will definitely check the offerings at Disney + with my kids - and report to you.

Google employees are calling for the company to be carbon neutral

While Amazon already presented a climate plan in September 2019, according to which the company would like to work climate-neutrally by 2040, Google has not yet issued a statement in this direction. In order to still put a little pressure on the search engine giant to take a stand, have aloud CNN over 1000 Google employees open letter signed which, among other things, calls for zero emissions by 2030.

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