Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 9 2019

It is March 1, 2019, spring lets the first warm gusts sweep across the country and it is Friday - that means that a new Sir Apfelot newsreel is coming up! In this week's collection of Apple and tech news, I'll show you which messages and topics I noticed particularly in calendar week 9. This time around: Intel's 5G modems, an important bug fix from Adobe, memory cards with 1 TB capacity, Gearbest in a new design, Amazon Dash Buttons, Deep Fakes, Apple ID management via Linux and of course a lot of other Apple topics . At the end there is also a current video game topic for all fans of the Nintendo Switch ;)

The Sir Apfelot Wochenschau for calendar week 9 in 2019 is about the following: Intel's 5G modems, an important bug fix from Adobe, memory cards with 1 TB capacity, Gearbest in a new design, Amazon Dash Buttons, Deep Fakes, Apple ID Management via Linux, Apple Pay, Pokémon on the Switch and more!
The Sir Apfelot Wochenschau for calendar week 9 in 2019 is about the following: Intel's 5G modems, an important bug fix from Adobe, memory cards with 1 TB capacity, Gearbest in a new design, Amazon Dash Buttons, Deep Fakes, Apple ID Management via Linux, Apple Pay, Pokémon on the Switch and more!

Intel won't start with 2020G modems until 5; fits Apple's plans

Like 9to5Mac here reports, the chip manufacturer Intel will not finish the production-ready development of 5G modems until 2020. The information comes directly from Intel, more precisely from Sandra Rivera. She said the transmitters and receivers for the 5G cellular network will not appear in consumer "products of the market" before 2020. It can be assumed that Intel will end the development of 5G modems this year, but not in time for them to appear in this year's mobile phones. According to 9to5Mac, this also fits the rumors about Apple and the 5G plans in Cupertino. Because iPhones should not support the new standard until 2020.

Adobe brings out bug fix - no more broken MacBook speakers!

Three weeks ago I was in the Weekly news for week 6 2019 reported a bug in Adobe Premiere on the Apple MacBook Pro. This bug led to the fact that the loudspeakers of the laptop suddenly played a tone at the highest volume during some operations in the app. With several users, this led to the loudspeakers breaking. Like MacRumors now berichtet, so there is finally a bug fix for the problem. In the release note for version 13.0.3 it says according to the linked message: "Fixed issues with Premiere Pro that reduce noise interaction and help minimize possible impact."

microSD memory cards with 1 TB presented

According to Entry at heise, two manufacturers have announced that they will increase the maximum capacity of microSD memory cards to 1 TB. These manufacturers are called SanDisk and Micron. The new SanDisk Extreme with 1 TB memory is said to achieve reading speeds of up to 160 MB/s using the proprietary protocol for the MobileMate card reader. It is noted, however, that the card with the A2 standard could not live up to expectations in the first tests. To the new Micron C200 memory card is shown to be the first to use Quadruple Level Cell (QLC). Due to the 4 bits per cell, the reading speed is said to be noticeably slower than with Triple Level Cell. Details and numbers are in the linked report.

Gearbest in a new design

Only briefly touched at this point: The Chinese online retailer Gearbest, which is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany, has completely redesigned its app and website. This also includes a new logo and generally a new color scheme. Xiaomi-Test has all the details about the backgrounds as well as information that comes directly from Gearbest in one post summarized.

Amazon Dash buttons are dead - worldwide

In einer Entry headlines the t3n magazine "Amazon's dash button is dead - worldwide". The statement is justified by the fact that Amazon has stopped selling the order buttons. However, this is not intended to completely abandon the concept itself. Amazon does not want to offer any hardware buttons for quickly reordering products, but will continue to work on corresponding digital solutions. In addition, it is shown that the knocking out of the buttons has nothing to do with the judgments of German courts, which they judged to be unlawful. Interesting: despite the sales stop, the units sold so far should still be legally enforced.

Deep fakes: swapping faces in videos opens up new possibilities for fake news

Not brand new, but only noticed recently, is an interesting one Entry of the broadcaster SRF. There reports on so-called deep fakes, i.e. people swapping faces using computer software. The entry into the report is impressive: a video comparison shows, using the example of a moderator, how deceptively real deep fakes can be and how they can also fuel fake news. There is also background information on how the software works, including deep learning of neural networks. It is a really readable report with a lot of information - also on the history of the technology. Check it out ;)

Managing Apple ID through Linux doesn't seem like a good idea

Like 9to5Mac pointed out, for example, users of the Linux operating system had problems accessing Apple's Apple ID website. In an update of the post, in which only the problem was shown for the time being, the obvious reasons are given. The browser and OS query on the Apple website is said to have issued a 502 error message (Bad Gateway) as a reaction to the Linux information. It is presumed that it is not a deliberate disadvantage of Linux users, but that an update was forgotten to put the operating system on the whitelist.

Video shows Apple and other companies developing brand equity

The user @ndimichino posted an interesting video on Twitter. It shows the brand value development of various large companies. The development from 2000 to 2018 shows how the former leaders Coca Cola and Microsoft were pushed back, how Google and Apple turned the market upside down and, among others, Nokia, Disney, MacDonald's, Intel, HP and Co. performed. The Tweet you can find here:

Apple Pay - Sparkasse on board soon after all?

In December, when Apple Pay was launched in Germany, I already had mine Opinion on the non-support of Sparkasse cards in the payment service announced. Now the opinion of the savings banks seems to have changed and there are talks with Apple regarding a corresponding implementation. Heise reports, among other things at this point. In addition to the Sparkasse, banks such as Ing, DKB and Consorsbank are expected as further supported credit institutions in Apple Pay this spring.

Apple and Goldman Sachs - own credit card for Apple Pay

And Apple Pay again: like app dangers in a message shows, Apple is supposed to work with Goldman Sachs on its own credit card. With reference to the Wall Street Journal, the magazine writes that Apple is of course not just interested in a simple credit card. There should also be an expenditure analysis via integration in the wallet app, so that users can keep a digital budget book. Bonus programs, spending targets (or savings targets) and the like are also conceivable. Further information is available in the linked post.

Apple on the move with illegal privacy policies

And one last Apple message for this week: Loud heise Apple's data protection guidelines are largely not legally compliant. In the lead it says: "The Berlin Court of Appeal has largely confirmed a judgment of the lower instance that Apple is no longer allowed to use central data protection clauses.“- According to the information, the legal dispute has been running since 2011, was judged in 2013 and has been reopened since then. In the meantime, in addition to the initial concerns and laws, the GDPR and other regulations have also been added. You can get a comprehensive insight in the linked article.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield announced for Nintendo Switch

Finally, another video game topic with a view to the Nintendo Switch: Nintendo, The Pokémon Company and GAME FREAK have announced the new core games of the Pokémon franchise in a special “Direct” presentation via YouTube stream. At the end of 2019, the two games Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will appear exclusively for the hybrid console. All details, a map of the new region, pictures and explanations of the new starter Pokémon and much more was added in a comprehensive report summarized by Xiaomi test. Have fun on the weekend: D

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