Sir Apfelot newsreel week 45, 2023

In this edition of our weekly news format you will find the Apple and tech news that particularly caught my eye in calendar week 45 of 2023. Included are, among other things, these reports: New AI functions for YouTube are being tested, OpenAI presents a kit for its own GPT chatbots, several problems with Apple devices and systems, Apple pauses iOS 18 and macOS 15 development, to solve existing problems, hardware rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2, NASA+ as a new streaming service, and more! 

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In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 45 of 2023 you will find, among other things, this Apple and tech news: New AI functions on YouTube, OpenAI offers construction kit for its own GPTs, Apple problems are piling up, Nintendo Switch 2 data, NASA+ streaming, and more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 45 of 2023 you will find, among other things, this Apple and tech news: New AI functions on YouTube, OpenAI offers construction kit for its own GPTs, Apple problems are piling up, Nintendo Switch 2 data, NASA+ streaming, and more!

Google is testing two AI features for YouTube audiences

Both selected regular users and those with a premium subscription who have activated experimental functions for their account (previously only Android in the USA) can now access two new AI tools on YouTube. The first summarizes thematically related comments from long comment columns. Especially in popular videos, where comments are often thematically similar and only a little different, thematically diverse feedback is given, statement trends can be captured more quickly.

The second feature is a chatbot that can summarize the video, answer questions about it and otherwise discuss the video thematically. The bot should also be able to create quiz questions for educational content. Google points out in the new Support document on the topic, point out that both features are experimental and don't always have to be right. Or to put it another way: you shouldn't rely on it. This is also the reason why they are initially rolled out and tested in small groups.

OpenAI offers construction kits for thematically specialized chatbots

OpenAI introduced the so-called “GTPs” this week. Behind this lies the individual option to create your own versions of ChatGPT. These can e.g. B. Include instructions, specialist knowledge and skill-building exercises. From university material to technical support to training plans, everything possible could be implemented with these GPTs. GPTs should be able to be used both for limited areas of application, such as company-internal training, and for the general public.

The GPT Store is also scheduled to go online this month. Verified GTP creators should be able to offer their creation for sale here. In addition to a leaderboard, the store should also contain the presentation of selected creations. Anyone who creates a GPT can, in addition to their own rules, also link their own information, entire databases, access to the web, plugins and APIs from other offers to it. This is extensive and certainly practical in many areas. If left unmoderated, this could also result in questionable offers. (Which)

>>> GPT-4 Turbo – the main improvements of the new model <<

New Macs shipped with macOS 13.5, upgrade to macOS 14 fails

Let's move on to a series of unfortunate events. It starts with the new Mac models from Apple. The new M3 iMac and the MacBook Pro models equipped with the M3 Pro and M3 Max are now being delivered and sold in stores. But some of them are not released with macOS 14 Sonoma, as one would assume, but with macOS 13.5 Ventura. The upgrade to Sonoma fails - probably because the models are not actually made for Ventura and therefore the command to upgrade to Sonoma seems absurd. With macOS 14.1.1 the upgrade should finally be possible. (Sources: 1, 2)

iPhone location determination: Inaccuracies prevent automation

The location can be used as a trigger both for the smart home with Apple HomeKit and in the form of short commands for automations limited to the device. I've already shown you this here: Instructions – Open iPhone app when arriving or leaving a location. However, there is said to be a problem of various kinds in which the iPhone cannot determine the location correctly - sometimes with a deviation of 500 meters from the actual location. This prevents the location-dependent automations from running.

One of the problematic factors here is that the iPhone does not use GPS to determine the location, which is used for HomeKit automations and shortcuts. Bluetooth and WiFi are used instead. With the positioning of surrounding Bluetooth devices and the use of a WiFi positioning database, some incorrect messages now appear. Adding to the frustration of those affected is the fact that there is still no solution in sight and Apple support sometimes gives extensive instructions, but they are of no use. Apple seems to have to help here with a targeted update of iOS. (Which)

Ignored error messages: Developers should boycott Apple's feedback system

For submitting error reports, discovered bugs and identified security vulnerabilities, Apple offers the so-called Feedback assistants at. But not all submissions receive the attention that Apple promises and that would be appropriate to the problem in question. Frustrated by unnoticed submissions and long waiting times, developer Jeff Johnson is now calling for a boycott of the system. In his detailed instructions on the boycott, as he imagines it, says, among other things (loosely translated):

  1. Submit new Feedback Assistant feedback (in the Developer Tools and Resources) that lists the issues below and states that you will boycott the Feedback Assistant until the issues are resolved.
  2. Do not submit any other feedback until Apple addresses the issue.
  3. If Apple asks questions about previous feedback, just respond by boycotting the Feedback Assistant and relying on your feedback from point 1.

In an update to the linked post (which goes a lot further according to the instructions shown and contains the points of criticism to be submitted) there is also a note that there is now a separate page for the boycott: Here you can see fellow campaigners, get in touch and get an overview of the media response to the campaign. So whoever gets one Backlinks If you want to secure your security, you can write an article about the boycott and submit it for the “In the media” list ;)

Apple wants to make improvements and is temporarily putting iOS 18 and macOS 15 on hold

In keeping with the current headlines regarding the various problems with Apple hardware and operating systems as well as the upcoming boycott of the feedback system, there is a report that Apple wants to make major improvements. The aim is to work on the performance and functionality of the existing systems.

The developer teams in the relevant areas should provide resources for this - for the time being they should be responsible for the development of the upcoming operating systems, e.g. B. iOS 18 and macOS 15. I don't think that the new operating systems will be significantly delayed as a result. Ambitious innovations are more likely to be postponed until updates or the major versions after that. (Which)

Technical data leaked? This should be the Nintendo Switch 2!

The Nintendo Switch was brought onto the market in 2017, with comparatively low performance at the time. Nevertheless, some great games have appeared on the hybrid game console - especially the two “The Legend of Zelda” parts have set standards. From 2024, Switch games could have a few even more ambitious successors, because then the “Nintendo Switch 2” could be released.

The core element of the hardware in the Nintendo Switch 2 (or other console name) is once again said to be an Nvidia SoC, which is intended to raise the console to the level of the PlayStation 4. EuroGamer offers a very comprehensive summary of the previous leaks and rumors in this regard at this point. Heise online provides a shorter summary here. The rumored technical data also comes from this.

These are the possible dates in comparison:

Nintendo Switch 2, 2024 (rumors) Nintendo Switch, 2017 or OLED version, 2021
System on Chip (SoC) Designer Nvidia Nvidia
Manufacturing / Architecture Samsung / 8nm TSMC / 16nm
CPU core architecture ARM Cortex-A78C (ARMv8) ARM Cortex-A57 (ARMv8)
CPU cores 8 4
CPU threads 8 4
CPU clock speed ? 1,02 GHz
GPU architecture Nvidia Ampere Nvidia maxwell
GPU cores 12 (1.536 shader cores) 2 (256 shader cores)
GPU clock speed ? up to 768 MHz
FP32 computing power ? up to 0,4 TFlops
RAM/Type 16GB/LPDDR5-6400 4GB/LPDDR4-1600

New streaming service NASA+ shows space content for free

NASA is modernizing its media offering to generate interest in the various NASA projects and space travel in general. Accordingly, the streaming offer NASA+ was launched this week. It can be reached via this website: There are no costs for use.

In addition to on-demand content from various categories, the offer can also be filtered by specific series. There is also the option to follow live events (e.g. rocket launches) via the offer. In addition to the website, you can also use NASA apps with NASA+ on various systems: iPhone, iPad and Apple TV / Android devices.

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